In Which We Respond to Comments

By Kathy T. and Ivy

First (and again), we want to thank the folks who read this blog. We believe your thoughts, concerns, jokes, comments are very important and we welcome them. It shows that you have a vested interest in this community called La(space)Vergne. But we do want to address some comments made this past week. Shall we?

From the post Skate Park Meeting in which we wrote about an upcoming meeting where the city and citizens would talk about skate park concerns, a lively discussion occurred. The first two comments were very informative where John shared about some things coming up in the city (thank you, John & “View”) … but then the comments moved to other things:

From Anonymous:

If you want to see ducks, go to the boat ramps. There is a major greenway system in the plans, but sidewalks come before tree-lined walkways. If you want to walk in the woods, try the trail beside Hurricane Creek Boat Ramp. If you want something to piss you off, note that hunters are still allowed to hunt on the property because it’s protected by the TWRA. I can’t beleive people are shooting guns at wild animals so close to your homes. That’s crazy.

WHAT? Hunters are allowed in the stretch of land next to Stones River Road? That IS crazy. We want to invite that anonymous writer (or anyone else with fire in their heart about the subject) to do some research on that and write a column about it for us. I mean, dang.

Next we got another comment, again Anonymous:

We need another baseball field like we need more houses in Lake Forest Estates.

What they need to do is build a real basketball court that is built to specs and goals that are to the right height.

That’s fair feedback. A real voice in the community expressing that there is a real need. Good idea for a basketball court.

Now here’s where the comments turn a little testy, again Anonymous:

If you have a bitch call the Parks and Rec department, if your a citizen. If not, shut up. This site is getting so negative that a lot of people I know who work for and live in the city have stoppped looking at it. It’s just a bunch of neysayers bitching about things they could make a real change on if they contacted the right people.

Okay there are several statements we’d like to address. First you are only allowed to call the Parks and Rec department if you’re a citizen. Fuhgetaboutit otherwise (apparently you should just “shut up”). Second, this site is getting so negative? We’ve posted about senior citizens getting tax help, road closures (something people really need to know), about a family who needs help after a fire, about a lottery prize winner, about ball teams forming, about spring break and a trip to the Frist Center, about a new post office not being built yet. Oh wait… maybe that one thing about the post office is negative. But … now listen carefully because I have a secret … our community is not just filled with people who skip along handing out pretty flowers and throwing happy pixie dust. This town is great, but it isn’t all positive. We DO share a lot of positive information here, but we also link to articles from news organizations that are of interest to the community. That’s how we’ve always been, that’s how we’ll continue. And we also have opinions that we’ll share… for example Ivy just posted ideas on how to raise revenue for the city.

Which brings us to our next point (and back to the “Anonymous” comment):

This site is getting so negative that a lot of people I know who work for and live in the city have stoppped looking at it.

Dear, dear Anonymous… you are always screeching about how we should pick up the phone and call people if we have a concern. We want to introduce you to the concept that reading this and other blogs are fantastic ways for city officials to learn about what people in the community are thinking about. If a city official has this type of feedback tool that’s he/she is aware of that’s only a click of the mouse away, and he/she refuses to look at it – then he/she is foolish. Further, maybe we should consider replacing that person(s) in the next election … I don’t know about you, but we want people in office who are willing to listen to what the people in their community think, regardless of the forum in which it is voiced.

Next, let’s move on to more Anonymous comments:

If they patrol Clayton Estates more often, the criminal element will more than likely leave…..and migrate to Lake Forest. Do you REALLY WANT THAT?

I’m just sayin’….

This post was followed by another Anonymous post:

Hello…Clayton Estates is private property i.e. — it used to at least have its own security guard and local and county police were not allowed to patrol.

And another:

no offense to the La Vergne police. But, do you think if they patrol the trailer parks more often, the crime will be kept to a minimum and maybe the “bad guys” would leave??

And finally (from Michael):

We also have way too many trailer park zones. A La Vergne cop once told me if they could pick up Clayton mobile home park and move it out of the city, we would have virtually no crime problem.

Kathy called a friend who lives in Clayton Estates (and please note that there are a LOT OF GOOD people who live there). She said that the old management did not allow police to patrol, but they’ve had new management for several several months now. The mobile home park has removed speed bumps, at the request of the city, to allow patrol cars easier access to patrol. There is a city police officer who lives there, as well, so the residents often call upon that officer with concerns and problems. She said that a lot of the “riff-raff” is no longer there since the new management came on board, but doesn’t know what will happen once summer gets here because sometimes school-aged children do cause trouble. She also said (and are you sitting as you read this?) that most of the problems they have now “come from Lake Forest.” Oh snap.

We do not want to appear to be elitist and try to make one neighborhood look superior to another. What we do want is what Ivy said in the comment:

LMAO@ the 7:48 am anonymous. No, we’d like the police to have enough funding to do their jobs and keep the criminal element out of La Vergne. Sheesh.

Let me say that again: We want the police to have adequate funding so that they can do their jobs and keep the criminal element out of ALL of La Vergne. The police have set up a gang unit and we applaud them for that. They do patrol Clayton Estates, maybe they should step up more patrols, but the management has invited them to come in and has made it easy for them to come in. Some officers have sometimes been over-zealous in their jobs, but the majority of our police force are very fine, caring, dedicated individuals. Try not to let the one or two rotten apples spoil the image for the rest of the force. And while we’re at it, did anyone ever hear why our police chief quit?

Thankfully, that’s all we have. Go ahead and comment, but we ask you to not do it anonymously. If you want your opinion to be given any credibility, sign your name. We’re battening down the hatches now. Buh-bye.


32 Responses

  1. Thanks for the recommendation on Hurricane Boat Ramp. :)… I really appreciate it. As far as them hunting, oh dear, that is quite alarming. Thanks again for the heads up.

  2. There is a bill in the Senate right now that will allow the TWRA land to reamin hunting and fishing ground FOREVER.

    If you want this to stop, please contact Sen. Jim Tracy and Sen. Bill Ketron and tell him of your concern. It was in committee last week. I don’t know about you but it scares the hell out of me to know people with rifles and shotguns are shooting toward your homes. They hunt deer, turkey, etc. They’re supposed to stay so far (it’s either 50 or 100 feet) from homes, but if you think about it that’s not too far, given the fact that the road’s what, 24 feet wide? And what hunter’s going to measure how close he is to the road?

    If you want to see something shameful, you should see the garbage that hunters and fishers leave behind on the trail and off to the sides. The Parks Department picked up more than 100 bags of trash last fall. And they didn’t really put a dent in some of the areas.

    Parks was going to make that trail (which is an old roadbed) a part of the greenway system, giving you people in Lake Forest somewhere in nature to walk, but the TWRA is throwing a hissy fit about people walking through there while others are hunting.

    I don’t even drive down Stones River Road anymore because I’m concerned about being shot by a hunter who has a bullet go astray.

    Hey, anything is possible when using a weapon.

    As far as Clayton Estates goes, yes, a police officer does live there and there are TONS of police calls there, but so have others and the moment they do something that’s part of their job, they get evicted (has happened more than once).

    And I hate to tell you, but a police officer was telling me that quite a few (like 40-50%) of the police calls are to Clayton Estates and Lake Forest Estates.

    The problem is you can move in for $350-500 and that’s a great price. But everyone from Nashville who wants to escape crime, comes in and — they may not know it — but their children are part of the problem in the crime circle and they bring it with them. This is where the parents come in. They should learn to take responsibility of their children. They are their responsiblity. Not the school system’s, not the city’s. The parents should enforce the rules and if that doesn’t work, send them to juvenile detention.

    It’s sad when some people are scared to walk down the halls of LHS because they’re in fear of their life.

    Some people in town (not me) refer to Lake Forest as the slums because
    of the unsavory people who live there. Your neighborhood may appear safe, but it’s not. I’d lock my doors and windows everyday if I were you. Don’t mean to scare you, but that’s the facts, as I’ve been told.

    There’s a large number of homes in Lake Forest that are foreclosed upon because the people who move from Nashville to escape crime and for the cheap down payment, can’t afford the monthly payment and they are forced to move out and onto some other cheap property.

    There are a lot of reasons that I won’t go into because of sensitivity issues, but I can tell you that that part of town is a big problem.

    It’s like the skate park problem. The city’s going to shut it down and take away the ramps, etc. if the kids don’t stop vandalising it. I heard from a citizen that the kids have destroyed the wiring for the survellience camera not once but twice. Just because they want to destroy something and don’t want to be caught.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when people are afraid of their own town — or at least being in public in their own town.

  3. Yeah, but that’s not the fault of the “town”, it’s the fault of the people who won’t try and better their lives and get a handle on their kids’ behavior. Of course, this is a problem with society in general, not just La Vergne.

    Anyway, the main problem I have with the City is that nobody will do anything about the Driftwood Inn. It needs to be blown off the map. It is an eyesore and a bunch of thugs live there who walk across Waldron Road to the Mapco with an attitude like they don’t have to watch for cars. One will get hit sooner or later, and I will not feel sorry for them. They also make that Mapco feel unsafe. I hate it.

    That would be the perfect spot for a Wal-Mart.

    BUT, this is nothing that I haven’t told members of City government to their face about: i.e., Ronnie Irwin, Jerry Gann, Angie Mayes, Sherry Green, etc…so if you’re gonna be anonymous, it definitely isn’t going to get the word out about the concerns of the citizens.

  4. Ronnie’s name is spelled Erwin.

  5. Amen brother John. I have to agree with you on the easy move in issue in Lake Forest and must confess it is what brought me here. I realize that there will be foreclosures for the exact reasons you stated. It is unfortunate.

    So far my neighbors to my right, to my left, directly behind and at least the next door down on my right are very good people. I speak to my neighbor to the right of me and we speak to my neighbor directly behind me.

    I’m quite thankful that I have managed to get good neighbors, so far. There are at least two houses on my street that I suspect are the unsavory type.

    We do lock our doors.

  6. I am the “anonymous” that was “just sayin'”. I could not agree more regarding the issues of adequate funding of our police force. While I’m quite sure a vast majority of the officers are fantastic individuals, the mere fact (I read this somewhere last year) that LV’s police officers are among the lowest paid in the state, makes it very easy for “questionable” officers to infiltrate the force due to the hiring managers not having the proper resources for background checks, etc. This low pay scale also makes it easy for the up-an-up officers to use the LVPD as a mere “stepping-stone” to Metro or M’boro or other higher paying departments. I whole-heartedly agree with Ivy’s stance on raising taxes on building permits (new starts only, not remodelings or additions) as this will create a revenue stream into the LV city government that will provide city leaders the ability to raise the pay of LVPD officers, thus lowering the churn-rate and giving hiring managers more flexibility in “just saying no” to officer applicants that might have questionable backgrounds.

    I’m just sayin’…..

  7. I used to live in Lake Forest, but have since moved to Cedar Grove. I’m not a math guy, but to say 40%-50% of police calls are to LFE isn’t fair if 40%-50% of La Vergne citizens live there! I’d be interested to know which area had the highest police calls per capita.

    What makes La Vergne a great place to live is the same as what makes it bad – affordable housing. People live in La Vergne because they can’t afford Brentwood. I’m not saying that about everyone, but I bet if you took a survey, 9 out of 10 La Vergne residents would want to live elsewhere if they could afford it. What these people fail to realize is that it’s the people that make a community desireable to live in. If everyone in La Vergne took care of their home (pressure wash at least once a decade please!), and treated others with respect and kindness (maybe this is intended towards the ‘gang’ member), I think you would find houses appreciating at a higher rate, and more people enjoying living in La Vergne.

  8. I just read your statements about Clayton Estates and must disagree (somewhat). Our LP officer is GREAT!!!! When ever we need him, he is there. No matter what time of day or night. Since he has moved here are problems are getting better. I for one do take responcability for my kids, I am a single mother and my kids answer to me first. If you ask them who are they more afraid of, me or the police and they will tell you, “MY MOM,”. I am probably the one mother that still belives in corpral punishment. My father used it on me and I turned out just fine, never causing problems for fear of that punishment he gave me. and I was told by a police office that the big fleshy part of our childrens bodies between their back and legs is not just to sit on. What I think is a shame is that if you spank your children they have the option of calling the police on you an then you can go to jail for child abuse. I believe if the government gave us back the right to spank our kids then some of these “gang bangers” would know what real pain is all about. When we as parents lost the right to disapline our children they won the right to be unruly. Clayton Estates has come along way since I moved in two years ago, and the LPD still can’t understand why I let the neighborhood kids hang out at my house. I would rather them be here and me keep an eye on them than them running all over the streets causing TROUBLE.!!!!!!

  9. Just sayin’- you raise a LOT of good points. The more funding the police have, the more likely we will be able to drive crime out of our community.

    Michael- A big HELL YES on the pressure washing!

  10. Couldn’t agree more Michael. I just bought my first house in La Vergne by the City Library. The main reason I moved here is because it’s so affordable. But, I soon realized (not to put a negative spin on things), you get what you pay for. Fortunately where I live crime is very minimal (as far as I can tell). I guess it’s because the police station is right next door. Just the other day I was looking out my window and was noticing how beautiful everthing is. The trees are blooming, and the weather was nice. It was nice to hear kids playing their softball game at the park and the parents cheering them on. However, there are many (many, many, many, MANY) things I would love to change. There are things that just get under my skin. Like Ginger said in her comment, there are a few places I would like to have blown off the map.

    Has anyone heard of when the Wilstan’s Grill is going to break ground? Or has it already? What about Waldron Rd.? Any word on that project?

  11. Wanted to reply to another reply that said (in part): “I just read your statements about Clayton Estates and must disagree (somewhat). Our LP officer is GREAT!!!! When ever we need him, he is there. No matter what time of day or night. Since he has moved here are problems are getting better.”

    Please don’t think AT ALL that we think the officer who lives at Clayton Estates is bad. NO no no. (Of course, I don’t know who he is…). I was thinking about the police who’ve recently been in the news… arresting someone for not signing a citation and arresting someone for putting their garbage in an apartment dumpster when they didn’t live there. I think it’s really awesome that you have an officer who lives near you and is responsive to the needs of that small subdivision. It sounds like he’s doing some really great things!

    I haven’t heard when the new Wilstan’s Grill is opening or other news on Waldron Road projects. If we hear, we’ll post.

  12. Oh… not ::my:: original post…. another commenter’s. Eep.

  13. Amen brother Michael, too.

    To the anonymous commenter on spanking the children, I agree with you. I’ve actually had someone call the police on me saying I was abusing my son in the parking lot at the Kmart shopping center (Shoney’s side) several years ago. That day I had just got out of the hospital and had stitches in my arms, legs, back and other parts that I shouldn’t mention (five places in all). Needless to say I was in no condition to be spanking anyone much less abusing anyone. Her and her boyfriend pinned my vehicle in the parking lot with their truck. She had long orange fingernails and a tan that looked like she had one too many visits to the tanning bed. They were in a very large pick up truck and drove over to the Shoney’s side from the Taco Bell side and accused me of beating my son in broad daylight, in the parking lot! I managed to get out and went home and called the law myself.

    The police officer said that they had called and reported child abuse and were relieved that I called them. They came out, talked to my son, who, incidentally, was throwing a fit because he couldn’t get the kind of ice cream he wanted and was screaming bloody murder about getting into the car, and looked him over. After this he asked me if I wanted to press charges against the woman who accused me! He also said that he firmly believes that children should be spanked. As do I, by the way. There is a line which you do not cross when it comes to discipline but children must no that there are boundaries.

    To top it all off, a few weeks later I saw her on the news. Some couple that frequented this bar in town had died and they were partying in their honor at the bar and they had a news clip of her saying something about missing them, yada yada.

    I’m sure she had the best intentions but the path to hell is paved with those.

  14. “Blown Off the Map”, I like it! We as the People of La Vergne need to change La Vergne and while I think the La Vergne Police are great and will solve some of the problems. I think if the People of La Vergne take responsibility for La Vergne it will have a big impact. What I would like for La Vergne to be is a place for the family, property values that go up, retailers knocking on La Vergnes door to build their new store. I think we as a community are headed in the right direction with the Monday Night Meeting, you know people care if you show up and hear the people of La Vergne talk about La Vergne.

    I did make the comment about my disappointment in them not building a new Post Office. La Vergne does need a new Post Office. We need it sooner than later and I think this will have a big impact on the future of La Vergne.

    Now Blow Off the Map… the Weekly Rentals, The Trailer Park. La Vergne just built a Beautiful new libary and the people of La Vergne love it and alot of family and children are using it, but across the street you have the weekly rentals and the trailer park… and now a liquior/beer store being built and plans to widen waldron road. Has anyone look at this! I have seen the police at the weekly rentals every couple weeks if now weekly. This is a bad mix, and hopefully it will not put La Vergne on the national news!

    Steve, Cottages of La Vergne

  15. To Michael–

    Accoridng to the last newsletter the city sent out, the Wilstan’s is going in the Madison Plaza (behind Burger King) and my sources tell me they should start working on the inside of the building within the next month. It should be open by summer.

    What exactly are you asking about Waldron Road? Waldron South Plaza has an anchor — The Lazy Donkey — wich is a local chain (and the food is good, from what I hear). I don’t know what else is going in there. If I hear, I’ll let everyone know. God know the city isn’t releasing anything.

    Steve — There are calls to the Weekly Rental, but we also have a lot (about half of the total calls) of calls to Lake Forest, Farmingdale, Woodland Hills, Etc. Also, did you know one of our PD leuitenants and his wife (another city employee) manage the Weekly Rentals (which are owned by Amnon Shreibman). The liquor store/beer store/cigar&cigarette shop is going to be one of the nicer places in town (building wise) — not owned by Shreibman (I don;’t think, who knows? he owns everything else in town — the result of past administrations and planning commissions, apparently.

    The current store (under Shreibman’s Realty place next to Advanced) is going to be shut down.

    They should tear down the two fricking pawn shops (I’ve seen cleaner ones before).

    Which trailer parks were you talking about? There are at least three in town.

    Clayton Estates was built by, guess who, Amnon Shreibman in the 1980s when it was called Southfork (all the streets are named after people in the show Dallas).

    Are you seeing a theme here? Unfortunately, too much damage has already been done. If the Co-op were to explode (and that is an actual danger becuse of grain dust from what I’m told) Lavergne would be wiped off the map anyway.

    Dennis Waldron told me to come to the City meetings on the first Tuesday of every month and hear what’s going on. They’re also broadcast on TV (Channel 3, cable only) You can get on the agenda to speak too…call city hall and ask how.

    I have a question, who is this Angie Mays and why isn’t she releasing any thing about the city? I haven’t seen anything on this blog by her…does she not care? OR does she not know about the blog?

    I see her ads on the city’s web site, but never see her comment on this site.

  16. Angie has sent us press releases regularly, but we don’t always have time to post everything (We have other jobs and this is all volunteer here). We haven’t received any in the last week or so, but she’s been busy delivering the new city maps, etc. We are open to the idea of adding more authors to this site… maybe she can add a couple of us to her news release list and whoever has the first chance to post can…

  17. Yes I am seeing a patter, “Amnon Shreibman” he was also behind the Cottages of La Vergne Development, that was never complete, not sure if it was because of Amnon Shreibman or Ole South, but when the last Townhome was built, Ole South and Amnon Shreibman Development cut and run and left the homeowners of the Cottages of La Vergne to finish putting up fences around the dumpsters and we still lack a mailbox’s on parts of the property as well as some drainage issues and other issues from construction damaged. Even some of the homeowners were told that the Trailer Park Next Us would be removed because they were in foreclosure at the time. But I would like to see the weekly rentals removed along with the trailer park or cleaned up. In the past and not currently there was a person on the sex offender list that lived at the trailer park next the La Vergne Library. I think La Vergne has to much section eight housing. I know they are not all trouble but it does bring trouble.

    Steve, Cottages of La Vergne

  18. john buntville — Angie Mayes is the PR Coordinator for the City. She also has the responsibility of a PIO for the police department. imho, she does a great job in getting the news out that she is allowed to release. I’m sure that once she is given clearance to release what businesses are going to be occupying Waldron South Plaza, she will. I’ve been nagging her about it for weeks ;) so I know she will give us the lowdown just as soon as she can. I’m so excited about it, because I live on that side of town!

  19. OOO I love what’s going on here. Getting some questions answered!

    I was wondering when they were going to widen Waldron Rd. I read in January it was supposed to start in March.

    So they have started on Wilstan’s Grill? Am I blind?
    Do you happen to know what they are building across from City Hall, next door to the tire store?

    So let me get this straight. A PD leuitenant manages that horrible looking weekly rental place? That doesn’t make any sense. Considerable amount of crime goes on, managed by an officer and yet it’s still there? Since this Shreibman guy owns what seems to be a lot of buildings in La Vergne, the city can’t do anything about it? We can’t have the building repainted because they are an eye soar?

    I’m in the middle with the liquor store. I’m glad it’s going up because it’s going to be a brand new nice looking building. But, on the other hand. It is walking distance for weekly rentals and the campground. Baaaad combination for some people. Just the other day I was driving down the street and I almost hit a guy. He looked like he was high on crack.

    I have another question/concern. Since we are talking about the area. Who owns the little area behind AmSouth bank where the trucks park over night? Is there anything the residents can do about that? I can only “guess” why they park there and it’s not to rest or to eat (no fast food restaurants there). And there is a truck stop at the old hickory exit and the waldron road exit. Why do they have to park in a residental area?

    Just like the real estate agent said a few months ago at the Town Hall meeting. She has HEARD if you are going to move to Rutherford county, move any where but La Vergne. And it’s the small things that have been posted previously in other comments are the reasons why. If it takes raising taxes a little bit I’m all for it if improves the look of the city.

    Just curious. What does Ronnie Erwin think about HIS city? I asked this question before in a previous blog entry but was never answered. So, I’m asking again.

  20. I don’t mean to sound negative. I’m just curious. So please don’t think of me as a complainer.

  21. oh one more things….John do you or anyone else know when the montly city meetings air on channel 3?

  22. Jennifer, John, Ivy, etc —

    I can help you.

    The Waldron Road project has not been bid yet (we are waiting on the state). The public hearing for the needs study was held in January. We have not been released by the state to purchase right-of-ways. It looks like they’re going to start construction late 07/early 08. We’re ready to start, we’re just waiting on the state.

    Wilstan’s submitted plans to the planning department (which were approved) and they should be starting at anytime. They are locating in the existing building behind Burger King (the opposite end from Sir Pizza).

    Across from City Hall will be retail outlets, but we’re not ready to make any announcements as of yet (sorry, I would if I could).

    I can’t speak for Mr. Shreibman about the Weekly Rentals being repainted. You’d have to check with his office (I think it’s 213-1111) to find out more about the Weekly Rental/Campground area, both of which he owns.

    Speaking of that, he also owns the property behind AmSouth bank. He owned that whole triangle from the creek to Nir Shreibman Blvd. at one time. He doanted the land to the city for the Library.

    I don’t know why truckers park there. My guess is that they live in town, but can’t — because of city ordinances — drive their truck home because it weighs more than 15,000 pounds. It would tear up the street, eventually, if driven home. Or maybe they’re eating at KFC.

    Jerry Davenport with Channel 3 is working on the finalized chedule for the meetings, but did tell me that the meetings air the Thursday and Friday after they are taped (different times).

    The Mayor and Alderman meeting is taped at 7 p.m. first Tuesday of the month; Planning Commission is taped at 6:15 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month; the Parks and Rec advisory Committee meeting is taped at 6 p.m. the third Monday of the month and the Greenway Advisory Committee meetings are taped at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of every other month, beginning in January.

    The meetings will air at different times after the first two airings four times per week during the month. Check Channel 3 or the upcoming Citizen’s Update newsletter for information.

    I spoke with the Mayor and he said the following:

    “I think La Vergne is headed in the right direction trying to maintain the small town image at a fast-growth pace. I think it’s one of the better places to live and work and can only get better. We are progressing on retail (which isn’t as strong as our industrial is) and have something to offer to people of all ages, from the Library to the Parks to the Senior Center.

    “Hopefully in the near future, we’ll have a new Senior Citizen’s Center/Community Center. I have no problem looking into including a pool in that structure. We have a strong Board of Mayor and Alderman and I am well pleased with our board and I feel that they are very supportive.”

    Just so you know, the Mayor has started a newsletter on the web which will be updated once a month. If you have questions for him, he has an open door policy. He is available at certain times at City Hall or you can reach him on his cell at 394-2821.

    Speaking of retail, Vice Mayor Gann is the chairman of the Economic Development Committee and will be heading (with the Mayor and City Administrator Mark Moshea) to the International Council of Shopping Centers convention in May. They have gone the past threeyears and have made some good contacts with retailers who are looking to locate in Middle Tennessee. Mr. Gann’s phone is 566-5517 if you have any questions about the Economic Development Committee.

    If you have any more questions, you may call me at my office at 287-8690 or on my cell at 207-4678 (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) Leave a message if you can’t reach me (I may be in a meeting) and I’ll call you back and help you any way I can.

    I checked with interim Police Chief Ted Boyd and he said that a reasonable amount of calls are to Lake Forest and Clayton Estates because more people live in that area (including Morningside) of town, as opposed to other areas within the city.

    I have no clue who John Buntville is or how he came up with 50% but Chief Boyd is not comfortable with that number at all.

    Buntville is correct about the TWRA and the Parks Department Director Robin Grubb and Parks and Rec Advisory Chairman (and Vice Mayor Jerry Gann) are attending as many hearing on Capitol Hill as they can. We really wanted to use the old road bed as a part of the Greenway system. It’s the perfect length for a good walk and is gorgeous at certain times of the year (fall when the leaves change, etc.).

    And to Mr. Buntville, I care deeply about this city. I have lived here for 16 years and worked for the City for seven years. Prior to that, I covered La Vergne for two newspapers for six years.

    Every press release I send out is posted on the city’s web site ( as well as my news blog (no opinions, just pieces about La Vergne, the schools, fund-raisers and whatever else I can tell the public about — that address is

    I invite anyone who has any questions to either call their local official (numbers are under Department, Elected officials on the web site) or contact City Administrator Mark Moshea (793-6295).

    My e-mail is if you need to ask me anything. I’ll do my best to help you out.

    Angie Mayes

  23. thanks angie

  24. Any News on the BILO Building opening up again with a new tenant, sure do miss the food store…

    Steve, Cottages of La Vergne

  25. Steve–
    The Shopping Center Group has it for lease or sale and we’ve listed it in the Rutherford County Economic Guide to assist them in getting a tenant for our only “big box” store that’s available.

    I think they’ve had some interest in the store, but so far, no one has signed ont he dotted line. But, big box stores are popular and we’re certain that something good will come to the location soon.

    Unfortunately, if they’re allowed under our ordinances, the city has no control into what goes in there — whether it be a discount-type store or a grocery store.

    So right now, we’re just waiting to see who comes along.

    Thaks for asking.

  26. Thanks for the information, Angie. Sorry for the earlier comments.

  27. One thing you didn’t add, thoguh is that Lt. Lynn Ruch and his wife Donna work for Shreibman, managing the Weekly Rental and Campground. He’s been doing it for at least 10 years. Is that a conflict of interest? What do you all think?

  28. I don’t see how it could be a conflict of interest. If Ruch and his wife worked for the codes, engineering or planning department, I could see it, but now when they work for the LPD and the city court.

    I know both of them pretty well and I know they would not show any favoritism toward Shriebman or any of the tenants in the weekly rentals if they broke the law.

  29. I think it is a conflict of interest. When you call the police at 2 am in the morning because a man and a woman are fighting, you tell them the room number and all they do is drive by.

    I have called a couple times but did not get any results, so I stopped calling, because the police do not seem to want to address the issue’s at the weekly rentals.

    But since I moved here. I have had a gang of kids with gun’s, a stolen car parked and stripped in front of our townhomes. Had to chase away more than one cars that park at the Cottages of La Vergne to walk or sleep over at the weekly rentals, people are always walking up and down the road, the weekly rental tenants using our dumpster every morning to throw there trash.

    I see the problems everyday hopefully La Vergne will not make the national news because Mr. Shriebman needs to make money off of some poor person in section eight housing. But look at the bright side, Walmart might want to come to town!


  30. I never met this Shreibman guy but, I’m sure he’s a nice guy. But, coming into La Vergne from Davidson County is disgusting. Since Starwood is closing I heard there going to be another housing develolpement and more retail. Davidson Co. is building and developing closer and closer to the county line. And Smyrna is making the same progress. In my opinion, since Shreibman owns all this land (seems like half of La Vergne) he should make it more useful. As Angie said in one of her comments about the mayor” wanting to maintain a small town image.” I think La Vergne is ready to grow up.

  31. New comer to LV. Moving into the very back section of Lake Forrest. Reading all this about this crime and hunting has me a little skeptical now. I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts here. I’m on board with everything that will improve Lavergne for the better.

  32. ” I can only “guess” why they park there and it’s not to rest or to eat (no fast food restaurants there). And there is a truck stop at the old hickory exit and the waldron road exit. Why do they have to park in a residental area?”

    As a former over the road trucker ( I work in a trucking company office now) it is usually because a) they are getting something to eat at the KFC and b) they are drivers who live in Lavergne and would like to go home. Yes, the T/A Truckstop is off the Old Hickory Blvd. Exit (#62) but they do not allow dropped trailers there – no exceptions. I know because I tried and that was duiring a family emergency.

    Truckers are not evil. I resent your insinuation that they are seeking commercial company from the flea-bag weekly rental place. Most drivers are honest, salt of the earth, tax paying citizens just like you who are making sacrafices to try and provide for their families. I think you would be surprised to know how many in that profession live in our community. And before you make these generalizations that demean those in our profession…ask youself how you’d purchase any of the stuff you want and need without us? I don’t think Wal Mart or Smith’s has a rail spur to the back of their store.

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