Hooligans Arrested after Drive By

According to the Daily News Journal, two girls and one boy have been arrested after a drive-by shooting in Lake Forest last night.  The teens were targeting another youth who lives in the home at the corner of David’s Way and Eden Lane.

Click here for more information from the Daily News Journal.

In other news, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen/women will meet tonight at 5:00 p.m. for a “workshop session.”  We had previously planned to propose a Beautification Committee for the city at this meeting, but we are postponing until we know we can get 15 to 20 people in attendance.  Watch for a new blog that will go live in the coming weeks to promote this committee.  I will be at the workshop tonight at city hall to hear what goes on.


2 Responses

  1. Wow that is too close to home! We need to take back our City! First thing we need to stop is allowing developer and the city bring in more low income housing. I do not know enuff about codes and how the whole process work’s but low income housing brings trouble. Take a look at past years at Clayton Estates.

  2. Can you also add the La Vergne Youth Football website here. http://www.lavergneyouthfootball.org

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