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I stopped by the Lazy Pig today and am proud to announce their barbeque is still good.  (I think the pulled pork is turning into my personal favorite.)  They are open July 4th and taking advance orders for BBQ for your holiday cookout!

Are their any local restaurants recommended by readers of This is LaVergne?  Please comment below and I’ll create a new post by the end of the week with your reviews! 

And for fun, here’s one of our very first posts featuring a LaVergne Restaurant Guide.  It’s changed some… Eady’s is gone where Lazy Pig now is and Kim & Bev’s is now available, as well!  Are there now new restaurants that we don’t have listed?


3 Responses

  1. I guess no one likes to eat locally? Sorry… no recommendations.

  2. I am coming to visit my best friend in LaVergne this summer. Her husband has raved about The Lazy Pig. We do not have very good BBQ in Chicago…..great pizza…..not so great BBQ! I am looking forward to trying your Q!

  3. The Lazy Pig is wonderful!!!!!

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