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I don’t watch channel 3 all the time, but I do try to check it out every few days to see what’s going on. I saw last night a lady on there apparently at the citizens forum, and she was pretty mad at the M/A. She said there was a fight in LFE last month involving 50 kids, and that it was so big that La Vergne couldn’t control it, we had to call Smyrna PD??? Has anyone else heard about this?


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  1. Hmmm… first I’ve heard of it.

  2. No, Michael, I hadn’t heard about it until Debbie spoke of it, but there is so much that’s kept quiet in La Vergne these days.
    Did you also catch the “public hearing” portion of the M/A meeting? I feel so badly for the group of citizens who are opposed to the closing of Mill Road which is their alternative to trying to exit Fisk Rd. onto Fergus Drive. Some of the senior citizens spoke regarding how hard it is to turn left going out toward Murfreesboro Rd. from their homes. Mill Road as I understand it is a small outlet where if they wish to go toward Smyrna, they would have to turn right onto M’Boro Rd. then turn at a median to go back to Smyrna as their “safety net”. I am not quite a senior citizen yet, but I am nervous about crossing certain roads myself. I know how bad the traffic is in this area and I don’t think anyone whether it is a single young person in a car, a family with a carload of children in tow, or senior citizens is comfortable, nor safe when it comes to this road. The three men on the Board who voted to close Mill Road (a road owned by La Vergne) so that this developer could have that property did a huge injustice to the residents of this area. I understand some of the people attending this M/A meeting helped put some of those board members in office – that probably won’t happen again! Mrs. Franklin who spoke was so visable shaken up by this proposed closing of the road. I feel it is a crime to treat any citizen this way. She has worked hard to have her home (and I understand that she still works) and she will have the only house left on Mill Rd. when the developer tears down the rental houses he owns on that road to build on his rezoned commerical property. I thought that residential areas are supposed to have two access roads for safety reasons. Everyone needs to be able to get out in cases of emergency. If this property for this road was donated to the City of La Vergne, how can the City make the decision to give it up and let a developer have it? Jerry Gann seconded the motion to close the road and said to have someone look at the possiblity of a light or a stop sign at Fisk Road & Fergus Drive. This isn’t going to happen. That intersection is too close to M’boro Rd. for that – talk about holding up traffic! Three men have just voted to close in a lot of people who are nervous about, or don’t need to be crossing Fergus Drive. It is dangerous. Saving one life would be well worth keeping this road open so that people can use it.
    Now, I may not have all the facts, but being a homeowner and land owner and feeling Mrs. Franklin’s pain of the “little people” vs. the developer/$$, I think the people who voted to close this road need to hear from citizens who are dissatisfied with their decision. They really need to start listening to citizens – we do pay their salaries even if it’s not so much. Paraphrasing Mrs. Franklin – what about those people who’ve lived here for years – we’re important, too. One of the duties of the Board is to protect all citizens of this city. I encourage all of you who have access to Channel 3 to view this latest Mayor/Aldermen meeting (times should be posted on website under “browse documents – Channel 3”)to see how all this happened. Election 2010 can’t come soon enough for me!

  3. Lynn, I did see that portion, and here’s my take on things:

    1 – I am 100% compassionate with the residents on Mill road. I used to come down fergus and it was a lot of fast traffic. I can understand those folks not wanting to exit on that street. Unfortunately though, compassion isn’t going to get you a cup of coffee tywhere hese days

    2 – From what I understand, Mill road, the actual pavement, is owned by the city of La Vergne, but the actual land was never given to the city, just a right-of-way. Had the M/A board voted to keep the road open, it could have been challenged in court. Again, this is just my understanding, maybe one of the board memebers will log on and set us straight?

    I think the answer from the M/A board should have been to pass this but stipulate that a round-about be installed there (if you haven’t travelled stones river road recently, you should check out the roundabout; it’s a great addition to the city!). But you’re probably right that if this wasn’t already included in the project, it’s probably not going to happen now…

  4. I don’t share your enthusiasm over the ’roundabout’ on Stones River Road. Yes, I’ve seen and traveled it. I think it’s out of place stuck out in the middle of country roads. Yes, maybe it will slow down the “too fast” traffic, but it will also hold up traffic going at the speed limit and that isn’t necessarily a plus with so much traffic trying to get in and out of that area with only 2 lanes. But I also see much potential for accidents with the roads involved being so close (on and off the roundabout) and all the merging that it creates. I travel the roundabout on Music Row in Nashville every day and it is scary, too. You take your chance when you merge into that traffic – there are so many streets too close together merging. I don’t think a roundabout is the answer for the Fergus-Fisk location.
    I don’t know about the legality of the vote, but that will come out at some point, I’m sure.
    We’ll see if anything gets accomplished for the residents of that area. I just want the City to protect the citizens – all of us.

  5. Getting back to the original subject, I talked to a couple of La Vergne officers and this is what I was told. The kids (more like 100) were all at a person’s house for a party and were told to stay on the house property earlier in the evening because they were spread out all over the property and even in the street. Later that night, a fight broke out and kids went back out into the street. A La Vergne officer responded and seeing what was going on called for backup. All of the La Vergne officers responded to the call and the La Vergne dispatch called Smyrna to put them on notice that La Vergne might need help if other calls came in. Smyrna went ahead and sent some of their officers to the fight scene even though the La Vergne officers had it under control.

    The perception that the Smyrna officers were called in on the fight is where some people have it wrong. They weren’t actually called in to help but they showed up anyway. La Vergne called Smyrna for help to cover the rest of the city IF any ther calls came in.

    I’m not saying that anybody did anything wrong. On big calls, you usually have officers from other jurisdictions responding if they are in the area. It happens all the time. People just need to get their facts straight and a certain “lady” that usually speaks at the citizens forum rarely gets her facts straight.

  6. Lynn,

    I totally agree! I think the Stones River Rd ’roundabout’ was a REALLY bad idea. I shudder to think what it will be like once the new High School is completed and all roads are open. If putting a ’roundabout’ is the answer to speeding they would be on every road! This is only going to cause congestion, accidents, & confusion. I hope once it’s complete it will be a little wider turn so it won’t cause a problem for longer vehicles, such as buses or vehicles pulling trailors trying to take their boats to the lake for example. As it is right now it is quite sharp a sharp radius.
    Lavergne Lake Elementary is having a problem with buses getting in / out of the school due to the poor planning for the turning radius of a bus. They have to turn into head on lanes that are marked as left turn lanes & go over the new curbs causing congestion & confusion problems. The crossing guards deserve a lot of credit for having to really do some problem solving to move traffic in / out. All the people putting in the roads/ curbs needed to do was make it less of an angle (round the curb more). They have plenty of land to do that. I suggest they correct it the first chance they get. It really should be an inexpensive / simple fix to make a huge difference. Everything else about the school it so great !!! Including Princiapal McCann and the staff!!!

  7. High School?!? What high school? No high school is going to be built on that property. That’s already been decided by the high and mighty school board. They are only putting the two schools on that property. No more.

    Also, a roundabout is not an answer for speeding. A roundabout is supposed to help traffic keep flowing without having to come to a complete stop. If people would learn to slow down, the roundabout wouldn’t be a bad idea, but people in La Vergne don’t know how to drive when something new is put in their way. Speeding should be taken care of by officers using their radar guns and issuing tickets instead of warnings.

    Roundabouts work very well in other areas of the country, and the radius’ are smaller than this one on Stones River Road. It all comes down to people learning how to drive and most people in Middle Tennessee don’t know how. It’s pretty obvious.

  8. […] 12th, 2007 by michaelinLV Somehow in our discussion regarding channel 3 ( we got onto another discussion regarding the new roundabout that opened on stones river road at […]

  9. OK. I have read all posts. I am happy to see my disgust is not alone. Tonight we got to watch a group of about 10 kids gang and what looked like initiate another kid into the gang. I am starting to feel safer in the projects in Nashville.

  10. Did you call the police, Tata?

  11. Ivy, I was going to make the same comment. It’s one thing to get on a blog and complain, but if you see crime going on, CALL THE POLICE!

    I hope you did Tata, let us know what you find out.

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