La Vergne Growth

I was poking around online and stumbled upon this neato online toy that shows what housing growth has been from 1890 to the present.   It shows LaVergne being fairly quiet until the mid 1990’s and exploding in the 2000’s.  Want to take a peek?  Go here!


Major Traffic Relief Coming

Traffic on Stones River Road is expected to be reduced by as much as 50% when roadwork in La Vergne is completed in the next couple of years.  Residents can expect a roundabout (say that with a Brittish accent!), a couple of new lights on Murfreesboro Road, and the extension of Parthenon Boulevard past Madison Square subdivision and into Lake Forest subdivision.  Stop lights will be installed at Dick Buchanan Drive and Floyd Mayfield.

The even better news?  The city won’t have to pay for big chunks of this work! 

The work on the signals at Floyd Mayfield Drive and Dick Buchanan Street is being performed by Civil Constructors and will cost $424,326. Thanks to an air quality control grant from the federal government, La Vergne will not have to pay for any of the actual construction costs on the Dick Buchanan project.

But wait!  There’s more!  According to Jerry Gann, sidewalks are in the works – especially near the schools which in my opinion is VITALLY important,

… the city plans to spend another $1 million on the first phase of its sidewalk project, expected to start “any day.” Phase one will run from La Vergne Lake Elementary and Middle schools on Stones River Road, to Murfreesboro Road, then continue north to City Hall. Work will begin near the schools first, Gann said, so children will be able to use the sidewalks when school starts.

Read the whole story written by the talented Mealand Ragland-Hudgins in today’s Daily News Journal right HERE.  Today’s news should cause great happiness in our community!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

I’ve been going through my photos and deleting duplicates, etc. and FOUND this one I took in March.  So I decided it could be a fun picture for the photo hunt, though I doubt seriously anyone can find it since it contains moving targets.  But what the fazizzle.  Here you go!


Wild turkeys!

Gobble Gobble!

So the winner can have his or her choice of one of the following movies on DVD.

  • BMX Bandits with Nicole Kidman & David Argue
  • There Goes the Bride with Tommy Smothers & Twiggy Lawson
  • Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (volume 1 & 2 for over four hours of viewing enjoyment)
  • Ginger in the Morning with Sissy Spacek & Susan Oliver

Give it your best guess!

Cases of Water Needed

The NORTH RUTHERFORD Boys and Girls Club (serving Smyrna & LaVergne) are looking for cases of water to be donated for their summer program.  The Girl Scout troops of Service Unit 154 are trying to come up with eight cases per troop in the next week or two.  If anyone outside of Girl Scouts is willing to donate a case of water for this cause, you are welcome to drop a case off at my office, Bob Parks Realty on Sam Ridley Parkway.

The NORTH RUTHERFORD Club is also seeking a working ice machine (to be donated), so if you know anyone who can help with this, please comment or contact me.  Thank you!

Well Done! LPS & B/F

Kudos goes to LaVergne Primary School and the Grassroots Committee of Bridgestone Firestone for creating what’s called a “Snoezelen Room” for special needs children.  I read about the room in the Daily News Journal and am just blown away by it. 

Some history – my brother & sister-in-law have two autistic children.  They went to extraordinary measures to help their children develop better sensory perception, including brushing them, braiding hair, etc.  I’m no expert, but there seems to be a link where physical contact helps brain synapses better connect.  The children are highly intelligent, but their inner selves face a real struggle to come out.  Seeing that there is a room like this at our own LaVergne Primary School is simply magnificent.  Good job!

Speaking of Guns…

I just saw online at the Daily News Journal that a woman was shot on Johnny Bench Drive (is it “drive” or “cove”?) this afternoon around 5:30.  That’s in the back of Lake Forest in the baseball player section.  The neighborhood that when I first moved here, I went exploring and had to get a map out to find my way out.

Anyway, hope the woman will make a full recovery.

Three LaV Businesses Busted

Gambling machiness are not okay in LaV, and three businesses suffered the consequences of having them, according to the Daily News Journal.  Read the article here.   I don’t think I’ve ever ventured into any of the businesses (The Curve, RJ’s Sports Bar & Grill, and Alexander’s), but I fondly remember my college days at Murray State University.  We’d head south of the border into Tennessee for a brew (perfectly legal at the time, drinking age was 18, then 19, then 21 – am I aging myself?!? O.o).  They had those nifty little poker machines that I sometimes played for fun.  Once, I had a straight flush or three aces or something and suddenly I was collecting $100.  I was shocked!  I didn’t know those bars paid for wins like that!   The point is, if it was that easy for a stupid college student to collect money, I’m sure there are places all over that people can find to gamble if they just look.

Now if the question rolls to “why harrass people when they should be allowed to do with their money what they want to do…”  I won’t even go there.  It’s like the gun issue, motorcycle helmets, etc.   But I like a post by Katherine Coble who talked about how Libertarians generally view life.  To sum it up, live and let be.  Wait… I think I just went there.  Nevertheless, we do have laws on the books and whether we agree or disagree, we’re still obligated to obey them.  Obey is such a strong word, isn’t it?  That’s why I opted for the vows at my wedding to be “Love, Honor and Cherish.”