What Have WE Done to Give Back?

I posed the question earlier this week about what LaVergne developers have done to give back to the city.  But as I read the article in today’s Daily News Journal about Brandon Brewer and the struggles he’s faced because of his body rejecting a bowel transplant, I’ve asked what I’VE done lately to help out.  Yes, yes we do the annual Christmas for the Children fundraising and shopping for some of the neediest children in our community, but it seems like there’s one person and his family in particular need right now for both emotional and monetary support.

First, read this article about Brandon Brewer.

Go ahead… I’ll wait.

Here’s what I’m thinking.  Fellow LaVergne’ite Mark works at the Smyrna Bowling Center.  He has said that the owner is absolutely willing and able to help with community projects.  What I would propose to do is pick a day to reserve the bowling alley.  Sell tickets for $10 each (for two games).  If you come and bowl your two games, great… half the money goes to a fund for Brandon.  If you don’t, then all the money goes.  Either way it’s a win for all of us.  We get to have some fun while supporting someone who could really use a boost.

What do you think, LaVergne?  Are we willing to step up and help out a family in need?  Would you be willing to help me organize a bowling night for our town?  I’m thinking we could meet at my office a couple of weekends from now – maybe July 14th or July 21st.  Just sit down and talk about how to proceed.   Even if you don’t want to serve on a “committee” would you be interested in “Bowling for Brandon”??

Hey.. that’s kind of catchy… “BOWLING FOR BRANDON”.


4 Responses

  1. I like the idea! I’m not available for those dates you mentioned but would be willing however I can.

  2. Mrs. Kathy T. I talked wih the owner this morning about doing a fundraiser/lock-in one night and he said yes we can do one and what we can do is this….We can sell tickets he prints up for $15.00 each and then off the sale of each ticket we can get $5.00 per ticket sale to help out Brandon. We will be able to do the lock-in on a friday or sat. night or any night during the week from midnight to 6am and if we have enough show up@00-@50 or more then the bowling center will be closed just for the fundraiser. I think this would be really great because we can get alot of Brandon’s friends to help sell tickets and help buy the tickets. Now you may ask what if we sell 200 tickets and only 100 show up? Well the answer to that is the group only pays for the people that show up so the extra 100 ticket sales would go directly to Brandon.

    The smyrna sister city fundraiser/lock-in had a great turn-out last Friday night with 75 showing up to bowl and I think they sold 100 tickets. I am glad our bowling center could help our great city and will be really glad to help Brandon. Let me know when you are wanting to do something for this nice young man and we can get together and plan this event. I hope that we can maybe get some media coverage as well.

  3. @00-@50 should be 200 to 250 my bad….lol

  4. […] other big news, we have set up a fundraiser to help Brandon Brewer.  Called “Bowling for Brandon,” we will be selling tickets beginning later this week for $20.  Whoever purchases a ticket will be […]

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