Good Job, LaVergne Police!

A big THANK YOU to the LaVergne police this morning! Anyone who has or has had kids at LaVergne Primary know taking your kids to school in the mornings is a dicey proposition, if you’re all about following the law. You have to turn right into the school between two businesses, and there are always people flying up the side of the road, trying to avoid traffic. This is seriously dangerous.

Fortunately, the police were out there this morning ticketing people who do this. What I found especially amusing was seeing a motorcycle flying up the side of the road, who saw the police and got back in the line of traffic. He was pulled over anyway. Awesome.

Call me naive, but I think the police will be able to get a handle on the crime situation in LaVergne, provided the city gives them the funds needed to hire and train more officers, and pay the officers we already have a decent wage. I have met Ted Boyd in the past and he seems to be badass enough to be able to pull this off.

I’d like to urge the city to find the money to adequately fund the police force. I’d also like to urge the city to pass an ordinance against loitering in the streets. Several of our commenters have talked about groups of teens congregating in the streets, making people afraid to walk in the neighborhoods. I know on my own street there have been problems with this.

If an ordinance was passed against loitering in the streets, we citizens could call the police and these groups could be broken up and sent home. To the citizens of LaVergne and commenters on this site- please, call the police any time you see the law being broken. One commenter said they saw people smoking pot on the street corner and selling drugs. Call the police. Get this stopped. You don’t have to give your name when you call.

There are far more law abiding citizens in LaVergne than there are lawbreakers. We should not have to be afraid. Be like the cranky old lady who calls the police at the drop of the hat. Eventually, the lawbreakers will decide to move somewhere else, instead of all the good people moving somewhere else, which is happening right now. Let’s take back our neighborhood.


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  1. Outstanding post, Ivy! I guess I’m also the eternal optimist because I too believe LaVergne CAN regain control of our neighborhoods. Stop the gang wannabes now before it gets too big.

  2. Chief Boyd mentioned at a neighborhood watch meeting that he would like to get the loitering law passed. He says as the law stands now, the police can only force kids standing on private property to move.

    He also mentioned one of the biggest problems in La Vergne is the basketball goals facing the street. Again, the loitering law would allow him to force that the goals be turned to face the driveway. Playing b-ball in the street is dangerous, so hopefully we can stop the practice.

  3. Passing a loitering law sounds like an excellent idea.

  4. Another thought: Some of the groups that congregate and need to be broken up have appeared to be on private property, on the front lawns. I don’t know how a distinction could be made in the law or if you can tell people that they can’t congregate like that, not without ruling out bar-b-ques, yard sales, kids’ birthday parties, etc. at the same time. There’s a difference in some kids hanging out and playing football together vs. those who are up to no good, but I’m not sure where you can draw the line as far as rights on someone’s private property. Maybe there’s a good way to word a loitering law so that it can apply to private propery too, but without restricting behavior that is obviously of good intent. (?)

  5. I believe it means private property…as in stores or businesses.

  6. We all need to let our police officers know that we appriciate them.
    LPD Officer Buster Locklayer was named the LaVergne Police Department’s 2007 Officer of the Year!!!
    Also, Lt.Cindy Murphy who has been an officer for 21 years.She is now the 1st female to climb the ranks to Leuitenant.
    Lt. Mike Campbell was promoted to shift supervisor.He has 13 years with the department.
    Congratulations to all of these fine officers and all of the remaning officer.They do their best for us and put their lives on the line every time they put on their uniforms.Their pay is knowwhere what it should be.
    Would you be willing to do thier job?And for their pay?
    I know I couldn’t.Thats why I appriciate every single one of them for a job well done.

  7. I just want to show an appreciation to Cheif Ted Boyd. Im sure the police of LaVergne all have alot to do everyday but he gave me the benefit of a doubt and helped me find the person that rear ended me monday morning. He believed in me like no one else would. He is definately a great leader and Im glad he had been appointed chaif of police last year. Change takes time but i believe he can acheive it.

  8. have you seen the starting pay for lavergne PD. 13.50$ Thats not a bad wage, but for police work it is. I know a security guard who gets paid more than that. Its crazy, these men and women deserve more recognition.

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