Happy Birthday, Blog

Our friends at the Smyrna blog posted a happy birthday wish to sister blog Lavergne-Tn. Why thank you Gunner! It was one year ago in February (actually early February) that we put up our first post about how the town got it’s name.

Here’s hoping for another year of interesting discussion, sharing of ideas, and celebrating what’s best about LaVergne.


LaVergne Teachers Honored

The “Well Done Award” this week recognizes outstanding teachers selected for “Teacher of the Year” at their respective schools. Congratulations to the following instructors whose students come (in part or in whole) from LaVergne:

Cedar Grove Elementary School
Lea Crockarell

LaVergne Middle School
Lori Scott

LaVergne Primary School
Tammy Houck

Rock Springs Elementary School
James Morris Hamby, III

Rock Springs Middle School
Richard Reed

Roy Waldron School
Melanie Jones

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting all these teachers, but I will say that Melanie Jones is OUTSTANDING. When I served as president of Roy Waldron Elementary School’s PTO a couple of years ago, she and her family were there at every school-related event after the close of the school day. She has made countless bags of popcorn, served as teacher liaison on the PTO board, always has an amazing, cheerful attitude, and is well-loved by students and parents alike.

In addition, my daughter now has Lori Scott for reading and she adores the class. The amount of reading a child does seems directly proportionate with how well a child does in school, so parents please make your children read. If they don’t like reading, then take 20 or 30 minutes every day to sit down and read with or to them. Ms. Scott is another teacher who deserves the accolades given through this honor.

Congratulations to all the teachers in LaVergne who were recognized! We’re proud of you and we want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work with our children! If you personally know any of the teachers named above, please comment and we will update this post so they too can have a personal testament to their hard work.

Baggy Pants + MP3 Player = Gun Scare

An article was published today in the DNJ that the alleged gun students thought they saw at LaVergne High School this weekend was actually an MP3 player tucked in a student’s pants. In his baggy pants. Read about the student’s vindication here. I’m glad to read that the school does not now have to search him every day when he arrives, but do believe the school initially did the right thing in sending him home for the day. I know the parents must be terribly upset, but after reading about the incidents at Paducah, Columbine, and the kindergardeners slaughtered in Scotland, you just can’t take chances like that with our kids.

Which brings us around to the whole baggy pants thing that we see kids wearing these days. I feel like such an old fuddy-duddy, but I HATE that look. I truly don’t get it. It looks beyond ridiculous – it looks stupid, clownish, and is such a poor reflection about the intelligence of the dudes who wear them. Of course, this is my opinion and I’m completely uncool, not down with it, etc. I just want to run up behind the boys (and yes I mean boys because no man, no real man, would do this) and yank their pants down. Instead, I turn away laughing. Yes, laughing. And I sometimes say, “Your pants are falling down” and my daughters hide their faces embarrassed to be seen with me. But they can’t explain the look either.

Are the baggy pants a “gang” thing? Is it a rap thing? Is it peer pressure? I guess I’m lucky to have daughters because I’m afraid I’d have to take away the right to choose from my son if I had one and he chose that look.

Blogger Meeting This Saturday

From our sister site This is Smyrna, TN, we learn that the monthly Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster Meeting is this Saturday, February 24th at Espresso Joe’s in Smyrna. The meeting is open to those who blog from this area, those who read blogs, and those who just like coffee and want to meet some interesting people. The host and hostess (Michael and Michelle) give everyone the opportunity to speak about what’s on their minds and the recording is later posted as a podcast so listeners from across the world can enjoy the seriousness and laughs.

Speaking of the Smyrna blog, they have invited their elected officials to begin writing columns. I want to extend the same invitation to our LaVergne leaders, as well as to others in our community. If you have something to say about LaVergne, please contact me at ktyson(at)realtracs(dot)com and we can set you up! I’d like to see more interaction on this website with our residents, public officials, city leaders (school principals, business owners, etc.).

I’ve Not Seen Any

I keep hearing about gang activity in LaVergne (especially the Lake Forest area and at the high school), but I haven’t seen any. My daughter attends LHS and she hasn’t seen any. Are we just living with our heads in the sand? Are we that ignorant about what to watch for? Here’s an article in today’s DNJ about it (again!).

Library Email Notification

I read in today’s Daily News Journal that the Linebaugh Library will begin sending email notifications when a book someone has reserved becomes available. My wish is that the outstanding LaVergne Library folks set one of these up for schmucks like me who always have overdue books… just a friendly reminder that your book is due this week (or last week).

Here’s the article.

LHS Situation

LaVergne High School students experienced a lock-down yesterday morning when a handful of classmates reported that they had sighted another student with a gun. With a daughter at that school, I asked what happened. She told me the same thing that has been reported in the news, then handed me a letter from school officials explaining the same thing.

No gun was found on the student nor in his locker, and the school assures everyone that he and his locker will be searched daily until the end of the school year. If I were the student, I may be upset but as a parent I hope he understands that the safety of the entire school population must be paramount. I also wonder if the student is already at-risk for the school to announce that he will be searched daily.

I want to give “Well Done!” recognition to the school for quickly reacting to the potential situation, then clearly communicating to parents what had happened.