Neighborhood Watch

Something “new” going on here in La Vergne is a revived emphasis on the neighborhood watch programs. The police sponsor is Lt. Ruch (Rue) who can be reached 793-7744.

Many of you noticed about 2 months ago when Lake Forest started their Neighborhood watch and had their march through LFE. They had over 100 people participate! I’ve talked to Matt Church who is heading up the group in LFE and they are getting out in the neighborhood, getting to know their neighbors, and generally just making their presence know. Not everyone in LFE is welcoming, but I think that may be linked to the general worry that their neighborhood is over-run with gangs, which is probably not 100% correct.

My subdivision, Cedar Grove, also recently started a neighborhood watch. For those who think that these are only needed in dangerous neighborhoods, you are completely wrong. We got an update from office Locklayer at our meeting on Tuesday, and the only crime in our neighborhood over the past few months is speeding. The purpose of neighborhood watch is to get to know your neighbors and your neighborhood, and keep the crime out in the first place. We also put together a newsletter to deliver to our neighbors including things like important phone numbers, reminders about yard care, city activities, etc…

Something else interesting I’ve learned: The only 3 active neighborhood watches in La Vergne are Dove Creek, LFE, and Cedar Grove. The old rusted blue signs you see in other parts of the city represent inactive groups. If you live in any of the active subdivisions, or are in another subdivision, I would greatly encourage starting a watch or getting involved. Lt. Ruch can give you all the information you need.

My feeling on neighborhood watch is that it’s our opportunity in La Vergne to become more like Brentwood and less like Antioch. What do I mean? A neighborhood watch is essentially a homeowners association without the fees. It’s our way of making sure everyone abides by the laws that are in place to keep our neighborhoods safe and attractive. And the best part is it doesn’t require action by the board of Alderman to get started!


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  1. Kudos to La Vergne’s finest and neighborhood watch! Keep up the good work!

  2. Did Lt. Ruch have a plan to address the speeding? We have a big problem with that in our neighborhood.

  3. What’s funny/odd is that most of the speeding in Cedar Grove is from the residents who live there, the people you think would care the most. We are getting a significant increase in patrols and many residents think that has helped with the problem. I personally have rarely noticed the speeding, but I think most of it occurs along Wolverine.

  4. I have lived in Lake Forrest since 2000 and I have seen it decline. It is cheaper to have a house built than it is to rent a home. Then the families cannot afford the house note and then it gets forclosed on. I drive up and down the streets where new homes were just built and there are already for sale signs in the yards. You used to know your neighbors and people watched out for each other. Now you get new neighbors every 3 to 4 months…depends on how long the foreclosure or evicition takes. Kids do not get out of the roads, kids climbing on their roofs, kids breaking into vacant homes, kids breaking bottles on the road, kids smoking, drinking and everything else in the streets. One thing is missing…THEIR PARENTS!!! They are building too many houses too fast. We do not have the infrastructure to support all of the families moving here. We are getting the new school but how long will it take before we need portables again. We have more auto parts stores than sit down family restaurants. Our police have to be tired of not having the tools they need for this town. Traffic is horrible and good luck turning left out of the Golden Gallon without getting hit.

    It sounds as if I am complaining. Maybe I am. I love growth but at what costs. ( I just read that LaVergne Primary and Roy Waldron are on the Target list of the state for No Child Left Behind. GOSH…what do they expect when the classes and schools are over croweded and under staffed. )

    Landlords need to have some accountability on who they rent to. They are tearing down crime areas of Nashville and they are moving to La Vergne.

    I love living here. I want to take back my town. I want to be able to leave for work and not be afraid that someone is breaking into my house, stealing lawn art, or destroying my property.

    Go out and look at your street. How many for sale signs? How many for rent signs? Curse words sprayed painted on the road? Neighbors doing drugs in their yard? Then go back inside, take a deep breath and walk back out. Look at the kids playing basketball with their friends, Neighbors sitting and talking, (You remember what talking is…it is what we did before email and text messages.) and you see a neighborhood. I want that back all the time. I don’t want my neighbors to have 5 cars parked in their yard all the time. I don’t want 7 years telling me to F off. I want a safe environment for my children to be safe.

    How can we change things? Let’s be neighbors again. Block parties, cook outs, and talk to each other. I have one question for you…Do you know your neighbors first name?

  5. My family is living in western maryland and we are
    interested in a property in lavergne on Moore

    I’m concerned after reading the comments about
    crime and the amount of rental property in the
    area. We sold our properties here over 2 years
    ago because of drug activity around us, and I
    don’t want to get back into another bad situation.

    I would appreciate it if someone in la vergne
    who might be involved in a crime watch group
    would give me a call to discuss their experience
    living in lavergne.

    Thank you,

    Vicki Bodnar

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