Portable Potty

We aren’t talking about the kind of potties that those whacky teenagers tip over while being used by construction workers. What we’re getting at is the school board is considering funding over $180,000 to put bathrooms in the portables at area schools.

Here’s the link from the Daily News Journal.

The school board is also considering a 2.5% raise for teachers! I think they DESERVE a 25% raise, but I know we really can’t afford that. Shame.


We’re Number One – District 1, that is

The Daily News Journal had an article today about incumbent Doug Shafer and his opponent Debra Heughan. Click here for the article.

I get so sick of politics because so much of the time, candidates get nasty – they work hard to build themselves up by attacking the character of their opponent. They beat the drum about why you should not vote for a person rather than what they can bring to the table. Well, Mr. Shafer will not speak negatively about his opponent, and that is something I greatly admire. He is a man of strong moral character to refuse this, even though I received a postcard from Ms. Heughan this week “shaming” Mr. Shafer. He has stated he will not and does not do nasty politics. I think had I not received the postcard and had I not seen her signs strategically placed to block his, I may have given her some thought as a candidate. But at this point, my vote is going to Doug on August 3rd.

Regardless of who you vote for, JUST GET OUT AND VOTE! Make your voice heard!

Dear City Hall,

Hey gang, Ivy here again! (again, no blaming Kathy for this post!)

Since we have the attention of City Hall, I’d like to put in my 2 cents’ worth about city issues.

On one hand, I love the whole, “No parking in the street” rule because when you get a bunch of people parking in the street, it is hard to navigate down the street, because our streets aren’t exactly the widest streets ever.

However, then you get a bunch of people parking in their dinky yards and it looks downright trashy. Plus, a lot of people that park *constantly* in their yards end up having no grass, which drives down property values for everyone.

My suggestion to y’all is, can we have parking on *one* side of the street in residential neighborhoods? I think this would help alleviate the parking in the yard issue, and still leave streets open for driving on as well.

While I’m suggesting things, I’d like to ask for a community pool. If funds are an issue, why not throw a big city-sponsored fundraising party?

Of course, if we get the community pool, we WILL have to name it La Vergne Lake, yanno. As ever, I am

Truly yours,

Ivy B. Bad, esq.

Couple of News Links

Here’s a couple of stories that were published in today’s Rutherford AM of the Tennessean:

Old Timers’ Day 2006 Gears Up

LV School Pods Need Potties
(and I must say that that’s one catchy headline!)

Transit opportunities are gaining favor
(a “metro” or high speed rail would be a great way for Rutherford County residents to travel into Nashville, Murfreesboro, etc…. especially if there are several stops in the downtown area. I’d ride it to the museum, the GEC, Ryman, etc.)

While you’re on this blog, go read Vice Mayor Erwin’s comment about Ivy’s post (below). :)

Ronnie Erwin: A good guy

Hey y’all, Ivy here. (Just to let you know that this post is not Kathy’s fault)


I first met Ronnie Erwin when he was the assistant coach for my son’s basketball team. Before I ever talked to him, I knew he was a politician, and I have a general distrust of politicians, so I figured the only reason he was coaching was to get votes.

Boy, was I wrong. This man coached basketball not because he wants votes, or because he is a fabulous basketball coach, or because he was bored. Nope, I think he was coaching because he truly loves his son.

Now, I don’t know about y’all, but that kind of love for a child goes a long way in my book. I talked to Mr. Erwin a bit more during the season and found that he is a really nice guy in addition to being a man who loves his son. I am going to vote for Ronnie Erwin for mayor. I hope you consider doing the same.

This is why I love blogging. Freedom of speech, baby! This is citizen journalism at its finest. ;)

NOTE EDIT: Kathy reposted this for Ivy because some skank commented on how to get to a porno site. Unfortunately, since this blog is still fairly new, I deleted her original post so we could also delete the comment. From now on, any anonymous posts will have to be “previewed” by the moderators. They will all be approved unless you’re trying to spam the site.

Public Service Announcement

Do you know where your kids are going to school this year? Do you know what you need to buy? Do you know what bus your child(ren) will ride? If so, where is the bus stop?

Fear not my friends. I have wonderful news. No, I didn’t just save a ton of money on car insurance either. However, here is a wonderful websited that can tell you all you need to know(well maybe not all, but it’s a start) Rutherford County Schools have a website. You can checkout schools find your bus number and stop information(although the times are not always accurate.)

Most likely if you live in La Vergne, your kids will either go to La Vergne Primary, Roy Waldron, La Vergne Middle, or La Vergne High School.

I almost forgot, thanks Kathy T! If you are near Old Nashville HWY, you’ll be going to cedar grove and Rock Springs elementary or Rock Springs Middle

Getting Ready for Oldtimer’s Day!

From LaVergne’s very own Angie Mayes:

I don’t know the history of Old Timers’ Day except to tell you it was started as a homecoming event in 1973 (the city was incorporated in 1972) and has been going on ever since. This is the 34th year for the festival. In the beginning, festival goers and participants dressed up in “Old Timey”(read: 1800s) costumes. It was a big deal back then to dress up. And it was in July at times! Can you imagine wearing corsets, hoops, etc. in the July heat? Now it is always the third Saturday in September. This year it’s on Sept. 16. Quite a few festivals across the country — including ours and the one in Manchester — have Old Timers’ Day festivals. It’s a popular name for events such as ours, even though it has evolved from it’s original roots.

This year is going to be a big event because of the election. We have three people running for mayor and I believe nine running for aldermen. The business tent is already full. We still have arts/crafts/sales and food booths available. I urge people to sign up for booths on-line.

If there’s anything else I can answer for you, please don’t hesistate to contact me at amayes@lavergne.org or this address. I can be reached by phone at 287-8690.

Angie Mayes
Old Timers’ Day 2006

Thank you Angie! You’re always so helpful. We are looking forward to September 16th!

Oops… edit! I forgot to post these photos for your viewing pleasure!