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Wanted to update on some news I’ve heard about our fair city. Two of our local pols (the mayor and Mr. Gann) have actually attended the retail convention for the past three years and are coming closer to getting more retail in. They aren’t saying what or when – I’m thinking either because they’ll be wrong if it doesn’t happen OR they don’t want to jinx it by publicly stating who (so it could be snatched by another city). So let’s keep our fingers crossed that their efforts will will pay off.

Regarding the tickets that the TBI is investigating … one alderman (Mr. Erwin) apparently didn’t use his. As far as the others are concerned, an unnamed source said LaVergne policy allows city workers to accept gifts up to $100. They are not allowed to accept gifts over $100. If this is true, they are well within the city policy. BUT LET ME NOTE that I’m repeating what was said to me and have not confirmed nor denied that a policy even EXISTS. If you’re genuinely concerned, I suggest you go down to our city hall and look it up.

As reported in the previous blog entry by the news, there is an avalanche of political mudslinging falling down upon us and we can expect it to get a LOT worse before it goes away (after November elections?).

Now more news on our middle school front. Both assistant principals of LaVergne Middle School have announced their departure. Apparently Ms. Walker is going to Mt. Juliet and Mr. Luker is going to Cedar Grove. They will both me missed.

Speaking of schools, I am going to begin working on a petition for people to carry around with them gathering signatures to change the name “LaVergne Lake” to something that isn’t insipid. Please comment about whether you like:

  • Stones River Elementary
  • Lake Forest Elementary, or
  • Oprah Winfrey Elementary

The most votes via comment (you can be anonymous, but please only vote once) will go on the petition. We need to get this done before the school officially opens as LaVergne Lake. What an embarrassingly ridiculous name. We will need 200 signatures (if I remember correctly and I do have CRS illness – can’t remember squat but a worse word than squat). So let us know what you think!!!!


4 Responses

  1. I am a city employee, but do not wish to identify myself.

    I don’t know where you are getting your information from, but there is no policy regarding elected officials accepting any gifts. There is a policy in the Employee handbook for the employees (I don’t think there is a dollar figure), but that policy does not apply to our elected officials. They are not employees.

    Within a few months, the council will probably be looking at a “ethics” policy that has been mandated by the state. We will have to wait and see what that says.

    Another thing about this stupid ticket issue. The “policy” that was adopted by the council was just that, a policy. It did not automatically give any discounts to anyone. The discount that was given to Bridgestone was a decision made by the city engineer, not the council. Anybody can apply for a discount. The board members that used the tickets certainly did not accept the tickets to influence any kind of vote. Over 2,200 of those tickets were given out to people. I don’t think that would be considered a select group that Bridgestone was trying to influence.

    As far as the retail conventions, the reason is that most retailers like to make the announcements and yes, it could jeopardize any negotiations that may be going on.

  2. Oprah Winfrey!

  3. THANK you, thank you, thank you for giving us the lowdown about tickets, policies, etc.

    Plus, one vote for Oprah Winfrey Elementary School!



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