Welcome to LaVergne, TN

LaVergne, Tennessee. According to the city website, “The history of the City goes back to the 1700’s when the ancestors of some of La Vergne’s current residents settled in the area to begin their new life. The man the city was named after, Francois Leonard Gregorie de Roulhac de lavergne, eventually moved to Tennessee from France. He lived on the land, often turning his cattle onto what he reportedly termed as “la vergne.” Many historians have translated that to mean “the green” — as in green pasture — and say that’s how the town got its name.Others however, say that the town was named La Vergne because of Roulhac’s family name. However the name came to be, the United States Post Office officially gave the city its name the same day that Roulhac died in 1852.” Read more about LaVergne’s history by clicking HERE.

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