Scary Picture!

Here’s a scary picture – it’s the three contributors to this illustrious blog! Pictured (from left): Ivy, Kathy, & Chip. I think I need a cool nickname like Ivy and Chip have. But mine would probably rhyme with something like tick, blap, or coink. haha.

Our braintrust got together at the Pea-Pod Restaurant on a fluke this afternoon. Ivy got her chicken legs, Kathy got her chicken legs, and Chip had the chicken parmessan. We did run into one of our aldermen, Dennis Waldron… shout out to Mr. Waldron! I gave him our blog address and told him there are a lot of really great ideas here on how to improve our wonderful community (like a community pool, different name for new school, etc.). I’m hoping he’ll check us out and comment! So say hello to us Dennis! :::Smile::: Mr. Waldron did tell me that there has been discussion over the years about getting a community swimming pool. We would sure love it! As we said in a previous post, we want one with a water park (fountains, etc. for the younger kids), deep enough for diving boards, and big loopity-loop slide that goes into the water. It could have a concession stand with snowcones, water, etc. (don’t sell Baby Ruth bars though). We are ready! We’ll even serve on whatever committee you put us on!

The PeaPod really is a nice place for friends to gather. Here’s a slogan for them: Where Old Friends Meet and New Friends Are Made. The people there are so nice. I like that they bring you your drinks and refills. I like that the owner or manager (I’m not sure) comes around and asks how everything is. And it’s good food (not the greasy spoon that Ivy likes, but she was out-voted). You should try it.


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