Sherry Green to be "Former Mayor"

Our mayor, Sherry Green, has decided she will not seek reelection as mayor and has decided instead to seek the office of alderman. I think Sherry has done her best as mayor and I admire the fact that she wants to continue her involvement in city government.

According to the Daily News Journal, voters will pick from Vice Mayor Ronnie Erwin, Alderman Senna Mosley, Mary Ellen Harrigan or Chris Spradling as the next mayor. So it’s time for each of them to step up to the plate! Let’s hear who’s interested and why they would benefit the city! Let’s hear something POSITIVE from them… we don’t want to hear attacks on other candidates!!!

Let’s help our candidates for mayor out and give them campaign platforms! For example:

  1. Build sidewalks around Roy Waldron School and LaVergne Primary School.
  2. Develop a plan to build LaVergne a community swimming pool.
  3. Step up to the plate and help us get the name “LaVergne Lake Elementary School” changed to something that makes sense (Stones River Elementary School is my personal favorite).
  4. What are their plans for helping alleviate the traffic that goes in and out of Lake Forest?
  5. What’s being done at the water treatment plant to ensure no more blue or purple or orange water?
  6. Would they step up to the plate and push the zoning board to require sidewalks on both sides of streets?
  7. Could we look into getting some federal money to build a real sewage system rather than ditches in front of houses?
  8. How about a new zoning law that will require builders to run power lines in the BACKYARDS of new homes rather than stretched along the front in their full ugly glory.

Gosh I’m getting just giddy with excitement about all these possibilities!!! If any of our four aldermen who are eligible would like me to post their position (again, no attacking another candidate), shoot me an email, yell giddy-up, and hang on tight! We’ll post it!