Hindsight is 20:20

I’m curious.  With hindsight being 20:20 and if you had the $$$ …. would you move to La Vergne again if it was in a neighborhood that didn’t have drive-by shootings, vandalism, arson, etc. going on?

Because we do have a lot of positive things going on:  good schools with great teachers and administrators, mostly good neighbors, some positive growth (read Dominos).  So would you?

11 Responses

  1. Considering I live in LFE, It’s a tough call for me seeing how I have seen the community grow so fast. It seems more and more the types of crime is becoming worse just in the last year. Part of me says no, part of me says yes.
    The part of me that says yes is due to the fact I am on the rescue squad here, and did’t like responding from Smyrna. That and living 1/2 mile from the lake.

    The No part is due to the uptick in crime in LFE, I just don’t see how a police substation would help things, This town has been severely overdue for more officers. The Reserve program they had was/is admirable but 2 officers to a car still wouldn’t help matters. I have noticed more units visible in LFE in the past week (before the 2nd drive by), without having to hear of them being dispatched over the radio. This is by no way criticizing the PD’s efforts, I know they work with what they have.

  2. I can’t say that I would. Good schools and such are all well and good, but I’d rather not have to worry about dodging random bullets.

  3. I am on the fence about whether I would or not. If the local government would manage the cities growth properly, I would consider it

    In my 10+ years here, it appears all they (the city government) are interested in the how many homes can be built here.

    I would have to disagree with the part about “good schools” though. I have a child still at LHS and I consider the education they are receiving to be sub-par. From what they tell me, most of the students, in their classes, could care less if they learn anything or not. And this is in Honors classes.

  4. As much as I hate to admit it, the answer would be ‘NO’ from me. I’m probably considered one of the newbies in La Vergne since I’ve only been here about 2 years. We were trying to decide between La Vergne and Mt. Juliet. We chose La Vergne because it’s a shorter drive to visit family and our church, which we love. Personally, I’d rather drive farther each day so that I wouldn’t have to one day tell my child that she can’t play on certain streets due to gang activity. Really, this junk hurts the children more than anyone else. No child should have to worry about being shot while they play outside or sleep in their beds at night.

    As for hindsight related to the shooting on JoAnne Drive, I had a strong feeling that something was going to happen on that street several months ago, but I didn’t think what was going on at the time was worth calling the cops over. We USED to take an evening walk down that street. Then we started to notice large groups of teens hanging out at certain homes. They weren’t doing anything terribly wrong, but the group of them would stare at us threatening way and actually heckled another person I knew who used to walk there as well. It was obvious that they these teens were unsupervised and bored, and it was only a matter of time before something went down.

    I do think La Vergne has many good things to offer. The library has some great programs, the parks are good, it’s diverse, and I could go on. But there’s not much that can make up for taking away that feeling of security in your own home. I think this town, and LFE in particular, are at a crossroads. I believe there’s still a chance to prevent more of this crime if action is taken swiftly and if our leaders make some good decisions.

  5. I don’t live in LFE. I bought there 2 years ago and moved out because it was tanking. That should summarize my opinion. Unfortunately, as I’ve said before, these incidents make me question whether I want to live in 37086 or not. I am still at a point where I believe we can improve.

  6. I don’t live in LFE either actually I live right behind La Vergne High School 2 blocks from Smyrna. I have always felt more like we live in Smyrna anyways…we shop there since everything is just so close to us…we get on/off the interstate there to come and go…actually make a joke of calling where I live LaSmyrna…LOL. But would I move here in hindsight…probably not. But you know my gripes about my neighborhood is the freaking moron’s driving around with their car stereo sub woofers on high at all times of the day and evening. I am really hoping that it renders them sterile LOL. :-) But I think in any neighborhood you have the inconsiderate bunch of kids and parents who just don’t give a damn. If hindsight was 20/20 I would be living on a 20 acre lot (or larger) somewhere quiet, with a moat and draw bridge. :-)

  7. michaelinLV:

    First I said, “…I’ve only been here about 2 years.”

    Then you said, “I bought there 2 years ago and moved out because it was tanking.”

    Um, what exactly are you tryin’ to say, Michael?

  8. I also live in LFE and my answer would be a resolute no. Over the past year or so I have seen gangs hanging out in my cul-de-sac, gang activity on the street parallel to me, kids smoking pot as they walk down that street and just last night my house was spray painted with derogatory, obscene profanity as were others: a car and a fence or two. All I want to do at this point is sell as quickly as possible and move. I agree with Carrie, La Vergne does not have too many good things left to offer. Especially not now that there is such an apparent decline in the general feeling of safety and security. Hindsight being 20/20 La Vergne was not at all the move I thought or hoped it was. I moved here from South Nashville and thought I was leaving this madness behind. The only difference between there and here is the traffic here is worse and the location is less convenient to downtown.

  9. Sorry Carrie, I moved out of LFE 2 years ago. I bought there in 2003.

    Angie, when you see gangs, do you call the police? If not, don’t take this the wrong way, but you are part of the problem. We can gripe about police not doing their jobs, but we also need to do ours, which is to call them when warranted.

  10. I was just being silly, michaelinLV. :)

    Angie, I can’t help but agree with him about calling the cops. If I ever see any of that stuff, you can bet I’ll be calling asap. Please call them if you witness any crimes like that. If we let the “little” things go, misdemeanor crimes and such, then it will send the message that we will tolerate much worse. Please, for the sake of the children (and the rest of us), please, please call if you see anything like that.

  11. not taken wrong at all. Yes, if I see something going awry I will absolutely call police, but I guess I have had enough encounters in which I was advised by police that people have a right to hang out in their yards, and unless the police are able to witness the inappropriate behavior nothing will or can happen to stop it. I will always call if I feel there is a threat, or if I see illegal activity, but when they are “hanging out” or playing ball, theres no law against that and that is all they are going to admit to doing when an officer comes by.

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