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Michael in LV wrote this in the bulletin section.  I thought the links and his insight deserved its own post.

Not sure if any of you saw this article, but here are details on whats happening with the old and new assistant principals at LHS:

LaVergne HS Assistants Reassigned

Also another article about some workers at the Firestone plant in La Vergne are apparently upset at Bridgestone for spending money to try and sell more tires:

Some at Bridgestone Unhappy with Marketing Costs

(I think the new Bridgestone Arena could count as a marketing cost!)

My photo after the big SEC Tournament outside the Bridgestone Arena…

Spirit Night at Jim & Nick’s BBQ

I got an invitation today via Facebook that was a pretty neat idea.  So I’m posting it here!

Thursday, March 4th from 5-10pm.
The LHS Rockafellas & Cantores Celestis will be performing during Spirit Night at Jim & Nicks in Smyrna.

PLEASE…..Come eat and show your support and Jim & Nicks will donate a portion of their sales that night to the LHS Choir. All proceeds will go toward the Choralier’s Performance trip to Disney in April.

I wish I could join you, but I’ll be back at the Sommet Center Bridgestone Arena working a concession stand to raise some moolah for daughter’s baton activities.  I saw Gold Medal Olympian Scott Hamilton there last night … served him a nice, big slice of cheese pizza!  :o)

DNJ Editorial About LHS

Linking the editorial from the Daily News Journal about LaVergne High School.

We wish Daniels well as he prepares to leave La Vergne High, because It isn’t an easy place to be the principal. With a large number of low-income students, a highly transient population and movement from the Antioch area into northern Rutherford County, La Vergne High is no place for wilting violets.

In my own opinion, when you have teachers who give students ZERO for credit because they do their work in pen rather than pencil and don’t take into consideration that the actual work has been done, that’s a real disincentive for students.  It doesn’t teach math, it teaches kids to hate school, to hate math, and to not really care anymore.   There are three teachers in my family who I asked about this… all said they would’ve just taken off 10 points.  But at LHS, the kids get zeroes… thereby dropping what would’ve been a B or C to a D or F.  When we asked the teacher about this, the attitude was “Too bad.”

Overall I think there are some fantastic teachers there, but absolutely there are some bad apples.  I don’t have any specific gripes again Mr. Daniels, but I do think Mr. Ash will immediately start some housecleaning.  He’s not going to tolerate “Pants on the Ground,” bad language, kids making out at lunch, etc.  He will be out in the halls every single day and won’t put up with bad behavior.  No he’s not perfect by any means – I know his former students are moaning and groaning.  However the proof is in the pudding and if we see improvement across the board – from student behavior to teachers doing a better job (for example – if the emphasis is actually on kids being able to learn math rather than panicking and feeling defeated because they don’t have a pencil), then I’m all for it.

How Many Snow Days??

How many snow days can our students miss in Rutherford County before make-up days are added at the end of the year?  Or do they take away Spring Break?  (The horrors!).

No school again tomorrow…  sigh.

LMS Principal Moving to LHS

The kids are shaking in their boots at the specter of Mr. Ash moving from LaVergne Middle School to LaVergne High.  Mr. Ash was very strict at LMS so students who’ve had him are a little nervous to see if he’ll be the same when he moves to the high school next month.  According to the DNJ via school board press release, the change comes because of academic concerns,

La Vergne High Principal Melvin Daniels will be reassigned next school year because of “continued academic concerns” at the school, the school system announced Tuesday.

Daniels will be replaced by Dirk Ash, the principal of La Vergne Middle, according to a school system press release.

Rutherford County Schools Director Harry Gill Jr. also announced Tuesday that Sandra Eaton will lead new Oakland Middle; Avy Seymore will head new Whitworth-Buchanan; and Central Middle Principal Cary Holman will become the principal at La Vergne Middle in August.

This will be an interesting few months for students and faculty alike!

School’s Out Tuesday Too

No school on Tuesday in Rutherford County!

While the main roads are clear, the side roads are definitely still hazardous for buses.  Good call, Rutherford County…

LHS Basketball Teams Are Awesome This Year

I’m not big into sports and usually feel a little bad when people are talking about “the big game” and woo woo, but I’ve started noticing a LOT of press about LaVergne’s basketball teams this year.  Both the LHS boys team and girls team seem to be doing extraordinarily well!  From the DNJ,

Cayman Dial led La Vergne (14-6, 3-1 in District 7-AAA) with 12 points, 10 rebounds and five blocks. Dixon added eight.  Buddy Mitchell also finished with 10 for Oakland (15-5, 3-1). Will Walker added eight.  The win creates a three-way tie for first with Oakland, La Vergne and Siegel all having one district loss.

A three-way tie for first and LaVergne is right there?

And the girls team,

Second-ranked La Vergne (19-0, 4-0 in 7-AAA) started slow, but came out strong in the second half to pull off the District 7-AAA rout over Oakland (8-9, 0-4).La Vergne outscored Oakland 19-0 in the third quarter to push a 10-point lead to 29.

Kudos to LHS basketball teams!

LHS Choraliers Need Our Help!!

One of our readers called me last night with a little problem… the LaVergne High School choraliers are hosting the annual chili dinner tonight and they had planned on serving about 300 people.  The number of tickets they sold DOUBLED – all in all GREAT news!

BUT there is concern there won’t be enough food, so they need our help.  Do any of our readers have connections to any restaurants who could donate some food?  Chili would be best (if they do’t have to rewarm it).  Sandwiches, tacos, pizza, etc. would be welcome.  Let me know if you can help.  Email lavergneblog (at) gmail (dot) com.  Show your support to this magnificent choir!

Thankful Thursday: Some Announcements

Today I am thankful for things to write about on This is LaVergne.  First, the city needs a tree.

The City of La Vergne is looking for a pine tree to decorate for the city’s annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. The ceremony, which takes place prior to the Mayor- Alderman meeting on Dec. 3, features a prayer and Christmas songs by a local singer. Any resident who wishes to donate a tree is urged to call Angie Mayes at 207-4678.

If you have a tree, you know what to do.  Second, the LaVergne High School Choraliers are hosting their annual chili dinner this Friday the 13th at 6:00 p.m.

The evening will begin in the cafeteria where you will feast on a Chili Supper with all the fixins. Then after we have filled our bellies we will move over to the Auditorium to enjoy a fabulous Vocal program by the Choral members.

This will be a night for all to come out and bring all your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Tickets are being pre-sold right now by the students for $5 per person or $20 per family up to 6 people. This is our preferred method for you to purchase your tickets so that we may plan the evening for the correct amount of guests. Those who purchase a ticket in advance will be placed on our “Reservations” list and will have priority seating for both the dinner & the program. But if you are not able to get a pre-sale ticket you may also pay at the door.  Contact Tonya Knell 308-8031 for tickets and if you know a Choralier, mention their name and they will get the credit for the ticket sale.

We would also like you to know that the money raised from this event will greatly benefit the students in many ways. For Choraliers, this will help in covering the cost to rent their dresses for the Winter & Spring Concerts and this will help in raising the funds for their trip to Disney in April. For Concert Choir member, this will help in covering the cost to rent their dresses for the Winter & Spring Concerts.

So please, buy your tickets and come out and support YOUR Choir Department.

I may just try to show up for this if my mouth – fresh from an excruciating dental appointment – is willing.  Maybe I’ll stop drooling by then.

Finally we do fuss sometimes about where we live, but overall I’m very thankful for many things.  I like being able to drive down the street and seeing someone wave to me.  I like walking into a restaurant where they know my name.  I like that you guys ponied up and voted so I was a finalist in the Ruthies Awards for favorite realtor (pssst… I think I came in second… hidely ho and my gratitude, friends).   :)

To thank you, I want to be able to feature some of your photos here as we come into Thanksgiving.  What are YOU thankful for?  Submit your photos to and we’ll feature them here… as long as they are tasteful (and I reserve the right to make that call). By submitting the photo, you understand that you give full permission for it to be published in electronic and print format.  Also, let us know what/who the photo is so we can put in a description.  I’ll look forward to seeing what you send!

Please.  Someone send me something.  Don’t leave me hanging.  K?

Special Ed Consultant

First, I apologize for everything being in bold font.  I don’t know what I did to make it happen and don’t know how to fix it so that’s where we are for now until one of my brain cells fires an “A-ha!” moment to me.

One of my friends has experienced many ups and downs with the special education services offered at our county schools.  When she transferred to one school, for example, her daughter was given a chance to take band but her son was denied and told there was no room in the classroom – which she clearly knew to be untrue.  He was already labeled with having some special needs and that shut him out of taking the class.

Deborah has had to fight for every step forward she takes and became so skilled that she was hired by a state agency to be a case worker for other special education families when their children had similar discriminatory experiences.  Today, she is working on her own as a Special Education Parent Consultant.  If you have a special needs student, feel they are being treated unfairly, and need help please remember my friend Deborah Balthrop.  She can help.  Deborah can be reached at deborahbalthrop (at) yahoo (dot) com or by phone at (615) 593-6048.

Still looking to write everyday. Please send me your stuff, my fellow LaVergne-ites!


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