We’re Number One – District 1, that is

The Daily News Journal had an article today about incumbent Doug Shafer and his opponent Debra Heughan. Click here for the article.

I get so sick of politics because so much of the time, candidates get nasty – they work hard to build themselves up by attacking the character of their opponent. They beat the drum about why you should not vote for a person rather than what they can bring to the table. Well, Mr. Shafer will not speak negatively about his opponent, and that is something I greatly admire. He is a man of strong moral character to refuse this, even though I received a postcard from Ms. Heughan this week “shaming” Mr. Shafer. He has stated he will not and does not do nasty politics. I think had I not received the postcard and had I not seen her signs strategically placed to block his, I may have given her some thought as a candidate. But at this point, my vote is going to Doug on August 3rd.

Regardless of who you vote for, JUST GET OUT AND VOTE! Make your voice heard!


2 Responses

  1. The way a person runs shows a lot about his/her character. Good luck Mr. Shafer. My vote is with you!

  2. Wow……..Someone said I should take a good look at this…Hmmmm
    And all I did was state facts about the guys conflict of issue with his job at the County Tax Assessors while he held the County Commissioners Seat..Facts only….

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