Ronnie Erwin: A good guy

Hey y’all, Ivy here. (Just to let you know that this post is not Kathy’s fault)


I first met Ronnie Erwin when he was the assistant coach for my son’s basketball team. Before I ever talked to him, I knew he was a politician, and I have a general distrust of politicians, so I figured the only reason he was coaching was to get votes.

Boy, was I wrong. This man coached basketball not because he wants votes, or because he is a fabulous basketball coach, or because he was bored. Nope, I think he was coaching because he truly loves his son.

Now, I don’t know about y’all, but that kind of love for a child goes a long way in my book. I talked to Mr. Erwin a bit more during the season and found that he is a really nice guy in addition to being a man who loves his son. I am going to vote for Ronnie Erwin for mayor. I hope you consider doing the same.

This is why I love blogging. Freedom of speech, baby! This is citizen journalism at its finest. ;)

NOTE EDIT: Kathy reposted this for Ivy because some skank commented on how to get to a porno site. Unfortunately, since this blog is still fairly new, I deleted her original post so we could also delete the comment. From now on, any anonymous posts will have to be “previewed” by the moderators. They will all be approved unless you’re trying to spam the site.


3 Responses

  1. We heard from our Vice Mayor regarding this post:

    To: The moderators of the lavergne-tn.blogspot blog:

    So very often we — as legislators — hear negative comments from the citizens who live in and around La Vergne. It was very nice to read something positive. I appreciate all the nice things that Ivy said about
    me and thank her for supporting me. I do love children and realize that they are the future of our city. It’s important to be involved in their lives and to give them as much positive support as possible. Once again, thank you all for the nice comments.

    Vice Mayor Ronnie Erwin
    City of LaVergne

  2. I did a google search for “Ronnie Erwin Mayor” to see if he had release any public statements following his recent election loss. I didn’t see any news, but this blog post was on the first page. It is interesting that at one point while on the way up, Ronnie Erwin actually did communicate with this site. I wonder what changed?

  3. can you say lawsuits, rock quarry, singing career or all of the above?

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