Did Not Realize This

When I purchased my home in December of 2004, a rezoning request was trying to be passed on hollandale rd.  This request was to change the zoning on about 100 acres to High density housing.

The citizens that lived in the morningside subdivision and surrounding areas banded together and fought this.  It did not pass.

Now if you drive a little further down Hollandale Rd you will discover the trees and forest have been removed on the left side.  It’s being built up as an extension of Lake Forest.

100_1275.jpg  100_1273.jpg100_1274.jpg

According to the newest map of La Vergne (thanks for the mail Kathy T), there will be two streets connecting LFE to Hollandale Rd.  Now I was somewhat ok with that. Until I saw all the culverts and realized all the homes that were going to built would be facing Hollandale and using Hollandale as their driveway entrance.

I thoroughly enjoy living where I live, I just am not excited about looking out my front porch and seeing the roofs of these homes.


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  1. Are you referring to the zoning map on La Vergne’s website? (http://lavergne.org/mod.php?mod=userpage&menu=17&page_id=90). According to this, it looks like the area you are talking about was grandfathered in as Medium Density.

    I thought I read awhile back that LFE was going to be completed this year, and that construction on the final phases were underway? Are we to be doomed by this even more? The nicest new homes in La Vergne are over in Hollandale. As we’ve discussed before, La Vergne should encourage more of that type developement, not less…

  2. let’s here it for amnon shreibman!! way to go!! (sarcasm)

  3. And let’s take a guess of who has the road contract to run right into Lake Forest from Waldron Road. Rush hour will be a treat in La Vergne in coming years!

  4. This property was not “grandfathered in” — it was rezoned at the request of the “developer” of LF. It was AG until our wise planning commission & M/A passed the R-2 zoning which did not fit in with the rest of the area. The LF subdivison was across Sinking Creek behind this property & this should not have been considered as part of the subdivision, in my opinion. Oh, wait most of Sinking Creek has masteriously disappeared, so I guess it really does back up the the subdivision now!!!! Wonder how that happened! Look at the surrounding areas — all homes on Hollandale are on 2 – 5 acres or more! Any guess how this got passed the planning commission & M/A? I hear the $$’s go very deep here . . .

    Having seen the mins. of the meetings — there are a lot of things about this area that seem to be shall we say “different” than how it was SUPPOSED to be done. No surprise here — those of us who followed it knew it would not be done the way it was supposed to be. Yet, why would the City not follow up on it & make them do it right? Any comments on that??

  5. Chip, etc. regarding the property on Hollandale that has been ruined, in my opinion…let me tell you that I personally fought really hard against this extension of LFE since it is very close to my property. The neighborhood in that area is zoned (R1 – low density residential)…every current homeowner in that area has land with their homes…land that is kept clean amd groomed. This property should never have been zoned R2 since it was not compatible with the current zoning there just because it became an “extension” of LFE subdivision. But it was Amonon. I did help “fight the fight” at the Morningside zoning issue, but when the Hollandale Rd. issue was up for zoning a few years back, those of us that fought hard did not get the backing from surrounding residents. I guess citizens didn’t realize the changes and impact this would have to the area. Unfortunately, some of my neighbors didn’t keep up the fight either, giving up because “you can’t fight City Hall”. One or two people can’t fight City Hall or a developer, but groups can.

    According to the original LFE plan (who knows what could have changed), there are supposed to be only 8 driveways on to Hollandale – 8 SHARED driveways –16 houses. These 16 houses (zoned R2 – medium density residential) will sit across the road from the existing 5 houses…what an improvement to the area! (SARCASM) There are supposed to also be, I think, 2 streets onto Hollandale for residents that don’t have driveways onto Hollandale. So we have 16 homes directly putting maybe 30 maybe more cars onto Hollandale, plus the street exits. The developer and engineer suggested that residents not on Hollandale would take other streets out to Nir Shreibman or Tom Hailey to exit the subdivision – I say that won’t happen; the exit chosen will depend on which direction the vehicles are headed and which exit of the subdivision is closer…no brainer! So, our 2-lane, “no-shouldered” road should be safe and not congested by all these added vehicles because the engineer said so. (SARCASM) I guess our laid-back lifestyle in this area of La Vergne will be no longer. Residents will have to leave earlier for work to get through all the traffic on our local roads, school zones and the additional traffic lights through our City. I won’t even begin to speculate on how long residents will stay in these new homes as this seems to be a problem in other LFE areas. And, unfortunately, some people don’t keep their siding clean, or their yards neat or mowed…hope it’s not, “there goes the neighborhood”. Isn’t growth grand? (SCARSAM) The only way the neat neighborhood some of us have enjoyed for years will stay the same is if our City’s codes department does its job and enforces the codes (?)

    Please, I encourage every citizen to attend the planning commission and mayor and aldermen meetings and keep bodies in front of the elected officials and the people they appoint for these other commissions so they know we are watching and intend to make them accountable. Have your voice heard. When you see violations, have a question, or have an issue – let them know. It takes citizens bonding together to make a difference and we CAN fight city hall…but it takes more than one person. Be loud, be proud. This is our La Vergne!

  6. Actually the area in question is zoned r-2. I am under the impression LFE is going to be completed at the end also.

    Lynn, I know how you feel. I knew about the acreage up near that bad curve that was up for rezoning. I had no idea about that property further down. In the winter, I imagine I’ll be looking out my front door and seeing roof tops.

    I certainly hope the bus driver in this area doesn’t have to pick those children up. I’m sure he likes his route just the way it is. =)

  7. I just thought about something today. I was on my way to church and I was just looking around the city and what Lynn said about how alot citizen needs to ban together fight for what we want. How come it takes alot citizens to change something for the good, and one person (shreibman) to change something for the worse? Hmmmm.
    I hate to bring his name up over and over again but, this guy has too much power..GEEEEEEZ!!!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful town you got here. I use to drive though TN all the time when I drove for JB Hunt.

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