Blair Road

I hate traveling Blair Road. If you are at familiar with LaVergne’s side of Blair, it’s narrow, no shoulder, the edge is falling into the ditch. The road is curvy, has limited to no visiblity, overgrown trees. All of these combined make it a very dangerous road to travel. Especially in a bus! Now I keep saying I’m going to take pictures of this.

About two years ago, I was traveling down Blair Road and another bus(Daycare) wasn’t willing to share the road. That bus hit my mirror and caused the glass to shatter. I was very upset. A few days after this incident, a dumptruck and I were on this road, I STOPPED! I’m not going to try and pass anything on Blair Road! The truck tried to pass me and went into the ditch. Rumor has it that I ran the truck off the road. Now how can I do that if I was stopped? Hmmmmm

Anyhow, if you don’t have to travel down Blair Road towards Waldron Road then DON’T!


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  1. I think they should make a 4 line road from there to Cool Springs. It would be nice

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