I read something the other day…

I saw a new listing for a home in the “desirable” Lake Forest subdivision. I never really thought that Lake Forest was that desirable until I ran some numbers. There are currently 292 homes on the market in LaVergne (and another 163 pending). There have been 254 homes that closed in LaVergne since January 1, 2006. That means that there is a 2.23 months supply of homes in LaVergne.

This strongly indicates that we are in a heavy sellers market (if inventories show a 6+ month supply, it’s a buyer’s market). Smyrna has a 6.72 month supply. Murfreesboro has a 2.12 month supply, and Nashville has a 7.29 month supply. That means that LaVergne’s home sales are WAY ahead of Smyrna and Nashville, but Murfreesboro is doing better (for the seller).

Not that I’m going anywhere with this… I just thought it was interesting. Are you ready to list your home? If you price it correctly in LaVergne, you’ll have it sold in less than 3 months! :::wink:::


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