Can Growth and Beauty Coexist?

LaVergne is one of the fastest growing cities in the state.  Raise your hand if you’re surprised!  Read the article from the Daily News Journal right here.

Of course, with increased residents we should have increased city revenue.  The last go-round (I heard), the city’s budget planner needed more time to flesh out what the proposed tax increase would be spent on.  Alderwoman Senna Mosely rightly requested to know exactly what road projects were being funded by the increase. 

We know that as far as the city design goes, the cow has left the barn and she won’t be herded back in.  However, there are plenty of positive projects currently underway to remedy some of our infrastructure challenges.  Traffic lights are being installed, sidewalks are being built, and roads are being widened.  The county is opening a much needed elementary school this fall.

But I’d still like to see the city more proactive in setting up a beautification committee (we already have a couple of volunteers – are you listening LaV?).  Anyone who drives in any part of this town knows that we’re a giant warehouse, industrial town, concrete slabbed guppyville, so some greenery would certainly not hurt.  I can picture trees in the medians (not where people are turning because we don’t want to block views), and flowers where there are no trees.  How about some park benches?   Use some planter boxes on the sidewalks outside of businesses.  Write for grant money to upgrade to nicer street lights.  Here are some ideas:

As if…

Okay, that one is highly unlikely.  How about these?

Too many streetlights!

I guess it would keeping with a certain theme… like the lights at the fireworks place. 

This is the most realistic:

Welcome to The Green

I think having these every quarter mile or so lining the main roads would be very pretty.  Plus we could plant trees in between them (again not blocking traffic, but just adding some greenery).  The nursery capital of the world is down the road from LaVergne in McMinnville and maybe those owners would donate trees or other landscaping materials to the city rather than throwing them out when its time for new stock to be planted.  Maybe our own nurseries around here would do the same.  Arbor Day is the first Friday in March in Tennessee, so we’d have plenty of time to get a tree-planting organized!

What say you, LaVergne?  Are you interested in structuring a Beautification Committee?  If any readers are interested in signing up, please comment (or shoot me an email:  lavergneblog at gmail dot com) and we can put together a list to submit to the city.


11 Responses

  1. you know i’m in!!

  2. hmmmmmm..for some reason it didn’t post..let me try again..

    I’M IN!!!

  3. Jenn, you were caught in the spam filter! Maybe the words “I’m in” tagged something. BUT YAY! Jennifer and I are IN for a Beautification Committee. Anyone else?

  4. I would definitely support that. Even if we just do trees in the median on south Murfreesboro road and underground utilities through the main drag, that would still be a huge improvement!

  5. While I definitely do not disagree with what you’re proposing, I personally feel the starting point should be new “Welcome To La Vergne” signs on both ends of Murfreesboro Road and at the Waldron Road I-24 Exits. Those puny little signs that exist now are embarassing and nothing more than the decals taken off the side of the city motorpool vehicles. The new ones should be BIG, BEAUTIFUL & WELCOMING so people KNOW they’re now in La Vergne and no longer in Antioch or Smyrna.

    I’m Just Sayin’…

  6. I’m in

  7. I agree I’m just sayin’. I didn’t know we had a welcome to lavergne sign?? I just saw one for the first time last night coming home from work. I had to really search for it because of all the firework advertisements. WOW!! There are a lot! Too bad the McDonald’s billboard takes up 95% of the sign. But hey..what are you gonna do??
    Michael, about the undergound utilities, where and when was that debated? I would love for that to happen.

  8. I am all for City Beautification, but I must say I am still scratching my head and wondering where all the La Vergne Tax Money is going, are we not earning any tax dollars from the industrial park? There are so many communities in this area that do not have the business or the homes that are doing so much better than La Vergne, does not make sense that La Vergne is so broke….

  9. Good point Walper! Senna or anyone else, is there any way we can see where the tax money is going? Is there a report that is public record?

    just curious

  10. I have lived in La Vergne for over 13 years and never understood why they don’t make more of an effort to improve the unsitely “industrial” atmosphere here.
    I think we should create the group and go on with or without city support.
    I live backed up to the supposedly coming (as it has been for years) Lake Forest park. I have attended park meetings, planning commission meetings etc. and understand how the city works.
    Have you made any progress?
    I have been a gardener for years and will help with plants and labor and any other way I can.
    Mary Hamlin 105 Baseball Cove 793.0823

  11. I live in the ‘Boro, and pass LaVergne often. I didn’t realize there was a welcome sign either.

    LaVergne seems to blend into Antioch & Nashville. I hope you pursue this – perhaps you can enlist the help of your Rotary Club or other civic organizations. You can get their contact info from


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