Hey La Vergne, we’re Number 1!

We’re number 1 in Tennesse (number 61 in the country) according to Forbes list of fastest growing suburbs! Here’s the list:


Here’s the story:


I do have some questions. First off, I thought that Spring Hill was the fastest growing on this list, but they aren’t even listed in the top 100?

Mt. Juliet was the other TN town on this list at #81. Let’s make some comparisons. First off, Mt. Juliet is exploding with more than just low-cost housing. Second, Mt. Juliet zoning should be our model. In Providence, the huge MJ subdivision, you have starter homes mixed in with starter homes, and mansions mixed in with mansions. There is a big problem in that LFE is a mish-mash of homes, with the low pricw homes dragging down the values of the larger homes (kathy, I bet you’ve got some research on this) In providence, you also have retail mixed in. I know La Vergne REALLY wants retail for Waldron road, but why not plant retail between M’boro road and LFE? We could use fewer junk yards and more retail! I certainly am no fan of government meddling in private business, but in this situation, the junk needs to go, and I wish the city would give them an incentive to move.

Otherwise, I think it’s GREAT that we’re growing!


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  1. Otherwise, I think it’s GREAT that we’re growing!

    Not sure I feel the same way. Obviously better than shrinking, but if I’d wanted to live in “the big city” I wouldn’t have moved to La Vergne 11 years ago.

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