BBQ and Mobile Homes

I drove by what is now the “FORMER” Eady’s BBQ (formerly Smokers) on the main drag in LaVergne tonight. It looks like it’s changed names again (owners too?). I tried to store the new name in my brain, but my synapses are misfiring I guess. Ha. Okay, so if anyone knows it, add a comment!

I’m not a lifelong resident of LaVergne, but I’m surprised a barbeque place isn’t making it. I do think Smokers was a tad overpriced way back when, but I tried to go every now and then just to support our local businesses.

Okay, on to mobile homes. I have some land listed that currently has a mobile home on it (the owner is renting the land). I ordered postcards today to market this property. The postcards have a picture of an orangatang with “Down in the Dumps?” on the front. I’m sending 200 to people who live in Clayton Estates (slum city). I’ve talked with SO MANY people who live there and despise it. They want me to list their trailers, but we can’t unless they own the land it’s sitting on. My advice – DON’T BUY A TRAILER people!!


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  1. The BBQ place is now Smoking ED’s who alos has the take out place near the Smyrna,Murfressboro line.I would like to see this place do well,and the other restaurants as well.Murfressboro Road from LaVergne on into Smyrna could use some franchise sit down places ala Western Sizzler,Picadilly’s,Bojangles,Golden Corral,etc.JUst need the right people to expose potential fanchise developers to the traffic count and dynamics of the area.

  2. it’s actually lazy pig. it was only smokin eds for a few weeks since ed conned the owners of that building and investors in that business just like he did so many others. now hes even skipped out on the smyrna business leaving his empoloyees, landlord, the irs, and others he owed and is running with whatever money he had. hear hes opened up in chattanooga to try his con somewhere else since it didnt work in lavergne, walter hill, murfreesboro, eagleville, sparta, fairview, or any of the other places hes tried to open and to get people to invest in. thank god hes gone from middle tn. now he can be somebody elses problem.

    • jim, i was recently an employee in chattanooga and I slowly began to realize that ed is con artist. he has now up and moved again to piegon forge leaving all his employees behind.

      • Sorry to hear about your dealings with the walking misfortune known as Ed, Eddie, Smokin Ed, or whatever he is calling himself these days, Kilgour. Heard he had really gone to work on the con game in Chattanooga. Word to the wise and from the unfortunate experiences of my wife and I and many people we have come to know, cut your losses and RUN from Ed and anything to do with him or his business. He does not know how to tell the truth and any promise he makes to pay WILL be broken. Do the words PATHOLOGICAL LIAR or SERIOUSLY MENTALLY MESSED UP come to mind? I guess he will try it again in Piegon Forge if he can find another unfortunate investor, which with Ed is a word to use very loosely because it’s more like whose money can he take today and call it an investor. If you are an investor in any scheme of Ed’s, you will NEVER get your money back at all, much less see a profit. Heard he also had everyone in Chattanooga thinking he was some sort of bbq magnet around Middle Tennessee. let me tell you that is a lie too. Ed had several stores in the area because he kept losing his lease or had an altercation with a landlord who called him on his con. Once you figure him out he has no use for you and will take off in attempt to avoid paying anyone. I guess he didn’t tell anyone in Chattanooga about the place he had in Murfreesboro that was closed down because he was running a gay bar out of it by night and the landlords were MAD when they found out. I could go on and on but I am sure you will find this and more just by asking around. So what was it this time? Was he running from a drug charge, the IRS, investors, a mad relative of a social security recipeint he conned out of their check, leaving a woman with a bun in the oven for another girl he also has pregnant already, child support from one of the many women he owes,or a pissed of mom or dad of a young female employee he was messing around with? These are all things he did to hurt people around here without a bit of care or taking repsonsibility. Hopefully all you are out is a paycheck or 2 Zach. He will find a way to get the money to open another place because he will not work a job, so god help the people of piegon forge.

  3. I sold smokers bbq to mike eady due to my wifes illness, It was a very successful business, thanks to the citizens of lavergne

  4. Well ed might be telling people he bailed on the chattanooga smokin ed’s to open up at a “prime spot on the strip in pigeon forge” but that’s just another one of his cons. He tried to get me and others he knows to give him start up money and when we went up to pigeon forge to look at the place, we found it is not even his and he just works there.

  5. I stand corrected. Crazy Ed has now opened up yet another Smokin Eds BBQ. This time in Pigeon Forge. What do you want to bet it will be same song 8th verse in about a year?

  6. On 7/12/10 we stopped at Smokin’ Ed’s BBQ in Pigeon Forge. We both ordered the rib plate with green beans and baked potato salad. Absolutely the best BBQ ribs either of us had ever eaten anywhere. I’ll remember those ribs forever. We took a great deal of what we ordered with us in a box and enjoyed it for lunch the next day. You’ll want to do the same. Our meal was a great value especially considering the generous portions and high quality of the meat.

    We met the owner, Smokin’ Ed himself. He was very welcoming and personable. The place was very small and not fancy but was clean and homey. Eating at Smokin’ Ed’s was a highpoint of our trip. We both agreed that we’ll make the drive again soon, just to get some more of Ed’s amazing BBQ. If you live nearby or plan on visiting Pigeon Forge in the future, don’t hestitate to eat there or take out.

    We found a lot of more expensive restaurants at which to eat in Pigeon Forge, many with bells and whistles, interesting themes, fine decor, and great views but none that served better or more memorable food than Smokin’ Ed’s BBQ. Ten out of Ten stars because BBQ is a labor of love and it doesn’t get any better than this.

  7. I remember how GREAT Smokin’ Eds ribs and pulled pork was in SMyrna when they had a business here in town. NOBODY DOES RIBS OR PORK OR BBQ Like Eds. I MISS THAT BBQ! :(

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