Happy Independence Day

Here’s hoping everyone in LaVergne, TN has a safe, happy fourth of July.  Try to keep all your fingers attached.  Don’t eat too much barbeque, burgers, or hotdogs.  Enjoy any homemade ice cream you can get your hands on.  Be thankful you don’t live near the Rutherford Landfill.  Pray that our new police chief is fair, dedicated, and honorable.  Good thoughts for Mayor Erwin to recover.

And above all, drink plenty of water!


4 Responses

  1. And set back and enjoy the millions of dollars that other people spend in fireworks.

  2. I did the same. However I was shocked to see that the ADULTS that were setting them off weren’t very intellegent or very curtious. It worried me to see them light the ones that stay on the ground and just bounce around next to cars. Hmm that’s not a exploding car waiting to happen. Or, lighting them in there hand and just throwing them away just before the explode. Or, shooting them at other people. Keep in mind this was all in front of their children. Or, shooting them at 1:30 in the morning-I was tired this morning. But, all turned out well, no injuries and no exploding cars. HOORAY FOR FREEDOM DAY!!!

  3. Quiet time in La Vergne begins at 10 PM and all fireworks (and other noise) are supposed to cease. If not, you can call the PD

  4. Really? About a week and a half ago I called La Vergne’s finest and I was told they have a legal right to shoot them off until 11pm (not that I’m trying to prove you wrong). What about after the 4th, can they still shoot them off? I’m just curious sense they are shooting them off right now!!

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