Ichy Banana

sushi.jpgWhat is going in at the former Big Apple location?  An Ichy Ban Japanese Steakhouse?  (Is it ichy ban or ichy bana??)   Having tried sushi today for the second time in my life and having this being the first time in my life I didn’t want to turn purple and spew it out, I think I might be looking forward to a Japanese restaurant in LaVergne. 

We are getting to be UPTOWN with our own Dominos and now a Japanese Steak House!  Kudos (and welcome) to Jon & Heather Jewitt, owners of the Dominos set to open next week.  Kudos to the Japanese steak house folks, too!  Welcome!

PS – I’ve put some pictures of two homes currently listed in Smyrna under the Homes for Sale tab up above.  Or you can click here if you’re interested taking a peek at the post. 


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