My thoughts about La Vergne

Being a new writer on this site, I thought I’d tell everyone a little bit about m opinion on this fair town.

I think the zoning laws are terrible. Our board of alderman are practically begging for retail to come here, but they continue to zone for and build houses that are “cheap” for lack of a better word.  I had one prominent member of La Vergne comment to me that it is GREAT that La Vergne has affordable housing, but why do we allow $100,000 houses to be built across the street from $300,000 houses? We should develop like The Providence in MJ, where you have similar type structures in similar areas. Why would a developer come to our jumbled up city when they can go to Sam Ridley pkwy or south Davidson county and attract the same number of people? We have to convince our current residents and future retailers that they don’t need to move to Smyrna!

Have any of you ever driven from the beginning of Ingraham Blvd to the end of Heil Quaker? La Vergne has arguably the best looking industrial park in the world! Why can we not translate that into an attractive residential area? or an attractive downtown?

I would say the best hope for La Vergne is on the west side of I-24. If we can devlop it correctly (see McFarlin Point), I truly believe that will bring up the rest of La Vergne.

 These are just a few things I think about La Vergne. Also, I think we should do like Smyrna and rename Murfreesboro Road once it enters Rutherford County. We need to give our community an identity!


36 Responses

  1. Welcome to the site and you do have a point there. We do need alot more retail but where to place it is the problem. Why not widen old nashville and make that into new retail area for us all to use.

  2. Welcome welcome Michael! I want to personally invite you to come to the next blogger meeting on July 28th at 2:00 p.m. Right now it’s scheduled at my office in the upstairs conference room. We want to talk about all things blogging for middle Tennessee bloggers, plus the possible beautification committee for La(space)V. Meanwhile, it’s so “of the good” to have you here! Thank you!

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  4. I agree with much of what you and others are saying on here about giving La Vergne it’s own identity and with needing some beautification. I’ve only lived in La Vergne for about 2 years, but I do think that sprucing things up a bit on M’boro road is crucial. If we want people to shop here, we need to give them a reason to stop here. I think La Vergne actually has a lot to offer, we just need to show it off a little better.

    I also agree (hope) that we can do quite a bit without spending much money. This might sound trivial, but I think that if some of the businesses would just use a little weed killer in their parking lots, keep their signs freshly-painted, and not have 50-bazillion signs all over their parking lots and store-fronts, it would help quite a bit. OK, so 50 bazillion might be an exaggeration, but you get the idea. The city-owned areas, library, and parks appear to be well-kept from what I can tell, but it would be nice to have La Vergne businesses try to look as nice.

    I’m excited about the changes that are being made to Stones River Road and I hope they will help alleviate some of the traffic flow on that road and be more safe for pedestrians. That’s my 2 cents, and I’m glad the writers on here have opened up this kind of conversation. Thanks!

  5. Welcome Michael!

    You make some great points. Especially in regards to the lack of building control in LFE and the impact that can have (and is having) in the surrounding areas (Hollandale, Morningside, Poplar Creek).

    IMHO, it all starts with the low property tax rate we’ve all enjoyed over the years. However, all good things must eventually end and this is the single most issue that can have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

    We’ve covered this in the past, but a property tax increase will:

    * Slow the building growth of the “affordable housing” syndrome that is rapidly turning La Vergne into “Antioch 2.0”.

    * Increase the size and improve the quality of our police force. Not that our existing officers are “low quality” by any means, but I would venture to bet if you poll the entire police force, a majority of them are using their time with the LPD merely as a “stepping-stone” to other higher-paying police forces in our immediate surrounding area (Davidson County, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Mt. Juliet).

    * Improve the overall infrastructure throughout the city (water & sewer lines, streets & roads, sidewalks and general beautification).

    There are probably more, but these just hit the highlights and are things that will draw higher-income homeowners and thusly draw attention to our demographics by the retail researchers we need to get visibility to.

    We then need to hold our city leaders accountable for what happens to this new-found income.

    One thing leads to another.

    I’m Just Sayin…

  6. Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far. It sounds like we all agree that this community can be a great place, it’s just a matter of taking control of everything right now. As long as a few of us hold our leaders feet to the fire, we can steer the direction of our city.

    I think I voted for every single person currently on our board of alderman. With that said, I believe Senna Mosley is our biggest ally. Many times, voting on the board would be unanimous if were not for her lone dissent. Just something to keep in mind.

  7. I agree with everything said above. I do want to mention something though.

    As we’ve stated in the past about the new red lights being installed at Dick Buchanan and Floyd Mayfield; Wouldn’t it be nice if all those red lights were on black poles instead of Black wires?

    That would be a start in beautification.

  8. I didn’t know they were going to be hanging from wires? I thought all new lights in La Vergne we’re being pole mounted?

  9. As far as the “new lights” go — won’t that put 7 lights in abour a 5 mile stretch thru La Vergne??? I can’t even imagine what those two additional lights will do the morning rush hour traffic coming from the Smyrna/Murfreesboro area!!!! Take a “chill pill” before leaving home . . . And another thing, the work they are doing currently in these areas, could they not start the work at 9:00 a.m. instead of closing a lane going toward Nashville in 7:30 traffic? Why would they start in the rush hour! Again, some planners we have in our city.

    On another note, I understand the sidewalk project has already been ammended and approx. $40,000 more needed. When you contract with someone & take their bid, does it really matter if there is more rock or more work needed than they anticipated when they put in their bid? Isn’t that the problem of the contractor? Do these folks not use engineers & knowledgeable contactors to bid the projects? If they under-bid, oh well, they make less on the job — why should we have to throw more of our taxpayers money to them if they are at fault for not studying the situation a little better. Seem a little “funny” to you — it does to me. But I guess the “good ole boys” are still around! We seem to use some of the same contractors a lot over the years even if they are not the lowest bidders. Suspicious, huh? I would guess no one is losing money.

  10. I have lived in LaVergne for two years and regret purchasing a home here more and more each day. I can only hope that I stumble on another person that is clueless about this area to buy my house once it goes on the market. (That might take a while since this area gets bad press quite frequently.) The town is hopeless at this point. Almost everything on Murfreesboro Road should be torn down, leveled and rebuilt.

    As for Stones River Road, what were they thinking by putting in sidewalks instead of widening the road? We need the lanes more than a sidewalk.

    I am quite relieved about the red lights going in at the intersection of Murfreesboro Road and Dick Buchanan. I turn out of that intersection every morning and cross back over it every evening. Its a nightmare!

    Oh, and don’t get me started on the run down so called industrial park that I have to drive through every day to get to Murfreesboro Road. I have company go out of their way to go around it because it is an eye sore and an embarrassment. Who designed and zoned the town? Did they take a map and throw darts at it to determine the layout?

  11. I like what you guys are thinking. I agree with everyone of you so there is no need for me to reiterate. Just curious, are we the only ones that have these thoughts and concerns? I know myself, walper, michael, i’m just sayin’, etc. post here alot but, how do your neighbors feel?

  12. I haven’t heard any different about the lights dangling by wires above the street. I also haven’t seen a foundation being poured for steel poles either.

    Perhaps the city will surprise us?

  13. BTW, welcome MichaelinLV!

  14. “As far as the “new lights” go — won’t that put 7 lights in abour a 5 mile stretch thru La Vergne???”

    I agree, there has to be a better way to encourage drivers to use existing lights in order to facilitate better traffic flow.

    As far as the zoning issues go, I think that a better way to discourage La Vergne turning into another Antioch is to push up minimum lot sizes.

    This discourages the builders that push homeowners into little down payment houses (whose neighborhoods typically have higher foreclosure rates, which forces banks to sell at a loss, which equals lower property values for the neighborhood).

    I recently relocated to Tennessee from a town that had minimum lot requirements and the neighborhoods were far less dense and nicer places to live. While there has to understandably be exceptions for townhomes and apartment buildings, knowing that your neighbor isn’t going to sell their lot and have two houses built on it will provide a little peace of mind to a prospective home buyer/builder.

  15. Regarding whether our neighbors care or not, I would say encourage them to visit this site! I will say you can look around and see the people who probably don’t care about this community. But there are clearly many people who do care.

    Kathy, do you have any stats regarding the number of different, local IP’s that hit this site every week?

  16. I told my husband that if I won the powerball, I’d donate a portion for beautification. He said the best thing to do would be to just buy the town and start bulldozing, then start fresh. Honestly, I don’t think it’s THAT bad, but yes many improvements could be made. As far as sidewalks go, they desperately need sidewalks for the kids who have to walk to school so they won’t get run over. I’m all for the sidewalks, especially since they believe congestion on Stone River will be relieved from the Dick Buchanan opening up and from the upcoming whichevertheshreibman road that’s coming.

  17. The stoplights on M’boro Rd. will be much better spaced than the 7 stoplights on Waldron Rd. There are times it takes 20+ minutes to go 2 miles.

  18. I’m feeling pretty hopeless over here on the West side of I-24, wondering what I was thinking 10 years ago settling here.

    The Driftwood Inn halfway house is one main reason retail won’t move in. I swear we could have had some nice restaurants and other stuff at the exit here if it weren’t for that hole.

    Instead, what do we get…a 24 hour laundromat and a beer and tobacco store..that’s really going to attract better businesses…right.

    All we need now is a check cashing place and a pawn shop in the new retail space next to the beer and tobacco place, and I might as well have stayed in my ghetto back in Memphis, LOL!

    Sorry, I’m depressed now. Praying the city administration will do something to keep us from becoming Antioch 2.0.

  19. Again I must say something does not add up in La Vergne. Big industrial park, big Lake Forest development, but the city is broke. I do not buy we need to raise taxes! Maybe we need to have a City audit and what is the foreclosure rate for La Vergne? Would not be surprized if it is not the largest in the state.

  20. Cee Dee pretty much hit the nail on the head. The “good ole boy” network is alive and well in LaVergne.

    We are faced with a two edged sword here. Current officials are long time residents and have many friends and supporters who are also long time residents. They have their idea of how LaVergne should be.

    I believe real change will not happen in LaVergne until all city officials are replaced with those who have no long time ties to the city and are willing to make drastic changes.

  21. Well, I’ll tell you one thing. Next election I’m going to work like mad. I’ve never really gotten involved in politics too much other than always actually voting.

    The disgusted feeling I had after coming up about 100 votes short of making a change last time resurfaces every time I pass the Driftwood Inn and every time there’s another lawsuit or budget crunch.

    Next time, I’m going door to door in my neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods and see if we can’t turn out a huge voting block from West of I-24 for a change. Hopefully my neighbors are as disgusted with things as I am.

  22. Neil, I feel your pain. I have a pawn shop, liquor/tobacco store and a trailer park/campground where I live off of m’boro road. Not to mention the crack motel next to the library. Who wants to build next to places like that? We are begging for retail. The city officals have to travel to Vegas to build up relationships with retailers?? HUH! That doesn’t make since!!
    As for zoning. My parents were in town from Kentucky and they even realized how bad the zoning was. Especially on Old Nashville Hwy.
    Walpher, I don’t understand it either. I asked a long time ago if the city budget was public record, but no response. It should be since we are paying for it.
    I too cannot wait for the day when there are no more “good ole’ boys” city officals. From what Senna said, “Mayor Erwin is trying” as mayor but, has he stopped and asked himself, hey, my citizen are unhappy, what can I do??
    One of the reasons why I moved here because it’s a small town and I like that feeling. But, if the city has nothing to offer and cares more about the long time residents than the new ones then, what next?

  23. Well, Jennifer, I am a long time resident of La Vergne & I can tell you that some of them do not care about the long timers either! It’s more a matter of who can do what for whom & $$ in my opinion. As a lifetimer here I can tell you that I, along with many more who have lived here all their life, don’t like what’s happening to La Vergne. Being made fun of, being called Antioch 2, or having our policies (or lack of) being call “North Rutherford County Politics” (aka “the good ole boy system”). I have watched the city landscape be raped by development & the planning commission being swayed by “developers” who some think have done so much for the city. Look around — the best looking building in the whole city is the new liquor store! What an accomplishment.

    Going to Vegas is a good way to get a trip paid for by the city, free drinks & food & a good time in my opinion. But then you do have several on the M/A board who like to travel . . . The ground work for good retail begins right here at home. You have to make it attractive so others will come. Where on M’boro Rd. or Waldron Rd. would you put a nice restaurant or speciality store?

    Everyone should attend the planning commission & mayor/aldermen workshops & meetings. Yeah, the workshops are sheduled so those who work cannot attend & if you want to get on the agenda to talk about anything, you have to have your name to the city recorder by 10:00 the day of the workshop, but I have noticed that they really do seem to vote differently & listen to you when there are a lot of people looking at them. I think they should do like other cities & let you sign in as you come into the meetings & then allow you to speak. If you don’t know until after the workshops what you want to question before a vote, you have no avenue to speak. Of course you could always contact them directly & voice your concerns — if you can get one of them to call you back. Senna will talk with you & will listen to your concerns. Some of the others are very rude on the phone — have to go to a meeting, have to do this or that . . . Hey, we PAY THEM — THEY WORK FOR US (suspposedly) they should never be rude or too busy to listen to the citzens.

    Sorry to ramble — I have a lot of passion about my city & I hate what has happened to what used to be a very pretty, quiet, desirable place to live. I’m not leaving & plan to keep fighting to keep what I have as nice as possible.

    Let your voices be heard — it’s our home. Let the “officials” know how you feel — make them react.

    How to others feel? Some are very vocal until it comes time to speak in public — too many have met with shall we say questionalbe circumstances for speaking in this city . . . there is definitely a fear of the “powers that be” in my opinion!

  24. Amen to that!!!

  25. Well said, Cee Dee!

    I feel like one of those tree-kickers in the Wendy’s commercial………”Hot, Juicy Burgers! Hot, Juicy Burgers!”


  26. Entropy, I like your enthusiasm!! I don’t live on that end, but I feel your frustration!

  27. BTW all documents at City Hall are SUPPOSED to be “public record”, but good luck! Seemed like from what I hear there’s always some kind of red tape or waiting period when you ask to see a document — all kinds of paperworkti fill out. Not the way it’s supposed to be, but this is La Vergne — home of “doin’ it the way we want to” and to heck with laws! Try to see the budget — I’d like to see how it turns out!

  28. Wwwweeeeelllllll, since the we don’t have a finance director anymore (at least not that I know of), getting a hold of the budget report is impossible. Anyone know what happened?

  29. So is anyone besides me planning to come to the next alderman workshop on August 2nd at 5:30 p.m.?? It’s there that Senna Mosely will introduce the “Beautification Committee” proposal. She said the bigger the crowd, the more likely the rest of the board will approve it. Usually her propositions get killed in workshop, but if there are enough people there maybe they’ll pass one of her proposals.

  30. I will try to make it, I will take off early from work. Added a reminder on the first and fell free to shoot me an email. I do not want to miss it.

    Can we have some writing about La Vergne number one developer and what he has done for La Vergne.

  31. Ppppppbbbtttscccccchhhhh. Sorry Walper. That was my Dr. Pepper coming out my nose. It stings.

  32. Kathy, I’m putting that date in my calendar, but please if we chat on the phone remind me about it. :)

  33. Does LaVergne have a recycling program? I’m very interested in helping out the community as well as the environment in that respect.

  34. Loraine,
    I’m not sure about all the recycling, but I do know that at the convenience centers they collect cardboard in one bin where it is later recycled.

    I’m sure there are other areas doing this. I’m not in the know though.

  35. Is there not an ordinance in La Vergne about people keeping weeds under control and removing junk from yard? Many work hard on landscaping. Our property values will continue to go down when more and more yards have weeds taller than mailboxes and a back yard full of trash and junk. People should not own houses if they can’t maintain the property. Let’s please begin a beautification program and take pride in La Vergne.

  36. It’s funny that I came across this post while looking for La Vergne’s updated foreclosure rate. Kathy, do you have this info?

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