LaVergne’s Own Photo Scavenger Hunt

A friend of this site who lives in Nashville features a photo scavenger hunt weekly on his site. Because imitation is the highest form of flattery and because this site is often accused of being negative*, I’m starting our own LaVergne Photo Scavenger Hunt!

This first picture (photo credit to Bad Bad Ivy) should be pretty easy. It was taken last June 2006 after a storm with high winds came whipping through town.

The first person to comment accurately where this picture was taken (contributing authors not eligible) wins! What do you win, you wonder? Your choice of two things:

  1. A one-time column on this blog sharing what you enjoy about LaVergne, what your concerns for the city are, why you moved here, anything you’d like. If your column is well-written, then you could be invited to be a contributing author as well!
  2. A feature story about you for a project I’m working on called “Earned Wrinkles.” It’s a work in progress, but you can read some of the “wrinkle” stories here.

Sorry, no money or prizes that you can actually touch (you could touch the computer screen or print out what is written). If you really wanted, though, I could give you a pad of my Realtor notepad I send to people. Woot! But seriously, join in the fun!

*Seems that most of the negative comments come from just one person …


6 Responses

  1. sheesh…look at that negative image of the general Lavergne and Smyrna area..can’t you take a picture of a NICE house???

    lol..thanks for the link. And, oh yeah..I ‘stole’ the idea from the ‘Metrobloggers’, who I think got it from ‘The City Paper’. The chain goes on…

  2. Why are you making fun of my house? I dont have alot of money and only can afford this home so why do people make fun of it? I sahre my bedroom with the chickens and cows!!

    lol……good idea here guys!

  3. i know, i know…..;)

  4. Is it on Old Nashville Highway, not far from Lowes?

  5. I know exactly where this is.

  6. this is on fergus road just before you get to heritage circle east on the right hand side

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