We Have Ideas: Smyrna Implements

Pardon me while I vent my frustrations.  With all due respect to our city elected and administrative officials, WTF?  We talked about a Farmer’s Market, Smyrna is getting one.  We’re working on putting together a Beautification Committee, Smyrna just started one.

The latest comes to us from the Smyrna A.M. newspaper.  A couple of weeks ago, a reader came up with the brilliant idea of naming LaVergne’s newest streets after our soldiers (rather than after people and places we’ll never know from half a world away).  Today, we learn that Smyrna is naming its streets after its fallen soldiers

I’m getting pretty tired of always being a day late and a dime short.  Isn’t there anything that can be done in this town without politics and grandstanding interfering?  We have a chance to do one thing, though we’ll still be behind Smyrna.

We are having the Middle Tennessee Blogger & Podcasters Group meeting this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. in the upstairs conference room of my office (Bob Parks Realty on Sam Ridley Pkwy.).  We are hoping that Alderwoman Senna Mosely will be able to attend as our guest so she can review what to expect when we speak at the next “workshop” for the city.  The workshop is schedule Thursday, August 2 at 5:30 p.m. and this is where Mrs. Mosely will bring up having a city beautification committee (with her as our sponsor).  I hope everyone can make at least one of these meetings to show your support (and to volunteer).

My appreciation to anyone who can help.


12 Responses

  1. In my opinion there are at several on the present M/A board that are dealing with their own egos & agendas & don’t take the time to listen to the citizens & their suggestions. There is one who does, but when these suggestions are brought up, gets no support from those same citizens or the other board members. A show of faces is needed at the workshops & meetings so that the board takes us seriously. If you want something done, participate — show up & let your voices be heard. A crowded meeting room gets attention! If folks show up and ask questions, when they leave the board knows that the meeting will be discussed with others & they all want to look like they are listening & acting on our behalf so we will tell others. Too much ego & patting oneself on the back –“I used to be mayor”, “I filled in for the mayor when he was sick”, “I am mayor” — the ALLjust need to listen to the people of this city & act in the best interest of ALL OF US — the politics in this city are so messy — big heads are usually carried on small shoulders! Thank goodness we have at least one person on that board who really does care. Hope to see all at the Aug. 2 workshop & meeting on the 6th! Stop talking about it & just do it — they work for all of us; you should have a voice & they should have an ear.

  2. I will try my best to be there at the workshop. I plan on leaving work early however, I might be a little late since I’m coming from Nashville. How does this whole workshop thing work? Is this a voting thing or is it just to see how many people are interested?

  3. They go over the “agenda” which is posted on the City’s website (lavergne.org, then go to “Browse Public Records”, then “Current Meeting Agendas”). Some of the items on the agenda are for “discussion” & don’t make it to the actual meeting agenda. But if you can locate the posting prior to 10:00 a.m. the day of workshop and see something you’d like to discuss (3 min. timed limit) or have questions about, you can get your name on the “Citizen’s Forum” and speak prior to the workshop & also at the televised meeting the following Tues. They will not make any comments or answer your questions, but you can be heard. Again, until you attend the workshop you may not know what you’d like to question or comment on & if you are not on the “agenda” you are not allowed to speak. Makes more sense to attend the workshop, listen to the goings-on & have your questions/comments ready for the meeting, but then again, it’s La Vergne!! The actual voting on agenda items is supposed to take place at the meeting & only discussed at the workshop — yeah right! In my opinion, the sun is down on the “Sunshine Law” in our city!!!

  4. As far as smyrna being one setup ahead of us… Maybe all these grand idea’s we poston this site are being picked up by Smyrna, so that should be a comment to Kathy and all the commenters!

    … Or it could just be that we are slower.

    A beautification committe would be the best start. Other things will spawn from idea’s on improving the look of our town.

    As far as city streets, does anyone on the current board of M/A not have a street named after them? My subdivision has a street called Briarcotes. Who is Briarcotes???

  5. Smyrna is having a bloggers meeting too on Sat ….lol…just kidding girl……I know that you can have any street named after you by only paying $25.00..most of the people in the water dept at city hall have streets named after them….as for a farmers market I didnt know there was any farmers in La Vergne? I also feel that if the city would clean up the southern part of M’boro rd and make it look better we might could get some retail in there (from Vets park to Fergus rd)

  6. I agree Mark. It looks like the buildings are condemned.

  7. Rock on, Kathy T. You stole my thunder about Saturday but it was worth it.

    I have another great idea for the town of La Vergne that I will discuss with you at Saturday’s blogger’s meeting.

    Looking forward to it as usual!

  8. Two things and then I’ll be quiet.. for now. Smyrna has had a Beautification Committee for many, many years. I know it has been in place since 1980 and I bet it has been in place longer than that. If you look at Smyrna’s municipal code, (title 2, chapter 1) you will see a reference to the 1980 code. This means it was in place at that time.

    Second, Not all of Senna’s ideas are rejected. She started the emergency planning board and then suddenly a month or two ago, she abandoned it. I heard that some very political things were discussed at their last meeting and half the board resigned because of the comments made by Ms. Mosley and another one of the members.

  9. For the record blah blah, the LEPC Committee was created inorder for the city to be in NIMS compliance(National Incident Management System) This is Presidental Directive 5. Inorder to receive federal funding a city must comply. You can look all this up on the internet. As for my reason to resign, you are correct. I told this committee exactly why I would NOT vote for a .17 tax increase. Yes, tempers flew, but funny thing most of them agreed to statments made or made some themselves!! But I will take the heat becasue a funny thing happened —the finance director is no longer there. As I told this committee, I can not just consider one group when I place my vote, I must consider the entire city. I also stated in the letter that I am known to say what I think when I think it, and NO one is going to force me to change. I will be happy to publish my letter of resignation if you wish to see it. I am not know as being a “GOOD POLITICAN”. If you have any questions please give me a call. 793-2469.

  10. Bravo, Senna! We need more folks like you who are honest, straightforward & will say what you mean instead of the so called “politicians” sitting beside you. Honestly is & always will be the best policy & in the best interest of all concerned.

  11. Amen Senna Mosley! I really appreciate your straight forward approach. As a citizen of this city, I wish we had more of it in politics.

    “YOU GO GIRL!”

  12. Kathy T, I love the new picture!

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