Who Has Given Back?

An interesting article was printed in today’s Daily News Journal about preventing developers from building in areas where schools are already overcrowded and roads are congested, unless the developer donates land for new schools.  You can read the article right here.  I’m curious as to how many LaVergne developers and major builders give back to our community and how many are in it solely to for the money.

We know Amnon Shreibman has donated land for the public library, which bears the name of his son.  (At least that’s what I think I remember watching in that formerly functioning kiosk when you walk in).  Roy Waldron of the Waldron Dynasty donated land for Waldron Elementary School for the privilege of  having it named after him.  But have any others done anything?   How about Greenvale Homes?  Ol’ South Properties?  Harvest Homes?  Lake Forest Homes?  Any of the others whose model home signs dot our landscape?

You know, I’m still waiting for our own public swimming pool.  If my little tiny former hometown of 4,000 people can afford the liability insurance for one, then why can’t our little bitty town of 27,000?  And I don’t buy the excuse “there’s no place to put one” either.   If there’s room to cram in more houses, there’s room for a pool.  I wouldn’t even mind if it was named after a developer!  

Hey, I have another question …. does this town have a beautification committee?


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  1. oooohhhhhh kathyyyy!! I’ve been wanting to join a beautification committee. Plant some trees, plant some flowers in the medians, etc. I don’t have much of a green thumb, but I’m dying to learn. I think if the city looks pretty or well taken care of, it will probably make the city more of a consideration instead of a straight no when deciding to buy a house or open a business. A city reflects its residents. We need something to redirect the eye from major eye soars.

  2. Trees?! Why do we need trees?! That was actually a comment from one of our planning committee members!!! Enough said… Beautification Committee, good luck!

  3. you try to help out the city, and this is what you get. just because the planning committee yards look like s—, doesn’t mean the city has too. we are not hazzard county!!! LOOK, LOOK, LOOK, I’M COMING OUT FROM BEHIND MY COMPUTER AND I’M VOLUNTEERING SOME TIME!!! I guess I’m not needed. Oh well.

    If anything starts up let me know!

  4. Hey, I’m with you Jennifer. I wasn’t a good fit for the Night Out Against Crime Committee (update: I resigned due to personal matters), but I’d volunteer for the Beaut Comm. Hey Senna… if you’re reading this, could you bring it up at the next meeting?

  5. Who has given back? The better question would be, “Who has gotten?” As for the generous donation of land for the library from AS — there are several stories about this transaction that are somewhat questionable (one is how he actually got the property in the first place) & the condition was that it be named for his deceased son — who I don’t believe was a US citizen, nor a resident of the our City. If the name is changed, supposedly it goes back to him. Again who “got” from this deal? My observations are that this guy never gives anything — there is always something in return! Then there’s the street name . . . Should we not be remembering our own soldiers who have given their life for OUR COUNTRY! What he has given us is a mess of continuous construction, massive traffic problems, over crowded schools, and some very unethical business practices in my opinion. When we start looking at someone giving back — make sure they are actually giving without hidden agendas.

  6. CeeDee… it definitely sounds like a case of “with friends like this, who needs enemies.” I do wonder how true it is if the name is changed it goes back to him.

    On another point, I would like to see more streets named after perhaps things on this continent. Maybe we can do a name a street post or name a subdivision post. Ha. Like anyone would listen!!!

    PS – I like the name Kathy T. Drive, personally

  7. Hey Kathy,
    LOVE the idea about the beautification committee!!!!! I can not get a vote this meeting because the agenda is already set, but I will certainly bring it up next month. Would you like to head it up? As for the library, it is true that if we change the name it reverts back to Amnon I have the papers here some where. If I remember correctley we could pay a ridiculous amount and it be ours. I would be willing to PAY!!! There is a really good story about this piece of property. If you want me to find this agreement again I will be happy to. I would also like to see our citizens honored that served our country. Thanks again for great suggestions.

  8. just as long as it gets amnon “i bring property value down” shreibman out of here. I assuming someone with a lot of money would have to buy the property from him for this to happen. I wonder if there is a small inverstor in franklin that wants to take on a new project?

  9. I find the idea of a beautification commitee absolutely WONDERFUL, even though I’m still in high school. I was actually trying to start one at La Vergne High, but I really doubt that would happen…

    I think the idea of “preventing developers from building in areas where schools are already overcrowded and roads are congested” sounds phenomenal. As a student, I have to deal with school overcrowding every day, and I can tell you plenty of kids don’t even LIVE in La Vergne. Plus, with Lake Forest expanding and expanding, there’s no end in sight. It’s a endless road to disaster.

    I volunteer at the La Vergne Public Library, named after Nir Shreibman. I find it funny that even though his dad paid tons of money for it to be named after his son, nobody even calls it that. Everyone calls it the La Vergne Public Library; thats how they even answer the phones. (I’m not quite sure if this is because hardly anyone can pronounce Shreibman, or because nobody even calls it that.) But I’m still not so clear what he did for our community. I’m just worried that trying to buy off the library or something just to change the name might have hidden consequences that would change the rest of the library and destroy the staff or something. That better not happen.

    As for the public swimming pool idea, this is actually already fulfilled. There is a public swimming pool at La Vergne High, right off of the Auxiliary Gym (which is FALLING APART, like the rest of the school, and I believe to be a health hazard.) It’s open over the summer, and there’s probably info at the school website.

    Now, as for this beautification committee, that sounds like a great idea. I agree with Jennifer, the city’s appearance reflects its citizens, and when it looks like trash, we look like trash (which is sometimes true. But that’s another story…). The idea of planting trees and plants sounds *marvelous*. If we did more of that instead of continuing to make our city one big pit of asphalt parking lots, we might get a nice reputation like Franklin…

    Plus, there is something else we REALLY need. We need to bring back recycling facilities. We are a big city with big trash, and all that trash that goes to landfills could be recycled into, well, other stuff. I believe we need to pressure our trash collectors again into picking up recycly-thingys and recycle them, darnit. Because I don’t think that that little pathetic Lions Club cart out in the Smyrna Walmart parking lot is going to hold all of La Vergne’s trash. And, I think that by the Rock Springs Elementary’s present recyling facilities (that only include newspapers and magazines), we need a big bin for phonebooks. I don’t think we can all just wait around for the Elementary school to have phonebook drives, which they rarely have anymore.

    I think a lot needs to be fixed in La Vergne. I know I am young and I probably don’t have a clue about how tough it is to get this stuff accomplished, but at least I care, right?

    -Autumn Dennis

  10. Autumn
    I found you post very funny and amusing but, in a good way. I think it’s great that you care about the city at your age. You are definitely not too young to have these concerns. You made some very insightful points and you really got me excited about the possible project. I strongly urge you to talk to some of your friends and get them interested. Being in high school (I know from past experienes some years ago) community service was the thing to do, especially when it came to those pesky and tedious college apps. I believe the beautification committee can make a huge impact on city. Not only the possiblity of bringing in more retail but, just give the residents something pleasant to look at. I think the more support we have, the elected officals will become more aware of how serious we are and how much we want this to happen. That’s why we elected them right? Citizens want, citizens get (kind of).

    I also agree with you about the recycling. I moved from Kentucky 3 years ago and thought every city had those “recycley-thingys.” I guess not. I think we should get that started too.

  11. Just to clear up something. Most of this info comes from a former Library Board member: The La Vergne Public Library, as I understand it, was paid for with funds from both the City of La Vergne and Rutherford County…not an individual. It is the La Vergne Public Library. The land was conficated by the City for back taxes or something; the city sold it to Amnon and he in turn “donated the land” for the library with the condition that the “building” be named after his son and if his son’s name comes off, the City would have to “pay for the land”. The City originally owned the land! Good move, huh? Donating a small piece of land that probably is unsuitbable for any other commercial use- notice the moat around the library to prevent it from flooding and look what’s next to it – can get a developer a tax break and gives the illusion that he financed the whole thing when his name, or that of his son, appears on the building…unfortuately, he’s smarter than some of our City leaders. The monuments (etched in Hebrew) in front of the library were dedicated by an Israeli military member to honor the 73 fallen soldiers who died in a helicopter crash in Israel along with Amnon’s son as I recall…there was a big dedication event when Mike Webb was mayor; there are newspaper articles out there. I don’t know anyone that knows what the monuments say. None of these soldiers to my knoweldge were American, nor resided in La Vergne. Where in La Vergne is there a monument for our American soldiers who fight for our freedom? I think this needs to be addressed…Rutherford County has lost a lot of citizens during the Iraqi war as well as in other areas of the world and these monuments dedicated to non-citizens really bother me…Amnon’s not the only person living in La Vergne who has lost a loved one. I personally don’t think we need everything in our City named for his son. Enough is enough.

  12. So, let me get this straight…..

    We owned the land, shreibman bought it -probably at a cheap price- he then donated it so, the city could pay to build a library and name it after his son. That make sense but, it doesn’t make sense. So, how much does that land cost, now? HMMMM, somethings are coming together. So, I’m assuming the 73 people that died is the reason why it’s 73rd avenue.
    I’m tellin’ ya, La Vergne isn’t going to be called La Vergne anymore. It will be called Shreibman. Shreibman, TN. I think this guy is trouble. He buried a freakin’ dumptruck and then lied to the officals, then he was forced to excavate. This guy is all about making money.

  13. The idea of a Beautification Committee is a great one. You can’t find many large trees in La Vergne, for sure! The planning commission is alowing all of them to be cut & some are literally centuries old. What a shame that our city has been allowed to become so ugly in that respect. We need something pretty to offset the yellow & black signs (uck), junk yards, and trailers on Murfreesboro Road being used to sell all those homes. Most of the original owners of the cookie cutter homes being built here will never see the trees being planted in their yards grow up big enough to put a swing in, climb, or bear fruit. Some call it progress — I call it land rape! Please plant your trees, flowers, even grass because we certainly have a big shortage of it here in La Vergne. No wonder there’s so much mud — no roots to hold it when it rains. Something we all should have learned in elementary school science. Some on our Planning Commission members must have flunked the coarse!

  14. I call it land rape, too. I always loved driving along the back roads like Carothers and Burkitt in West Side La Vergne/ Davidson County because of all the roaming land and cows and goats and creeks and rolling hills and historic abandoned farms and barns (which I love, even if they are just rotting away as a possible health hazard. i dont care, they’re beautiful.)

    But nooooo, the land rapers are tearing it all up, my Tennessee, pulling up ancient trees and tearing up the roads, which are sinking because of the weight of the trash trucks and bulldozers that go on there constantly.

    There are no cows. they tore down the ancient barns and houses. they’re taking down the corn siloes and farm buildings.

    ….And putting in houses that are fully built in less than a week and are so close together you can spit on them.

    And they tore down Starwood! It may not be nature, but it’s apart of our culture and entertainment and the much needed tourism factor. And now they’ve torn it down. For what?

    Houses. More houses. Smack dab on the county line…..and they will sneak into LHS when they get expelled from Antioch, like they always do.

    I hate the land rapers, I hate them I hate them.

    Oh yeah, and any of the money that LHS gets in fundraisers is completely squandered! They’re supposed gonna spend the money we will raise in the Wolverine Walk on buying movie projectors….

    IN THE CAFETERIA. I mean, come on! What the crap?!? WHAT is the PURPOSE of THAT?!?! We should be spending the money on constant need repairs in our bathrooms and gyms and air conditioning. This year is our 20 year anniversary, and with a student population of over 2200, they’re still calling us “The Best Kept Secret in Rutherford County!” Fat chance.

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