More News from News 2

Sherry Green, Ronnie Erwin, Dennis Waldron, and Mark Moshea went to the IRL race day on July 16, 2005. This is a quote from WKRN: Nearly six weeks later in an August 25th letter Bridgestone Firestone asked the mayor and city aldermen to “consider adding a credit for permitted facilities that are already managing storm water runoff” a discount that could have spared the corporation hundreds of dollars a month in storm water fees. Eleven days later resolution 2005 – 25 passed Laverne city leaders “adopting a storm water utility adjustment and credit policy.” Bridgestone’s Lavergne plant now enjoys a 21-percent discount on storm water fees.

Alderman Senna Mosely was offered same tickets, but didn’t accept them because she said it’s in the city handbook that gratuities are not permitted and it’s also in the Tennessee codes. She was the sole alderman to vote against discount.

If there are going to be any charges filed, the news said they’d be later this week. Here’s a link to the video and text of the news:

Possible Impropriety: Four City Leaders

The only defense I heard on the news is that it’s “political mud-slinging.”


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