Retail Coming to Smyrna

Our sister city Smyrna has their act together. Members of their city council are heading to Las Vegas in the coming weeks to attend a “Shopping Center” convention. At this event, they will meet with developers to entice them to bring their stores, etc. to their town. I think LaVergne needs to send some people as well! We need some strong anchor stores so that we can move away from just being an industrial town and get some retail going!

Meanwhile, here’s what Smyrna has coming in:

Off Industrial Rd.: Target (confirmed), movie theater, hotel, apartment complex. This is being brought in by Colonial Development of Kentucky.

Between Kroger & Publix: Home Depot. This will be a fancy one with a dressy facade.

Near Nissan: Big strip mall to include Starbucks, Burger King, other fast food, shopping center, and some medium density housing.

I heard there’s another movie theater coming too (next to Lowe’s) – it even has a sign that it’s coming. Unfortunately, the planning commission of Smyrna hasn’t addressed this yet. So we’ll see.


5 Responses

  1. yes the one near lowes is coming and its the only one the one that was to be near target isnt coming…i hear also that across from nissan there could be a cosco oe sams club and today the paper said a dunin donuts near nissan ccant believe smyrna is growing so much lived here since 1984 live in lavergne area now tho

  2. Thanks for the info on this! I’ve been opening the monthly planning commision minutes, but have not seen any mention of the new Target store. Hopefully we’ll get a book store there too. Please post any new business updates you come across. Thanks-Kel

  3. we are thinking about trying to open a business int he are and need some input on what would go over well…we were thinking maybe a ice store/food spot in lavergne , a drive thru beer soda place, or maybe a dippin dots or even a putt putt golf…any ideas on what people are wanting that doesnt cost so much to get started?

  4. Personally, I’d love to see an ice cream store like Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins. We definitely don’t need an auto parts store as there are already four here (ridiculous!). I’d like to see a putt-putt golf course, but there is one down Bell Road that’s about 20 minutes from here.

    I thought of opening a “Piddle Paint and Party” shop where people come to paint ceramics that have already been fired. Great place for kids birthday parties. But I didn’t want to spend our nest egg on such an “iffy” endeavor.

    We definitely need more retail in LaVergne. We definitely do not need another nearby barbecue restaurant. The one here in town keeps closing (just like the pizza place) and Smyrna will have four or more (let’s see… Jim & Nicks, Dan Good BBQ, Barbecutie, the fast eddies or smoking joes or something by Hickory Falls, and does Hickory Falls count as BBQ?).

    What we don’t have is a single clothing store or shoe store. Hmmm?? Good luck with whatever decision you make! kathy t.

  5. My advice is open something in Smyrna instead of Lavergne.

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