Looking for Guest Writers

This is LaVergne is a blog written by and for people who live in the community.  We have several really good writers on board, but because we all have lots of things competing for our attention (school, work, kids, pets, hobbies, etc.), it’s sometimes very difficult to find time to post.

To that end, I’m putting out an appeal to see if anyone is interested in being a contributing author for this blog.  You can be a student, you can be retired, you can be anything in between.  But there are some rules:

  1. Run spell check before you post.
  2. No personal attacks against other people.
  3. No copyrighted information can be printed in full.  You can pull out a paragraph or two from other sources (or paraphrase), but always link back to the original.
  4. Be okay with having your stuff edited if need be.
  5. Undertand that this is an UNPAID gig – a completely volunteer position.  We don’t run ads on this site at this time, so there is no money to be made, therefore no money to be paid.

That’s it!  If you’re interested, please comment below and I can get you set up!

4 Responses

  1. […] So, today, the lovely Kathy T. is looking for some help over in La Vergne and you might want to check out what she’s talking about. It’s all about promoting the space between Nashville and Smyrna. […]

  2. Wow! I thought surely someone would have responded by now. I’m willing Kathy, though I never know exactly what I’ll feel like writing about or when so I can’t promise anything soon. I’m quite unreliable :)

  3. I’m interested in blogging, as for the lack of responses it seems like some of the other 4 bloggers would contribute more often. Not trying to “call anyone out;” just making an observation

  4. Michael- short answer to why I don’t blog for this site anymore is I simply do not have time. I write for 6 different blogs not including this one, and something had to give.

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