Can You Spell C.R.I.M.I.N.A.L.?

Arrests have been made in the recent drive-by shootings in Lake Forest Estates, according to the Daily News Journal.  First, I want to say thank you to the police officers who investigated the crime and quickly found and arrested the culprits. 

The people arrested are juveniles.  Kids.  It breaks my heart to know that children make the decisions to get guns, load them, then aim and fire at a home, thereby putting the people who live there and in the neighborhood in terrible danger.  And in their minds, it’s perfectly okay to do this.  Now I have one daughter who is completely stubborn and I can see where my husband and I will have to do a lot of parenting as she grows up.  But that’s the point.  Why aren’t these parents seeing that their children are focusing on school (e.g., spelling, math, science, etc.) rather than giving them free rein to try to terrorize a neighborhood?  Are they lazy?  Are they too busy with work and other children?  Or do they just not know what to do.  My guess is that’s the answer is all of the above.

I love watching Supernanny on TV and it always amazes me that the parents really don’t know how to show that they are in charge.  Once they learn HOW to parent, the kids seems to thrive.  So here’s what I’m thinking.  Instead of pointing fingers (well deserved for the family who was OKAY with their child being in a gang and yes, they should also be charged), maybe the city can partner with the schools to hold classes for parents and students on recognizing signs of gang activity in your child and how to say no.  I mean, “Just say no.”  Right.  That’s kind of simplistic when kids face such peer pressure.  What can we do to alter the mindset that you need to be tough and being smart is shameful?  If parents won’t come to meetings (and as a past president of PTO I know they won’t), send home a list of signs of gang activity.  Mail the list.  Provide it online.  Put up a billboard.  Make it so that parents can’t avoid reading it.  And publish what the penalties would be for being convicted of specific crimes.  Give them the brutal facts.

And if all that doesn’t work … well …. I hear the military needs more troops.


12 Responses

  1. I’m happy to hear there were arrests in this shooting. My daughter has many friends in Lake Forest and visits there often. I worry about her riding through the nieghborhood, and that’s sad, because it shouldn’t be that way.
    I have another comment though, while we are on the subject of c.r.i.m.i.n.a.l.s… I have a friend that works at the Shoney’s in Smyrna. Our fine Mayor, Mr. Ronnie Erwin, frequents this fine establishment. He has a usual waitress who gives him special treatment, in the form of a senior citizen’s discount. This waitress was fired recently, and another waited on him and about 9 other in his party. When the bill was delivered, he handed it back to her and said ” you know what to do”. She was confused and asked what he meant. He said he wanted the SCD. She asked if he was the age to receive it. He said no. she said ” you can’t get the discount if you’re not old enough” He told her to ask the manager. The manager also refused. So this man, who is our elected official ” For the people” who makes no telling how much of a salary and should be respectable in the public at all times, starts going OFF on the waitress and manager saying he will never come back to this Shoney’s, and none of his employees will ever come back either. THen – on a large bill with 10 people’s meals – gave the waitress a $3 tip. A 3 DOLLAR TIP. for a poor person, working their butt off and on their feet all day for $2 bucks an hour, who was only following the rules. THis just appalled me to no end and i wanted to share it. I WILL NOT vote for this man next election. I think he needs to apologize to the fine folks at Shoneys – and then never eat there again. my opinion. I’m glad I found this blog and will visit often. thanks for letting me vent.

  2. That is truly appalling to hear. P.O.L.I.T.I.C.I.A.N. Not someone I would want to or advocate voting for.

  3. It’s been shown Erwin has little to no class when he has not gotten his way. The incident months ago with another local in regards to the lawsuit against the city comes to mind. He’s paid in the range of about 50K. At least Mike Webb was getting that much for a part time job.

  4. The election of Ronnie Erwin is a product of low voter turnout.

  5. Charlie, I don’t know where you are gettting your facts, but the mayor’s position only gets 15K per year. Look it up – it’s in the code on the city website. 15K for a “part” time job – if you really think being the mayor is part time. It’s not.

  6. I seem to recall when Webb was mayor the local news rolled out that info a couple of years back. 15K for not being in the office everyday…. hmm

  7. How the do you run a city 27,000 part time?

  8. Wallper, the city has a full time administrator Mr. Moshea whose job it is to handle the details of running the city. But I have wondered if LaVergne has reached the point where we should consider a full-time mayor. I don’t have all the pros and cons in front of me, so who knows what the answer is, but I do wonder if it’s something that should be discussed. Calmy. With no finger pointing. You know, pros, cons, why it would work, why it wouldn’t work. Maybe I’ll start a post on that.

  9. I would say “NO” to a full time mayor in the current situation. I personally don’t know anything good or bad about Mayor Erwin, but I don’t think the population is currently insterested enough to make such a big decision.

    Think about it, the Nashville mayors race has gotten major media coverage for 6-12 months. La Vergne’s mayoral candidates will not receive the same media scrutiny, so it will be even harder for the already univolved La Vergne citizen to make an informed decision.

    Mr. Moshea is a very nice person, but I do think we should require the city administrator to live in La Vergne, not Smyrna. For the other city employees, I don’t think it’s such a big deal, but if the Mayor has to live in La Vergne, the city administrator should too.

  10. I would also have to say no to a full time mayor. If you have an elected official as the person running the day to day operations, you can’t get rid of them for 4 years. If they are doing a bad job, you’re stuck with them. If a city administrator is doing a bad job, the city council can fire him/her and hire somebody else. Look at the Mayor of Lakewood. Many problems and they can’t get rid of him. It was also bad here in La Vergne when Shirley Winfree was Mayor – it was such a power struggle between the full time mayor and the rest of the board. Talk about lawsuits we have now, lawsuits were flying between board members back then. How can you work together when you are suing each other.

    I like Mr. Moshea. He’s been there longer than any other administrator I can think of. I don’t like everything he’s done or not done, but it’s a tough job to have. I don’t think living in Lavergne would make any difference. I actually think it would be easier to keep separated from politics if you don’t live here in Lavergne. That job should not be involved in politics at all. It should be neutral. Look what happened with Pickard – he got involved in politics and started breaking rules. Then before he got caught, he claimed medical disability and got a nice fat check from his contract he had with the city. He even lived in LFE for a while, but now, who knows where he is.

  11. Did any one know the meanest guy in Lavergne? I have never met human being like him. He works at Lavergne Postt Office, He is always mad and grumpy.

  12. I know exactly who you’re talking about. My parents and I both had unpleasant encounters with him in the last week. Why does he have to be so nasty?

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