Something Nice, Maybe Add Some Spice?

We have all made our opinions known about the new schools name.  La Vergne Lake Elementary.  We all know there is no such lake unless you look at the post office when it’s flooded.  We all have talked about how we would like to see more restaurants come to town as well as more retail.

Well, that’s all about to change.  Well at least in some small way.  I actually thought this wasn’t going to happen as well.  I guess you all are wondering what I’m talking about?  I’m talking about several things so give me a second…….

La Vergne is getting a new Post Office.  Isn’t that great?  I think it’s about time too!  Those workers may be rude sometimes, but I think with a new office their lives will be better.  The new Post Office is going to be on Murfreesboro Road just before Floyd Mayfeild Drive as you are driving into La Vergne.

Also, looks like our new Taco Bell is under construction. (I hope that is what it is between McDonalds and Burger King)

Another thing, and this goes with what MichaelinLV wrote earlier.  I went by the new school and took a few pictures.  Have a look.  This school has it all.

100_1295.jpg  A covered area for the car riders and bus riders,  100_1278.jpg

storage for the younger kids, 100_1277.jpg  A digital thermastat in all the rooms.  100_1279.jpgA teachers’ workstation in every wing.100_1280.jpgand a great looking cafeteria to eat in.

One more thing to add and it’s pretty nice especially for those that travel Stones River Road.

100_1298.jpg The round about is looking spiffy!

Now isn’t that nice with just a little spice?


6 Responses

  1. Swankness! Just for the fantastic teachers and principal, I wish I still had a kid that age!

  2. I was reading the article about this yesterday in the DNJ, and in their comments section, one user made a very interesting point. She lives just outside of the new zone, so her kids still have to go to La Vergne Primary. Why is it fair that she pays the same taxes as everyone else, but doesn’t get the new large cafeteria and gym, and new fully stocked library? That always has and probably always will be the number one pitfall to government schools.

  3. I, too , feel it is a slap in the face of the other children who will not be able to attend the “new school” & have the same amendities & comforts. Again, poor planning — should have been all of same grades in the same school — whether it is K-1st, 2-4th — whatever. It is not fair to all children. Every child in the same grade, same city should have equal learning tools & conditions. One would have to wonder if the present city adminstration decided who went where — it’s that type of mentality. I guess the school board makes really bad decisions, too. AND that name!!!!!

  4. I pay the same taxes and my son goes to Ezell-Harding. :-)

    Dang…and I have to pay them too…

  5. I’ve driven by the new school and it does look quite nice. It concerns me that it’s only what, maybe a quarter to a half mile down the street from the drive-by shooting that took place the other day? I know things like that can happen anywhere, but it still concerns me. I guess that’s another good reason to attend the NNO.

    Another post office? That sounds nice! *Most* of the workers there are very kind whenever we’re there. I hope they love their new space. Oh, and it would be really cool if the stamp machines would accept debit cards after business hours. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the current one does. Maybe we’ll get that at the new post office too. Just dreaming over here…

  6. I’m really hoping that the new post office will have a self service kiosk for mailing anything anytime like the one in Antioch behind the theater has. I leave for work at 5 AM and return home usually around 6 pm so it’s really hard for me to get to the Post office.

    Also, my grandson goes to LCA in Smyrna and I’m still paying taxes for the new school too…wish I could get some kind of break there.

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