Bowling for Brandon, Take Two

I posted several days ago about a fundraiser that bloggers are putting together for Brandon Brewer.  Called “Bowling for Brandon,” we are selling tickets for $20 that will include SIX hours of nonstop bowling fun!  The bowling night – midnight to 6:00 o’clock in the a.m. – will be Friday, September 28th.  You’ll have to pay separately for shoes, food and drinks.

Here’s a link to the story in the Smyrna A.M. newspaper, which also features a photo of Brandon.  I urge you, nay I beg you, please go take a look because Mealand Ragland Hudgins does a very good job of giving us a face with a name. 

$20 is not a huge amount to support this family in need.  As I’ve gotten older, I know I’m not so much the night owl anymore, BUT I don’t have to stay all night.  I don’t have to go at all, but I plan to so I can meet the family (especially if Brandon’s healthy enough to come).  So if you can, please buy a ticket.  Buy several so your friends and family can come.  I have tickets.  Mark Gunn at the Smyrna Bowling Center has tickets.  And Senna Mosely has tickets available.  We need you there.  But more importantly, Brandon needs you there for a night of fun, laughter, and love.


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  1. I would love to see a little FUN competition here!! I think it would be fun if the city officials, employees, and citizens have bowling teams against each other. We are always so serious. I know this council can be a lot of fun and I think this would be a great way for everyone to pull together for a wonderful cause and see that La Vergne DOES have great people living here even if we don not agree on the politics we do agree on helping our neighbors!!!! Come on La Vergne what do you think?

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