Okay… A Post has Vanished

I’m posting this to test if it also vanishes. It didn’t but my other one did, so here I go again. I put together my monthly real estate mailing earlier today. It was a cute one (If you want on my mailing list, let me know. If you’re already on it, you’ll get mail on Monday). But part of the mailing was pretty serious. I did a quick market analysis to check out the absorption rates/inventory of homes.

My findings: LaVergne, Murfreesboro, and Rutherford County are a sellers market with a 2.23, 2.12, and 2.87 month supply of homes, respectively. In Smyrna and Nashville, however, it is a buyers market with a 6.72 and 7.29 month supply. That means that if you price your home correctly in the sellers market, it should be sold within two months (other items factor in, of course like condition, new paint, new carpet, etc.). If you sell your home in Smyrna or Nashville, the buyers market, it could take up to 7 months (especially if you price it high).

I haven’t done this analysis with other counties, but certainly could if anyone was interested (let me know what area you want to hear about).


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  1. Awesome to see you today at the Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster’s Meeting.

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