It’s For Sale

For all you folks that eat out often, you have one less choice here in La Vernge.  Looks like the Big Apple has shut it’s doors.

I drove by there just minutes ago and saw this huge for sale sign in the front lawn.  I had only eaten there once and my first impression wasn’t the best.  So of course, I hadn’t given it a second chance.  I guess now I can’t.

Anyone looking to purchase a restaurant?

I’ve always wanted to own my own restaurant.  How bout investors?  Anyone want to go in with someone who has no idea(well a little) about how to run one.

I’d like to see something like Ryans, or Western Sizzlin come to our fair city.


17 Responses

  1. This saddens me. My mother-in-law loved going to the Big Apple for her birthday. :(

  2. My family and I are Fortune Express folks.

    “you numba 28, 10 minit, bub-bye.” By far my favorite!!!

  3. Kathy a golden corral would be great they have one in cookeville and i eat there every week that I am there and man i love their food. Maybe you and me can see about getting one opened. remember i have 24 yrs resturant exp and would love the chance to open one up here. keep me in mind if you do open one up!!!

  4. I really enjoyed eating at the big apple but I probably haven’t been there in over a year because my wife isn’t a big chineese fan.

    So that makes two big empty new storefronts (Big apple and Bi-Lo) in our city. Want to know how NOT to attract more retail? This shows that even with 27,000 we still can’t support 2 grocerie stores and 1 chineese buffett

  5. I might invest.

  6. When will Taco Bell start building?

  7. Actually we lost 2 buffets this year, (Linn’s, too). As far as grocery stores, ones Bi-Lo changed to Southern Family Markets it went to Hades. Prices were higher and selection was lower.

  8. Good point michael! What’s wrong with this picture? I was just thinking the other day, we can’t handle a chain grocery store, or chain restaurants besides fast food. What’s next?, adult book stores? There has to be a reason why retailers are passing us up, and why business owners are going out of business. We shouldn’t have to beg people to open retail in La Vergne.

  9. you made me think Jennifer, what new stores have recently opened successfully in La Vergne? Liquor stores!

    We should take vote pretty quick to keep adult pornstores out of our community or else we are just taking one more step to becoming Antioch…

    Mikey, my wife loved Bi-Lo but never did go into southern foods, so I wasn’t sure what the problem was. Question is, what type of store would locate their? Kroger, Publix, and the like are out due to other nearby locations. Maybe a large clothing retailer?

  10. Don’t forget about the parts stores…

    So if you want to get drunk and work on you car, La Vergne is the place.

    Actually, Kroger or the likes would be perfect here because of proximity to other locations. We are 2.5 miles from Sam Ridley and 5.5 miles from Hickory Hollow. We could even move the Food Lion (like that would happen).

    I just want to be able to sit down for a steak!!!

  11. I thought we didn’t get to vote on what stores come in. It’s more of a zoning thing right? (uuuuuhhgg, I totally see the big apple as a porn store–uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhgggg).

    Does anyone know anything about the construction going on across the street from city hall? I asked a long time ago and they said they weren’t ready to announce it yet. What about now..does anyone know? However, it seems like it has slowed down a bit. It started about the same time as the new liquor store. I hope it’s a penn station…mmmm so good!

  12. I will shed no tears for The Big Apple. It smelled funny in there and the food was not so great. I prefer to drive to Smyrna and eat at the buffet beside Ms Winners.

    Does LaVergne have liquor by the drink passed? I know that the small town I grew up in always had to pass up the really good restaurants because of the no liquor laws.

    When I drive by the old BiLo/Southern Family building I daydream about an Old Navy moving into that building. Kohls wouldn’t be bad either.

  13. I guess I’m the minority here because I loved Big Apple. I stopped going to Asia when all I heard every time I went was the little female owner constantly yelling at her employees. While I don’t speak Chinese, an as* chewing sounds the same in any language and I didn’t want to hear it. Sounded too much like my old boss… the same old yap yap yapping.

    I think the idea of an Old Navy is great. It won’t be a Kohl’s since that’s already being built behind the Sonic on Sam Ridley in Smyrna.

    I think we need a Ryan’s Steakhouse! Or a Meier’s department store (like an upscale Wally World).

  14. (chanting) Ryans’, Ryans’, Ryans’……………….

  15. I think a clothing store would be great at the BiLo location . Old Navy is good since the nearest one is Opry Mills. But, we really need a grocery store.
    Has there been any “action” over there? Any interested leasees or buyers??

  16. There is also an Old Navy store in M’boro. There is also a Kohls in the boro as well and Smyrna is getting one of those so why can’t La Vergne get a major clothing/retail store.

  17. Ok…I have read all the posts…here is opinion, rumors I heard, and dreams of La Vergne

    1. Lins- I heard from several restaurant owners that it was shut down because it was a front for prostitution. Don’t know if is is true but I do know that I went there twice and nobody was there.

    2. Big Apple…Did not like it. Don’t like the new one either. All about Fortune Express.

    3. I loved bi-lo. Southern Familly was too expensive. Food Lion has improved. For the location a clothing store would be nice but it is not going to happen now with the Smyrna development.

    4. Another restaurant….would be nice….Golden Coral would be nice so I would not have to drive to Hermitage.

    5. As for adult book stores….that is a fight I will fight till I move if needed. We are losing our sense of community due to growth however we do not need to turn into east nashville.

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