Report: Blogger Meeting

I want to start the report for the Middle TN Blogger & Podcaster Group meeting yesterday because a lot of important things happened for all to hear.  First, many thanks to Alderwoman Senna Mosely and her husband for coming by.  She was very informative and answered a ton of questions asked by people living both in LaVergne and Smyrna.

From the simple minded: “What can we do to take the space out from between La and Vergne?” (it was a joke, people!) to the more serious: “What do we expect at the workshop on Thursday?”  Well, we’re postponing bringing up the Beautification Committee because Ms. Mosely said we’d need at least 15 to 20 people to show up before the council would approve.  By our estimates, we only have about three people who said they could come or might be there.  I am going to attend the meeting anyway to get a feel for how the workshop works, though.  The meeting is Thursday, August 2nd in the City Hall at 5:00 p.m. (not 5:30 as reported previously).

In order to NOT move backward, though, we are setting up a new blog (still in the works) to form a Beautification Committee.  We want to start building a groundswell of support for the initiative through the remainder of the summer, fall, and winter, then kick off in a big way this spring.  We are looking for volunteers to be administrators of the new site.  If you are interested, please email me at:


Spammers can’t read graphics, hence the new image rather than the ‘take out the z’ schpiel. When we get it set up, I’ll add users to the site with full administrative privileges, make announcements, etc.

In other big news, we have set up a fundraiser to help Brandon Brewer.  Called “Bowling for Brandon,” we will be selling tickets beginning later this week for $20.  Whoever purchases a ticket will be able to come to the Smyrna Bowling Center off Weakley Lake overnight on Friday, September 28th for six-hours of unlimited bowling.  We will also be selling tickets during Old Timers’ Day in early September at Ms. Mosely’s table.  I am ordering “This is LaVergne” t-shirts for this event and if you can volunteer to work that day, let me know (by the email above) what your t-shirt size is.  I’ll then send you a price quote on how much it’ll cost.   Regarding the tickets, $15 of a $20 ticket will be donated to Mr. Brewer’s medical fund.

We will have more to post from the meeting after tomorrow when “View from the Lake” scans in a document and posts a compressed version of the file, available for everyone to read.  Stay tuned to more… much much more from “View,” including an announcement about our very own LaVergne YouTube channel!


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  1. Again, sorry I couldn’t make it but I was out of town this past weekend.

    Question on the beautification commitee: Does Senna think that the other 4 M/A will be opposed to the committe? Maybe I just don’t understand how things work, but it seems to me that if all we’re asking is to setup a commitee at no cost to the city and then proceed from that, why would anyone be opposed?

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