If I were Mayor tomorrow…

 Thanks to everyone for the positive response to my initial posting. I was going to wait to post this next one, but I’ll be out of town for the next few days so you can all disect this or tell me I’m crazy while I’m gone…

First, let me tell you all that I have no intention of running for Mayor. BUT, If for some crazy reason I woke up at 5093 Murfreesboro Road, here is the first law change I would push for:

The City of La Vergne zoning ordinance states that when constructing a single family dwelling (which is most of LFE), the developer must include the following: “2 spaces for each dwelling unit (driveways, carports and garages may be used to fulfill this requirement).”

This law is why in the newer parts of LFE, you have 3 cars parked in the front yard. Many people use their garage for storage, so if you eliminate that from parking, you may only have 1 parking spot, and probably 2 or 3 drivers in the house! This is why parts of LFE look like a wreck! I would require a minimum of 1 “detached” parking space PER BEDROOM for all new construction. I would also want to amend zoning to prevent cars from being parked in the yards of these new developments.

But that still leaves a problem of the current homes where people have to park on top of each other. What do we do about that? I don’t know. I would say that the city could look for property to build several small parking lots, but then there’s the problem if the city possibly having to buy land with a house and demolishing the house, or the liability involved in a city-run parking lot? Any idea’s on this problem?

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  1. Ivy and I talked about this a while back. We think that LaVergne should pass an ordinance to allow parking on 1/2 of the street. You could post signs that say “Parking This Side Only”. AND the city could charge for parking permits for cars to be allowed to park on the street (just one side to allow firetrucks room to get through). This would pay for the signs.

  2. I personally think that when a resident runs for office – mayor or aldermen, he/she should have to meet some requirements. For instance other “important” positions have educational requirements. Why isn’t that required for mayor and aldermen? I feel that anyone that runs for Mayor specically should have at least some college education. These folks should be fairly smart about the decisions they are charged with making. Maybe higher education would allow him/her to use proper grammar and make complete sentences, too. How embarrassing it is to attend or watch some of these meetings and hear how grammar is botched! How smart does our City appear when we have people in these positions who cannot speak properly? Also, these potential officicals should be knowledgeable (to a degree anyway) of the position and the regulations and bi-laws of the City. There are a couple in the current group that seem to be clueless to issues and can ask some of the dumbest questions. These positions are not just “photo opportunities” nor should they be lobby-friendly for the developers. The people elected to these positions work for the citizens (all citizens) of La Vergne. We need them to make educated and good decisions and make us proud.

    We also need an ordiance that lenghtens the regulations regarding the minium length and width of driveways – make sure they are long enough to fit three cars hood to trunk to allow for adequate parking – BETTER YET, make all garages to the side or back of houses. I’m so tired of cars sitting in driveways and in front of houses while garage doors are always raised to expose the storage areas of homes…what a mess!

  3. O.k., I did not do spell check and am usually a fanatic about it. I know I have misspelled at least 3 words in my comments in #5. I apologize….specifically, minimum, ordinance. I need to slow down. Don’t think I’ll run for office.

  4. Great response to your own post Lynn!

    I agree that we do need educated elected officials, but I don’t believe that is something we can or should implement as a requirement. Any legal American can decide today they want to run for elected office, with the only requirements being age. If intelligent people want to elect dumb leaders, that is their right…

    … with that said, what does it say about us that we keep electing “dumb” leaders? I’ve said before I do like some of the members of the M/A, but I’ve also pointed out that not a single one has a college degree. We the people can choose who we elect; we just need to make sure we know who we’re electing.

  5. I know that Senna Mosley has a college education – don’t know how far she went, don’t care…I just think her education is evident and she surpasses the others on the Board. I know that at least she’s smart and asks questions, researches and knows what she’s talking about when she discusses issues…and is willing to help citizens in any area she can. She cares about La Vergne. (And, yes, I am a big supporter of hers) Looks like most of the others tend to have their minds made up (sometimes maybe for them) before all avenues have been explored and it’s time to vote.

    I definitely think that when the City needs a city administrator (if that is really necessary), a city planner, or an engineer that they should have to reside in the City. These people have far too much input in making the decisions for our City, to not have to live with the decisions they allow to be made. Metro Nashville used to do this – makes sense to me…maybe some of these building decisions would be made differently if they had to experience their decisions daily.

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