Growth Slowing in LaVergne?

The city of La Vergne has issued a press release showing that fewer permits for construction of single family homes were issued in 2006 over 2005. Here’s the press release:

Single family dwelling permits in La Vergne decreased in 2006, according to the City of La Vergne Codes Department.

The Codes Department issued 814 total permits during 2006, down from 832 in 2005, Of those, 551 were for single-family dwellings, 0 were for multi-family dwellings, 19 for garages and sheds and 173 for miscellaneous construction.”

Commercial building permits increased to 44 in 2006, versus 42 in 2005 according to the Year End Report for 2006.

In addition to the increase in permits, yearly permit total building valuation totals were $94,685,656.00. The yearly permit total building valuation totals for 2005 was $106,871,011.90 — $73,268.000.00 of that total was posted for single family dwellings.

For the 2006 year $790,105.46 was collected in road, police and park impact fees according to the year end report.

In addition, the municipal codes department responded to 217 complaints of tall grass up from 180 complaints from last year. In the 2006 year, 473 calls about junk cars in yards. Last year junk car complaints were 450. In the 2006 year, 740 calls were about trash in yards. Last year 570 complaints were reported about trash in yards. And there were 1773 other complaints during the year 2006 up from last year’s report of 1,154.

Those are some pretty interesting numbers. It looks like more complaints about trashy yards, broken down cars, un-mowed lawns, etc. But less construction. Looking at that hill off of Bill Stewart Rd. with grass, trees being removed, it makes me wonder if building permits won’t increase in 2007.

Also, FYI there was a story about gangs in LaVergne in today’s Daily News Journal. I’m hoping the police WILL concentrate on ending this trend quickly. Neither of my daughters have experienced gang activity at LaVergne Middle or LaVergne High.


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