Angry, but Speechless

I just read about the indictment of John David Marrie of LaVergne in today’s Daily News Journal.  He is charged with 63 counts, ranging from child rape (15 counts!) to aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.  You know, when you mess with children, that’s just unexcusable.  I get it when kids turn to each other… it’s an issue between parents and their children at an age when hormones are going crazy yadda yadda yadda.  But when a 45-friggin’-year-old man turns to kids… well he needs to go to jail for a very very long time.

I know trial by jury, evidence, etc. comes into play.  But good grief.  45 year old man v. 13 year old boys.  Through church, no less.  I’m speechless.  And appalled.  GRRRRRR.


One Response

  1. It just makes me sick to see this happen…I have always said they should cut off thier privates and put them on an island somewhere far away from anyone.

    The states website now has a map location of everyone that is on the sexual preditors list. it is very interesting to see how many live so close in our town. mostly off old nashville hwy. go and take a look at this site. here is the link….

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