Mr. McCann is the Man

The beloved principal of Roy Waldron Elementary School has been appointed the man-in-charge of the new elementary school of LaVergne, slated to open this fall.

Jeff McCann has been principal of Waldron School since 2004, after Mr. Jerry Hesson retired. Before that, he was assistant principal and band director. I had the distinct pleasure of serving as president of the PTO under Mr. McCann’s leadership and unflinchingly sing his praises. It is rare when you meet such a warm, caring leader who was as firm with wayward students as he was caring to both them and all students. He will be greatly missed on Mayfield Drive, but Waldron’s loss is most definitely to the wonderful gain of LaVergne Lake Elementary.

Dr. Polly Pewitt has been named interim principal of Roy Waldron School, and I am VERY hopeful Mr. Gill will see what a fine leader she is as well and promote her to the position permanently. The highly educated Dr. Pewitt also has the common sense that can be forgotten when working in the trenches. Her no-nonsense approach to respecting mandates from the state and county is tempered with her compassion to students and dedication to this community.

We are truly blessed to have these fine leaders in our schools. Read more about the announcement in the Daily News Journal here.


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