Some Fun in Sister City

My feet are very sore, but I’m happy thanks to sharing a funnel cake with my daughter. We went to the little carnival/fair next to the Smyrna Bowling Alley this evening. $20 will get you a wrist band for unlimited rides. Here are some photos:

The spider man ride spun people forward, then backwards. I understand it was the backwards motion that made some people queasy. No thanks.

I think this picture is just cool. I love how the ride operator and the flags are in focus, but everything else is out-of-focus flying by. It makes me wonder if that’s not what the guy’s life is like. He has country and work, but the places he travels to are a blur.

This black and white photo was a complete accident, but sometimes accidents are wonderful (uhm… like my daughter for example – haha). I liked this pic a lot.

This ride was so fast that my camera couldn’t capture the cars. The next picture has a “ghost” image of one of the cars. Weird.

See the ghost image on the left side of the photo? I’m still blown away by these two pictures.

Okay that’s all for now. I’ll post some personal photos on my other blog if you’re interested! Have fun at the carnival/fair!


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