Blogger and Podcaster’s Group Meeting This Saturday

Time once more for that monthly thing we all look forward to…. The Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster’s Group Meeting.

This month’s meeting is being held same time and place as last’s.

Bob Parks Realty in Smyrna, TN
2:00 PM
Saturday 9/8

Be there or be… well, not there.


6 Responses

  1. Well darn…I wanted to attend one of these get-togethers, but I’ll be at LE in Ashland City this weekend. When is the October shin-dig?

  2. We’ll probably pick the next meeting date at the upcoming meeting. Have fun at your Extravaganza! :)

  3. Won’t be able to make it to this one :(

  4. what about changing the date or maybe even the time to an evening during the week or something so that more folks could attend. it seems that we have this on Sat afternoon and not many show up because they have other things to do or maybe holding two of these meetings one on the regu day and one for those that can show up on a weeknight evening.? just a thought!!!

  5. I think whoever blogs or has an interest in blogs or reads this blog should plan an evening out! And I think it should be Friday, September 28th at the Smyrna Bowling Center from midnight – 6:00 a.m. We are having a fundraiser for Brandon Brewer that evening – tickets are $20 for all-you-can-bowl. Your shoes and food are extra. Please come everyone! We’ll have tickets availabe at Oldtimers Day – find Senna Mosely’s booth!

  6. that would be a perfect place to mingle …it would give us 6 hours to chat even tho i have to work there that night i still could meet everyone!!

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