KUDOS to Dennis Waldron

Alderman Dennis Waldron has stepped up to the plate and is the first LaVergne official who has responded our blog. I think his heart and mind are definitely in the right place to keep this community growing in a positive, organized way. Here’s the letter I received from him by email (sorry if the paragraph breaks are off – when I pasted I lost them):

In 2004, I was elected Alderman of the city of La Vergne. I knew it would be a great opportunity to serve my community and a huge responsibility to serve a fast-growing city of more than 24,000 citizens. Not to mention nearly 160 city employees. With my family roots going deep into the La Vergne area and serving on the La Vergne Planning Commission, I felt confident that I was up to the challenge.

My first year as Alderman, I worked with council members to balance the budget without a property tax increase and helped pass a number of improvements some of which are already completed and others which are to be completed in the near future.

I have worked hard to keep La Vergne headed in the right direction and have kept La Vergne’s best interest as my priority.

Dennis Waldron
City of La Vergne


3 Responses

  1. Editorial: I deleted three comments left anonymously against a candidate running for office. I applaud the person for standing up and expressing concern about our community, however if you post against someone, I won’t have it done anonymously. Sorry.

  2. Kathy, Dennis is not running for office this year.

  3. Yep, I know. But I’m leaving him here until we get more posts from those who are! I know Mary Harrigan is working on one that we hope to post soon. Then I’ll pull Mr. Waldron off! :)

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