Photo Scavenger Hunt 7-2-07

It’s time for another photo scavenger hunt!  I took my camera out and about today and got a couple of shots.  Let’s see if anyone knows where this is.

Where Oh Where

This shouldn’t be too hard, really.  The first person to answer correctly gets his/her choice of one of these fabulous DVDs:

The Terror (with Jack Nicholson & Boris Karloff) Jack plays a shipwrecked soldier, in Napoleon’s army, who’s tempted by a strange and lovely maiden, along the beach. [Note: Their commas, not mine!].  He follows her and ends up getting trapped in a strange and mysterious castle! Bori is the deranged baron who owns the castle.  His strange and eery deeds make this film a real nail-biter!

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Volume 1 & 2Contains four hours of 11 classic episodes.  [Talk about a nail biter!]

Ginger in the Morning (with Sissy Spacek and Susan Oliver) A salesman is enamored of a young hitchhiker whom he picks up on the road.  They are immediately swept up in their emotions, and they actually fall hard for each other.  At one point, she also falls for his drunken friend.  Sissy Spacek is remarkable in one of her best early roles.

Their Goes the Bride (with Tommy Smothers & Twiggy Lawson) A nervous ad executive creates havoc on his daughters wedding day and becomes obsessed with a dream girl he keeps seeing everywhere, but whom he can’t catch.

BMX Bandits (with Nicole Kidman and David Argue) Two BMX expert bikers and a friend of theirs (Nicole) become entangled with a group of bank robbers after discovering a carton of walkie-talkies.

Ooooh, they all sound SOOOOOO good!


5 Responses

  1. hehe I know. We’ve discussed this area recently :)

  2. hahahaha… yes, I think Chip DOES know!

  3. ill take library for 1 mrs. k!!!!!!!

  4. We have a winner! Tenna who is my daughter’s friend has already picked a movie. She chooses….. drumroll….


    She had a hard time selecting because they were all sooo bad. Bwaahaahaaa.

  5. thats right! oh yea! tenna wins!!!!!! GO ME!!!

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