City News You May or May Not Use

I talked with Alderwoman Senna Mosely this morning and it was quite a conversation!  Did you know that the city’s fire department is privately owned and operated?  The city doesn’t own it’s fire department, but pays X amount to a contractor, James Gafford, to operate it.  O.o   Our rescue squad is comprised of volunteers, but the city does budget some money for them.

And the city’s 8-month finance director is now gone.  I’d suggest you call city administrator Mark Moshea to ask why.  By the way, I am doing some research about part time mayor w/administrator v. full time mayor.  Anyone have any thoughts on this as I work on my editorial?

As if all that news isnt’t big enough, my big news is that Mrs. Mosely is putting the formation of a “LaVergne Beautification Committee” on the agenda at the next Board workshop.  She asked if a group representing possible committee members could come to the next Board Workshop.  It’s scheduled at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 2nd. 

Ms. Mosely said the big question that will be asked is where the money will come from to finance any beautification projects.  Of course, I believe that anyone who serves on this committee would understand that their time is volunteer.  In addition, I hope to find donations of trees, shrubbery, etc.  Sidenote: Did you know that there was once money in a fund donated by Bridgestone/Firestone to put signs up welcoming people to LaVergne?  That money went to buy a van for the Senior Citizens Center (another good cause). 

What I’d like to do is to invite anyone interested in serving on the committee to the next Middle Tennessee Bloggers & Podcasters Group meeting.  Ms. Mosely is hoping to be there, as well, because she would be the council member who is the “official sponsor” of the committee.  The MTBPG meeting will be Saturday, July 28th at 2:00 p.m. at my office – Bob Parks Realty on Sam Ridley Parkway.  We are tentatively planning a potluck, so will have plenty of time to get to know each other and chat.  Please come.  I’ll post reminders about both the workshop and the MTBPG meeting here on   Hope you can make the meetings!  If you want to make LaVergne a prettier place to live, this is yoru chance!


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  1. So….is this the beginning of our beloved city government (using that phrase loosely) going into the crapper?

    Don’t get me wrong on the Senior Center van purchase, but is that how our current city government works? Just re-allocate funds willy-nilly without any plan to replenish the hole left for what the original funds were intended to be used? No wonder Bridgestone wants to move!



    I’m Just Sayin’….

  2. darn it!! Why does these workshops have to been during business hours. Unfortunately, I can’t make the workshop but, I definitely can make the MTBPG session. For people who can go to the workshop…please please go!! We need this committee to happen.

    On another note. I was just curious how much money did firestone donate? I would think that welcoming signs are pretty expensive in comparison to a van. And there would have to be at least two signs put up. Wouldn’t there be money left over?

    Oh and one more thing! Did anyone catch Fox news last night? There is a committee getting together in Antioch to “make it over,” or “to change their stereotypical image (crime)” of their city. They are cleaning up things that are bringing the property value down, etc. Their campaign is called “Pro-Antioch.” If they can do it, we can!

  3. Do you really think La Vergne is to the point we need a make over? Because I don’t. I think we are at the tipping point and we need to make sure we don’t tip in Antioch’s direction.
    There are some VERY NICE places to live in La Vergne, and yes, some of those places are in LFE> And when I say ‘nice place to live,’ I mean nice homes, nice neighbors, safe, good schools, etc…

    I saw the Fox story and was not impressed. Drive through the parts of Antioch that we refer to as Hispanioch and then show me a news story of it being cleaned up!

  4. Also, as far as bridgestone donating money for signs and then the money being used for something else, if I were Bridgestone I would ask for my money back. A van for the senior’s is great, but if I give you money to help you buy a mower so you keep your yard looking nice, and instead you use that money to go on vacation, I’m going to be HOT!

    … and in bridgstone’s case, possibly sue you

  5. First of all, I don’t think the city just reallocated the funds on a whim. They had to get permission from Bridgestone first. The minutes refer to a letter from Bridgestone. I don’t know what it says, but I’m willing to bet they gave their blessing.

    Second, I find it interesting that Senna apparently brought this up as a negative point and she is the one who seconded the motion to accept the funds from Bridgestone and she also seconded the motion to purchase the bus for $38,400 for the bus.

    It looks like the Christy Houston foundation gave 25K and Bridgestone gave $12K. (Reference for above comments – April 5, 2005 meeting minutes – accept donations and award bid for bus)

    Do you really think 12k is going to buy any decent kind of monument sign?? I’ve never priced them, but I don’t think so.

    I think Lavergne is a good place to live. Granted, there are some problems, but things are getting better.

    I think that a beautification committee is a good idea if it is done right. I just wonder if there are enough people that are willing to be on this board and actually show up for meetings. There are a lot of committees now that they have trouble filling.

    I don’t even want to get started on PT mayor with an manager versus a FT Mayor, so I’ll be brief. An election is just a popularity contest. Anybody can get elected if people like the candidate. You don’t have to have any skills or knowledge to be elected. A city manager should be a professional person that should know all of the laws and rules that the city should operate by. They should have knowledge and the skills necessary to run the city. This position should not be a political position, but unfortunately it is. If the manager is not doing their job, they can be fired. If an elected official is doing a bad job, you’re stuck with them until their term is up. I sure would hate to see some of our past and present elected officials running the city on a day by day basis. We’d be in trouble more than we are now.

    Heck, we’re going to be in trouble anyway with the current council members talking to each other on their cell phones all the time. I wonder what they are talking about???? Interesting how you can go from a proposed budget with a tax rate increase to a budget with the old 50 cent tax rate and there not be any discussion about it during a meeting or workshop. It was all planned out and decided over the telephone. Talk about sunshine law violations.

    Sorry, it ended up not being as brief as I thought it would.

  6. I didn’t read between the lines that using money for a van was a bad thing or that it was presented in a negative way.

  7. The information given to Kathy in conversation over the phone was in no way meant to be negative or positive. It is just plan facts. I often get in trouble for saying what I think when I think it, but these were facts. I explained that Bridgestone gave the monies years ago during Mike Webb’s term. It was not used. I did explain that because of how we sit, we were very limited on the location a sign could be placed. Yes, Bridegestone knew about the money being moved to purchase the van. I will always be in favor for anything positive for our seniors. The major point Kathy and I were discussing was the fact that money often gets moved around. To blah blah: I wish I could have seen the budget that was voted on as well. If you watch the meeting on Channel 3 you will see that I asked for a copy as I had not seen it. I can not vote yes for something I have not seen nor discussed. One point that I would also like to make regarding a full time mayor. I like the fact that someone running this city has to live in the city. I think if you have to live with the decisions you make you might be a little more interested in making GOOD ones. Just for the record, I have no interest in being the Mayor. I do think Mayor Ewrin is trying.

  8. But is “trying” good enough?

  9. I am for the LaVergne Beautification Committee and I am glad someone is asking questions about how La Vergne finances. I can not make the board meeting either because of being during business hours.

  10. Does the city manager not live in La Vergne? Interesting, because the new police chief doesn’t live in La Vergne either…

  11. I am all for “LaVergne Beautification Committee” would love to see sidewalks, old style street lamps, park benchs, tree and flowers, what we could do with City Hall, the libary and the park. Will make it to the car show this weekend. I am also glad to see someone questioning the City finances.

  12. Here are some photo’s of the new Dodge Chargers Police Car for La Vergne. They are very sharp cars. These photo’s are from the Car Show this weekend, alot of cars this year and a good crowd.

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