Police Substations Possible

Update:  Here’s the link to the DNJ articleDo you remember when reader Mark suggested we use some of these foreclosed homes to set up a neighborhood police sub-station?  According to tomorrow’s Daily News Journal and Channel 5 News tonight, I think our city is listening!!! 

Police Chief Boyd said he is working to open a 24 hour station in the heart of Lake Forest.  Channel 5 Reporter LaCheryl Tucker said, “To help deter crime, the police department plans to open a substation in the community, but authorities say it will take more than extra manpower to get things under control.” 

They cut to Chief Boyd, “These parents are going to have to step up. Parents are going to have to be involved with their kids more and have more control over their kids.”

Then Ms. Tucker said for the substation to open, it “has to receive funding from the city to do so and this comes at a time the department is strapped for cash.”

KUDOS to the police department and city officials who approve this!  FIND THE MONEY.


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  1. “KUDOS to the police department and city officials who approve this! FIND THE MONEY.”

    The money’s here. All the city officials have to do is ask for it through a property tax increase.

  2. I think Chief Boyd has some good ideas and plans.

    The Tennessean ran this same article today. http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007708220422

  3. ok, the mother KNEW about the gang affiliations?????? Throw her in jail too.

    And you know how the feds take private property from drug dealers? Take her house and turn it into the substation.

    I am usually number 1 when it comes to private property rights, but in this situation, her ‘rights’ crossed against my right to life and liberty. Because of people like her we have to open a substation now…

  4. She was a renter who has been asked to vacate the property. (From what I hear)

    Another LFE resident has asked me if there was some way possible to raise private funds (i.e. donations and fund raisers) for this substation & personnel. If anyone has any idea, post away…I think we can get support from others on this, but just need to know what we can do. I believe that quite a few people are getting scared (concerned) and are wanting to step up.

  5. Its about time people started stepping up to help out…not to say some already havent but now the issue is out there and maybe more folks will do something about this. I would say maybe try to get as many people together as possible and get an association formed for the area in question and have those people pay a small monthly fee. for every sub station the area of people copuld pay a small fee to help with cost. I was told yesterday it is going to cost the city $4800 a month to run a substation 24/7. What i would also do is make the home builders split the cost with the city since they have created all this mess of people moving in the area from other parts. the zero down and 150 moves you in doesnt get the best of people in the area….I also heard at the last blogger meeting that metro is putting alot of people from the projects in these homes as well so that is another concern guys we have to deal with.

    Ivy, I hope i didnt step outside my bounds today girlfriend? If I did you will let me know I am sure of that!!! lol

  6. Naw, Mark, all is well, we’re cool.

  7. Hopefully she was a renter who was asked to move, and if not there should be consequences for her actions. I agree if we do not do something to protect our property value, we will be the next Antioch.

    When you have standards and raise the bar, people will meet the standards. If they don’t, they can pay a hefty fine. You know why Brentwood doesn’t have weird homes or people with lazy boys on the front porch? It’s because they have ordinances that prevent this.

    I wonder how effective it would be if we had a home owner association? I wish we did becuase what I have seen at some of our neighbors homes is enough to make me cringe. I have enjoyed living in LaVergne and I am not looking forward to moving.

    Mark you are also “On the Mark”. With a 3000 home neighborhood, I find it hard to believe we would be unable to help support a police substation. We as a community are going to have to demand changes and standards.

  8. Just to let everyone know, my understanding that once complete LFE will have over 4000 home’s, there is a ton of Townhomes going up. Maybe we can start with a new code, no more trailers or zero lot line homes (Townhomes).

  9. All who want to make a difference — attend Planning Commission & Mayor/Aldermen workshops & meetings — get on the agenda to speak — let your voices be heard. Get your 3 mins. in. Let them know how you feel — ask the questions (which they won’t answer, but at least it’s out there) & show your concern. The meetings are typed & shown on Channel 3 often after the meetings and they are being watched more & more — many people have been enlightened by the meetings to a lot of things that don’t look right via Channel 3. No action gets “no action”.

  10. “The meetings are TAPED . . .” sorry (:

  11. I stumbled onto this blog this morning and I am glad I did!

    I was happy to learn that the city of La Vergne is thinking about ways to stop this madness happening in LFE.
    I don’t let my children play in our backyard by fear that something could happen to them. I don’t think that is fair to them or me who moved here hoping for a peaceful life!
    I agree with Mark’s idea of getting the builders to share the costs of establishing (and running??) the police substation in LFE. I really hope we get the substation soon.

    What is the rationale for the city of La Vergne to allow so many high-density population areas to be built?

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