Thousands Raised …

As the unlikely winner of the Pigeon Forge time share, I’m proud to announce that we raised nearly $4,000 before, during, and after the “Bowling for Brandon” fundraiser this weekend.  I’d heard that someone was planning to give up to a certain amount for the time share so in an attempt to edge the number up, I bid on it.  Unfortunately, no one bid after me.  Holy cow it would’ve been a hard check to write if I hadn’t known that it was for a great cause!

I want to express appreciation to the event organizers for their hard work:  Smryna Bowling Center’s Mark Gunn and Rutherford Reader’s Yvonne Moon.  You two are inspirational!

A citizen of LaVergne hired a limousine to pick up Brandon from his home for the evening so he arrived in style!


That’s his Mom getting out behind him.  A friend of the family who also has a child with Hirschprung’s Disease is wearing blue to Brandon’s right.


Two Titans cheerleaders received special permission to come by in uniform and say hello to Brandon.  Photo credit to This is Smyrna (my picture showed one of the women with eyes half closed… you know… like a driver’s license photo).


Cake donated by Publix.  Thank you Publix!


Senna Mosely won the challenge on behalf of LaVergne… the throwdown in which we challenged LaVergne and Smyrna city officials to show up in support of the Brewers.  Senna was there and spoke with Brande Brewer (left).


Brandon held out for a long time, but had to call it a night after 2:00 a.m.! 

On behalf of the Brewer family, please accept our sincere appreciation for your donations, kindness, and support during this fundraising event.  If you’d like to donate, you can send a check payable to Brandon Brewer to First Tennessee Bank, 770 Nissan Drive, Smyrna, TN 37167.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


Media Coverage of Bowling

We’re still beating the drum to get your attention!  Bowling for Brandon is tonight at midnight and we so hope the residents of LaVergne show up in force to show your support for one of our own!

Here’s an article in today’s Daily News Journal

Same article in the Smyrna A.M.

Gunner Miller’s column in Smyrna A.M. *

Here’s Yvonne Moon’s article from last week’s Rutherford Reader. *

And from WGNS radio:

Fri. (Sept. 28, 2007) midnight-6am Sat. morning BOWLING FOR BRANDSON at the Smyrna Bowling Center.  Enjoy six-hours of unlimited bowling ($20 per person, shoe rental not include), and proceeds help 15-year old Brandon Brewer.  This local teen has been moved to the top of a transplant list as he struggles against life-threatening condition.  There will also be a SILENT AUCTION.  To donate items for the auction, phone 995-2636.  For information or to get tickets, phone 355-0501.

* Come to Bowling for Brandon to meet these local celebrities!  (I kind of imagine they might argue with me about their celebrity status, but what the heck… let’s spread some sunshine.) 

Cheering for Brandon

Bowling for Brandon organizers have confirmed two cheerleaders from the Tennessee Titans will make an appearance at the Smyrna Bowling Center right at midnight tomorrow.  Auction sheets for over a hundred items are already posted, Channel 4 will be there around the same time. 

The bowling center is asking visitors for a $10 donation for Brandon the night of the bowling event for those coming in and not bowling.

Our Own LOLCat


Ah like itz!!!!!  But ah like eatin moffs better.

LHS Teacher suspended

I don’t mean to shift the focus away from Brandon (and Kathy, I’m not going to “bowl the night away,” but I do plan on stopping by to do my part), but I thought this story could generate interesting discussion.

It appears the kid made an inappropriate comment, and the teacher ‘touched’ his mouth. Why was this kid playing cards in school? Was he in class? No wonder our kids are dumb, they play cards instead of learning!

I think there are a couple of things to remember. First off, anyone teaching in the 21st century should know you don’t touch kids. That’s just the rule.

Secondly, here again we have an example of a kid being a thug, and his momma defends him!?!? I’m not a parent, but I have to believe if I called my mom and said a teacher slapped me, she’s going to want to know why. When she finds out I was saying things I shouldn’t, she’s going slap me too!

But then again, we already know there are parents in this city who don’t care that their kids are in gangs; what’s a few dirty words to top it off….


Here is today’s article in the DNJ

It appears that the teacher’s tapping was in a more jovial manner, and not an attempt to harm the student. So the teacher rewards the kids with card playing, tries to have fun and be ‘one of the guys,’ and is rewarded with suspension.

Sounds like the kid was trying to stir the pot. I thought only adults looked for the opportunity to sue for millions? At the same time, I bet this teacher feels even more dumb for ‘rewarding’ this student!

At least the card playing will come to an end.

Auction Update

MORE NEWS:  Tune in today at 3 p.m. to Radio Talk Show on WGNS Radio (local Murfreesboro Radio Station) 1450 on the AM dial or 100.5 and 101.9 on FM.  An interview is scheduled about Friday’s Bowling for Brandon Fundraiser.  Note we’ve collected over $3,000 of merchandise/services in just a couple of  weeks’ time thanks to the generosity of the local community.  Charlie Daniels donated autographed items and there’s a week at a timeshare in Pigeon Forge including 2 Dollywood tickets up for bidding. Brandon, his Mom Brande, another volunteer Mark Gunn and myself will be interviewed.  Listen if you have time!

Bowling for Brandon is coming up fast… only two days away!  Mark G. of the Smyrna Bowling Center and Yvonne Moon of the Rutherford Reader have worked so hard to gather items for a silent auction – and the donations are amazing! 

Dollywood has donated two one-day passes to its theme park to go along with the 6 night, 7 day condo time share at Pigeon Forge.  Charlie Daniels (yes, THE Charlie Daniels) has donated numerous items including CDs, photos, etc.  The devil in him may have gone down to Georgia, but the angel is right here in middle Tennessee.  (Groan. I know, too corny!).  If you’ll look way up on top, I’ve built a new tab with sponsors (more to be posted as time allows) and a photo selection of additional items to be auctioned.

LaVergne has more than our share of problems, but this is our chance to show that despite bad press we sometimes get, we are MORE THAN THAT.  We are a community that cares.  We are a town that will step up to help a child in need, a family in crisis.  I challenge our leaders, our students, our families to be at the Smyrna Bowling Center this Friday night at midnight to show Channel 4 News and other reporters that we will not be labeled!  Bring a sign that says “LaVergne loves Brandon” or “La Vergne ::HEARTS:: Brandon” or something similar! 

But most importantly, even if you don’t plan to stay all night or bowl, come to make a donation to help the Brewers pay for Brandon’s upcoming transplant.  He is at the top of the transplant list at this time – and this may be his last chance for a really fun evening before this painful surgery.  Aloha!

Oh What a Night

Brandon Brewer’s mom wrote a note regarding Friday’s Bowling for Brandon.  Here are excerpts:

Good Morning!  Brandon has managed to catch somewhat of  a cold and for the last two days his pain has increased but nothing and no one will stop him from attending the fund-raiser!  I do need to let you know so that you can pass the word around  that Brandon will be hooked up to his i.v. nutrition the night of the fund-raiser (over 12 hours) but I will have his machines and i.v. in a backpack which of course holds them. I will use vygon i.v. extension tubing which is a spiral tubing that weighs next to nothing . I plan adding two or three vygon’s so that he can go about 3-4 feet without having to tote his heavy back pack around and so that he can bowl as well . The problem… every one and I mean every one that is near him needs to be extremely careful as this tubing is very FRAGILE!  It is also hard to SEE even if you are an adult unless you are looking for it. If a child/adult walks fast / runs between Brandon and his backpack the likely hood of something bad happening to Brandon 99.9 % such as the cath being pulled out of his chest which is connected to his heart.  I don’t want you to be nervous and I will of course be there to try and make sure an accident of this nature does not happen but you can’t prevent everything. We need to make sure every one walks slowly around him at all times and to also try and view his tubing so that they won’t trip over it which is another thing that can likely happen. As long as everyone knows what NOT to do I think it should go smoothly!!  I’m not worried and he is so EXCITED!!   

He talks about the fund-raiser everyday and I get so much joy out of hearing him say ” I’m staying the whole 6 hours, ma!!! ” The smiles you ALL have put on my sons face, I will always treasure.   There have been times when I have almost lost Brandon and he proved all the doctors wrong but I always knew he had unfinished plans & people to meet. Brandon has got a lot of  people to become organ donors over the last 12 years and I think we should set up a table with organ donor cards and information if we can as I think that is important to educate people.  I can get free pencils pens and organ donor balloons , shirts (I think) just let me know if I can do this!!!

Thank you for caring & loving our Brandon the way we do. We appreciate you very much  more than you will ever know!  I am truly blessed to be Brandon’s mother.  GOD SPEED!


So there you have it.  Our young benefeciary is looking forward to Friday night and we are looking forward to helping him and his family.  We will have volunteers selling tickets at the door of the Smyrna Bowling Center at 11:30 p.m. this Friday night.  We are expecting Channel 4 News to be there early in the evening /night/ so we are very hopeful for a large crowd.

We have (I believe) over 85 items donated for the Silent Auction, including: Brandon’s first bowling ball, an autographed item from musician Charlie Daniels, one week lodging at Laurel Crest Resort in Pigeon Forge, Titans jersey, hand-painted gourd art, Steve Earle video and CD collection, two ticket to My Fair Lady at TPAC, four bowling balls (to be sold individually), Snowbird cookie jar, three sets of four tickets to “Titans on 2 with Jeff Fisher”, Signed First Edition of Michael Crichton book, State of Fear, and numerous other items including gift cards to local restaurants, tanning salons, exercise spas, and more.

Plan to join us for unlimited bowling this Friday night, September 28th at midnight until Saturday morning, September 29th 6:00 a.m.  Remember, if you’re not a night owl you can go home to beddy-by before 6:00 a.m., but we hope you can show your support for Brandon Brewer and his family this weekend!